Hey – what happened to this weeks (Gina) post?

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We posted a story about Gina this week, and after this blog post, People Magazine contacted her and asked that this story be removed. I do not want Gina to get into trouble, so I have removed it.

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  1. Unfortunate that the truth has been negated by People Magazine’s demand to have their own misrepresentations uncontested.

  2. That doesn’t reflect well on People magazine, does it?

  3. Wow! Glad I was able to read it before it was removed.

  4. Sandra Rodriguez

    so sad…. but at least we all read it first…..

  5. Never let the truth spoil a good work of fiction huh?

  6. Mario C Vachon

    Wish I had seen it…

  7. Al Mollitor

    I don’t suppose they said WHY they wanted it taken down?

    Could it be that layers were involved?

    • Al Mollitor

      How about re-writing the real story of Gina’s success without mention of People magazine?

  8. Heaven forbid people get the truth. Sigh.

  9. Sue and Tony


  10. I thought Gina’s story was amazing (~135kg (300 lbs) to ~55 kg (120 lbs) !!) , especially given the discouragements of main stream medical/health advice.

    Too bad the post had to be taken down – entirely understandable though. None of us want Gina to have more grief…. (though thankfully she is in a happy place now. Kudos to her!)

    One more comment, and this is a general one: while I realise a lot of readers of this blog are American – and they would relate well to the units used in American medicine (eg mg/dl), many readers are from the ‘rest of the world’, which tends to use ‘metric’/ ‘S.I.’ units….eg mmol/L; kg etc…

    It’s an added job for the editor of posts, but it would be helpful to have SI/metric units (in brackets?) as well.



    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_System_of_Units “The International System of Units has been adopted by most developed countries;…..”

    PS Reading Taubes’ new book (Case against sugar). Something else relevant to ‘blaming the victim’…Taubes cites a Rockefeller University molecular biologist, Jeffrey Friedman, who in 2004, described the influence of genes on obesity as ‘equivalent to that of height and greater than that of almost every other condition that has been studied’

    • BOTH mg/dl and mmol/l ARE metric SI units (spare us the arrogant snark, please).
      grams and moles measure fundamental different things, and are only inter-relatable when the topic is restricted to glucose, with a molecular weight of 180mg/mmol. In that case, the conversion factor is:
      10 (dl/l) / 180(mg/mmol) = 0.0555 (dl.mmol/l.mg) or it’s inverse 18 (l.mg/dl.mmol)

      100 mg/dl * 0.0555(…) = 5.55 mmol/l
      5.55 mmol/l * 18 (…) = 100 mg/dl

  11. David Pascucci

    Did Gina sign a gag waiver of any kind agreeing not to talk about this?

  12. In the words of Jack Nickolson in “a few good men” YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! People magazine

  13. I think I just read Gina’s story on the website of a well known Low-Carb doctor in Sweden. Don’t want to be more specific than that right now….

  14. I am so grateful to Dr. Fung for putting the truth out here, no matter how briefly (makes me very proud to be Canadian)… and maybe it’s not all that brief. One of the advantages to subscribing to blog notifications is that I still have a copy of the blog to share with whomever is interested… and I am doing so. I’d really like to know what purpose it served for People magazine to lie as they did (I mean really… even changing “rice” to “pasta”). If I were Gina I’d be shopping for a lawyer who has an interest in the truth (there must be one, LOL). I wouldn’t stand for my truth to be misused this way.

    One thing is for certain, I will never again buy a copy of People magazine, and I will tell anyone and everyone who will listen about this particular instance, especially if they are holding a copy of People magazine.

    This makes me so very angry. Having bought into the CICO agenda, I struggled with my weight for years. I am so grateful for those like Dr. Fung who have brought the truth to light. Gina’s story may have been removed, but THE story (CICO doesn’t cut it, and there is a real answer to obesity) continues to be told, and the voice grows louder by the minute. It isn’t that far in the future when the truth about effective and lasting weight loss will simply stand on it’s own, and People Magazine will have to find something else to lie about.

    Thank you, Dr. Fung for all you do!

  15. While I never liked “fluff” magazines like People I won’t be trusting them about anything anytime soon! Ad money over the truth is really is a shame, if true. Congrats Gina!

  16. What, People Magazine objected to Gina saying that the magazine mis-represented her. Sigh. I’m sorry people won’t have access to her true story.

