Trans Fat and Coronary Disease – Hormonal Obesity XXXVI

Doesn’t dietary fat ‘clog up’ the arteries and cause coronary disease?  It would seem from popular press that this has been proven beyond a shadow of a shadow of a doubt.   Perhaps we had better take a closer look. … Continued

The Diet-Heart Hypothesis – Hormonal Obesity XXXV

With the publication of Dr. Key’s Seven Country Study, the origins of the Diet-Heart Hypothesis were laid down.  The major problem was that this was all observational data, and as such, was subject to severe interpretation.  There is nothing more … Continued

Fat Phobia – Hormonal Obesity XXXIV

“It is now increasingly recognized that the low-fat campaign has been based on little scientific evidence and may have caused unintended health consequences” It has been over a decade since the influential Harvard researchers Drs. Frank Hu and Walter Willett … Continued