Part IV – The Fast Solution

This lecture examines how the rising consumption of carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates, have lead to dramatic increases in obesity and diabetes.  Also, we discuss how the time-honoured tradition of fasting can help reverse many of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Download Lecture Slides & Notes

The Odious Dietary Guidelines 1977 – Hormonal Obesity II

Click here for Hormonal Obesity part I. This is how we understood obesity in the 1950′s.  Certain foods made us fat.  Those were the sugars and the starchy foods.  Sweets and desserts made us fat.  So did bread, cereal, and pasta. … Continued

Smash the Fat – Calories Part XI

Click here for Calories part I, part II, part III, part IV, part V, part VI, part VII, part VIII, part IX, and part X. So, here again is our conventional Caloric Reduction model of obesity. It turns out that … Continued