The local IDM Program is based in Scarborough, Ontario, at The Corporate Medical Centre.  Patients in this program are supervised under the direct care of Dr. Jason Fung, IDM Program Director.  Dietary education and counselling is provided by Megan Ramos, IDM Program Director.

How to Join

  1. New patients are seen by physician referral only.  A completed referral form along with supporting documents must be faxed from your physician to Dr. Jason Fung, IDM Program, at 647-243-8176.  Please note there is no special referral form you need to obtain from our office.  Your physician will have a standard referral letter they send to all specialists.  This is regular protocol.  
  2. Once your referral is received by our office, the office manager will fax an appointment time and date back to your referring physician with a laboratory requisition for you to do some blood work one month before your next appointment.  Your physician will notify you of your consultation date.
  3. Your first appointment will be a consultation with Dr. Fung.  Please bring all of your medications or a list of your current medications to your appointment.

How the Program Works

A combination of intermittent fasting and dietary modifications are used to treat metabolic syndrome.

  1. You will have a 15 minute consultation.
  2. You are required to attend a four hour dietary workshop to learn about the fasting and the diet.
  3. Follow-up appointments are one hour long and are run in group sessions for support.  These sessions take place on Tuesday afternoons, and Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  You will receive fasting and dietary counselling and see Dr. Fung at each visit.
    • Patients on insulin are seen weekly for the first month, then biweekly for the next month or two. Eventually they are seen once a month.
    • Patients on oral antihyperglycemic agents and weight loss patients are seen weekly for the first two weeks, then biweekly for the next month.  Eventually they are seen once a month.


Patients are charged $500 Canadian Dollars (this includes HST – our federal and provincial Harmonized Sales Tax) for 12 months participation in the IDM program.  This fee includes: program materials, access to dietary workshops, and group dietary counselling sessions.  A receipt will be provided.