  17. But why would Dr Fung capitulate?

  18. I am saddened but not all that surprised.

    What I find amazing is the People Magazine is reading this site in the first place. Hopefully whichever People Mag employee stumbled on it will read more and get themselves a great education. Who knows maybe People will feature Dr Fung one day and he will be on the cover of People Mag.

    I wonder what other industries are watching the gurus of LCHF IF.

  19. A little late to the party here, but now that I’ve read the post (Thanks Gregg!) I’ll just point out for those new to mainstream media Fake news that this is an absolutely classic example of lying by omission and why absolutely nothing can be trusted in the MSM. I’ve seen this in several different fields that I have a lot of knowledge about and which are almost always misrepresented in the MSM. The MSM rarely lie outright, but they present a subset of facts which either lead to a false conclusion or which make there real conclusion impossible to decipher. The story in question here is a great example of doing both and why I tell people who still read the MSM that it is like food poisoning for your brain.

  20. I subscribe to emails from this blog. Can’t take away what I have in my email already ;). If you follow the blog regularly, you may as well subscribe to the emails, you’ll get every new post delivered into your email box.

  21. For anyone interested, you can go to Diet Doctor’s (Andreas Eenfeldt) facebook page, like the post about Gina and share it to your own facebook page. The truth will make it’s rounds that way!


  22. Good to know how People operates. I will be boycotting them now and saving $$ not buying their magazine anymore.

  23. Orvan Taurus

    Now I wish I’d saved the article that was here. And yeah, ‘People’ might have earned a place on the..er.. fecal roster.. for how they handled the article. They cemented it with this. Just more fake news, not worth bothering with.

  24. Orvan, the article is still accessible at the link mentioned three posts up.

  25. Any info on supplements like PGX??

  26. Looks like I won’t ever buy a People Magazine again. That’s really unfortunate. And pretty Lame on People’s part. 🙁 Big Thanks to Gina for being to open and answering so many questions the original post. Maybe she could ghost right a post!! 😉

  27. Tiffany Hart

    “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command”.

    -George Orwell, 1984

  28. I plan on writing a letter to the editor of People magazine. How great would it be if we all did that with a strong, but graceful education of the mass media is needed. I’m guessing the interviewer heard Gina’s story through the “brainwashed” ears that we all had from years of LFHC from many sources (MDs, MM, etc.). They need to hear some science and good medical research that Dr. Fung has educated us with.

  29. It is very sad that so many people continue to live unhealthy and in many cases I am sure unhappy lives because they are misinformed, especially by their doctors. Really it is criminal. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Jason Fung in Canada. He and other key individuals are working hard to get the truth out. Mainstream medicine unfortunately is very resistant to change. Very few have the guts to rock the boat. Shame on People Magazine and thank you Dr. Fung!

  30. Roger Bird

    I am also glad that I read Gina’s story before it had to be removed. This only makes People Magazine look worse than Gina’s story alone did. Not only is People Magazine a lying POS, but now they are certified scum-bags and bullies. But, hey, they don’t care what I think because they know that I would never read their pathetic excuse for a magazine anyway.

  31. How sad this stuff happens, and I’ll never read *that magazine’s* weight loss stories ever again. But they are not the only ones who do it. Twenty years ago I was involved in a Usenet group called alt.support.diet.lowcarb. One of our members lost a great deal of weight, and somehow came to the attention of one of the big “women’s” magazine. She was invited to New York for a long weekend, including interview withe the magazine, and a full makeover. The article eventually appeared and she sure did look fabulous after her glamorous makeover. But in the magazine article every single reference she had made to “low carb” had been changed to “low fat” by the editors before publication. 🙁

  32. follow Andrei link it works ! Thank you Andrei

  33. Thanks everyone for putting up those links to the article, I just heard of this website today from a youtube poster named butter bob briggs who gave the web address for this page. since I am trying to lose about 130 pounds of my own I figured that I would research this fasting thing out and see if I can incorporate it into my own low carb ketogenic diet. The article you provided the links to gave another youtube video in it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpllomiDMX0 – that should prove helpful in figuring this all out – thanks again for posting that link.

  34. Clelia Ibello

    Subscribe me. Thank you

  35. Don’t “they” get that when they Censor things, it’s more likely to get attention?! I don’t read the “Half their size” BS from People because I know it’s, well, B.S. But I went and found the REAL information and now have an EVEN WORSE opinion of People Magazine. Way to bow down to the Bullying, pressure and corporate control People Magazine.

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