How to Lose Weight I

We start 2015 with a new series – How to Lose Weight.  Probably what many people wonder about this time of year.  First and foremost, any rational weight loss program starts with a thorough understanding of what causes weight gain … Continued

Exercise in Futility – Exercise III

Click here to go to Exercise part I, and part II. We’ve previously examined the terrific Women’s Health Initiative study.  Close to 50,000 women participated in this study.  The study group followed, a low fat, low calorie diet and increased their … Continued

Why Exercise is Not Effective for Weight Loss – Exercise Part II

Click here for Exercise part I.  Start the Hormonal Obesity series. In the conventional view of obesity, diet and exercise are commonly prescribed treatments for obesity as if they are equally important.  Sort of 50% diet and 50% exercise prescription. … Continued

The Myth about Exercise – Exercise Part I

We will return to more detailed discussions about hormonal obesity but you might be wondering about that other great pillar of current obesity thinking (Caloric Reduction as Primary – CRaP) – Exercise. To review the Hormonal Obesity part I, part II, … Continued