The Deadly Effects of Fructose – Hormonal Obesity XXXI

For years, fructose was considered a benign sweetener because of its low glycemic index.  Fructose was found naturally in fruits.  The problem, as often is the case, is a matter of scale.  Whereas natural fruit consumption contributed only small amounts … Continued

Sugar Sweetened Beverages – Hormonal Obesity XXX

The epidemiological evidence linking sugar consumption and diabetes as well as obesity is overwhelming.  Very little controversy surrounds this fact.  Another demonized food – salt, by contrast is far more controversial.  Many people argue that salt is not as bad … Continued

Long Distance IDM Program

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Our new long distance IDM Program is now available for patients who are interested in receiving dietary counselling.  Please visit view our Join page for more information on how to become a patient.   Please note that patients who participate … Continued