Fibre reduces Insulin – How To Lose Weight X

When we consider the nutritional benefits of food, we think about the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they contain.  We think about components in the food that nourish the body. Fibre is completely different. The key to understanding fibre’s effect is … Continued

Cardio-protective effect of Saturated Fats – Hormonal Obesity XXXIX

Saturated fats turned out to be not quite as toxic as we had believed once the trans fats were stripped out.  But many studies pointed out the fact that there is a chance that they may actually be protective against … Continued

Long Distance IDM Program

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Our new long distance IDM Program is now available for patients who are interested in receiving dietary counselling.  Please visit view our Join page for more information on how to become a patient.   Please note that patients who participate … Continued

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