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Dr. Jason Fung: A follower on Facebook recently posted some before/after pictures with the following caption:
Today was a big…no scratch that a huge mile stone for me.. the scale says 284! This means I am officially down 150 lbs!! I went from a size 50, to a 36 (34 in some brands) a size 4x/5x to a xl.. I went from insulin dependent and 10+ pills a day to no meds… at all.. feeling amazing about life again.. thank you Jason Fung!! Your videos on Dietdoctor.com were my inspiration and the start of this journey.
Dr. Jason Fung: His story was so inspiring that I asked him to write a few more words about his journey to help others along the way. He writes:

I am honored to share my story with your many followers. I hope my success will encourage others to start doing something, or stick to what they have already started. It is difficult to stick to something even if you do not feel like you are seeing results at the moment, but the end result is very much worth the perseverance and discipline.

For a majority of my childhood I as overweight and or obese. I was the fat kid in school, and was often times teased for that reason. I was always so confused as a child because from what I could tell I was not really eating different than any of my friends. I did grow up in what I would consider to be poverty (I did not really have that concept then, but looking back now I realize that was the case) Throughout all of school, not a whole lot changed other than I continued to gain weight.

After turning 18, a physician told me that I was morbidly obese and needed to eat less and move more. I had a fatty liver, and if I did not lose weight it could be detrimental. My mom tried to help me and well, I think we all know that eat less move more, simply put does not work. So again not a lot changed, other than I was miserable attempting to eat less and move more.

As time continued on, I was diagnosed with type II diabetes before the age of 30 and given the classic dosage of metformin which did work for a period of time. In addition I was directed to follow the American Diabetes diet (which makes no sense by the way – it directs you to eat 45 carbs in a sitting????) I followed this, and took my metformin, but lo and behold I only gained more and more weight. Eventually my A1C was so elevated that I was given insulin (by this time I had also developed hypertension and high cholesterol which I was being medicated for) The Insulin did bring my A1C down for a period, but the weight kept driving up (which makes sense now because insulin was the cause of this all along)

At my peak, I went to see my endocrinologist, with a high A1C, continuing to increase my insulin dosage and weighed in at 434 lbs.. I was depressed and ready to give up on everything. My medications were extensive (4 – 500mg Metformin, Losartan, Amlodopine, Prilosec, Atrovistatin, 100 units of Lantus, and sliding scale of Humalog) I was spending several hundred dollars each month on medications. It was over the top.

One night in a depressive state, something sparked me to start reading blogs about what others had done when they were in this state. I googled “how to cure type II diabetes” and one of the hits was dietdoctor.com. On this site, I watched videos from various doctors and experts, one being Dr. Jason Fung! These videos taught about concepts like a low carb life style, and intermittent fasting, and how to use them to help with diabetes. I jumped in full force and started a lifestyle that included no more than 20 carb per day. It helps that my wife (who by the way has her own story – she is nearly down 80 lbs!!) and I did this together. We have found ways to make everything we ate before in a healthier way – for instance if we want chicken strips, we use pork rhinds, and butter and bake them. If we want a rice bowl, we use cauliflower rice, and make our own seasonings. We are able to make just about anything we want using the information we have learned.

Within one week of starting low carb, my fasting sugars started to plummet. Because I was not eating many carbs, there was really no regimen for meal time insulin because my sugars were never high enough to constitute taking it – so mealtime insulin was gone within the first week. I was getting over 200 routinely fasting, and then started getting closer to 100. Within two weeks, I was fasting near 80, so I cut my Lantus dose in half. By week 4, the same happened again so I decided to cut it all together (I asked for forgiveness, and medically do not recommend stopping meds, but I did that one on my own)

Sometime around January, I started doing IF..  I have done multiple variations of it since.. I did one meal a day a couple times / week to start. Then moved on to trying s longer fast, I went for 7 days, but only made it 3. Then finally had a break through and got to 5.. my current plan (that has been working well for me) is fasting every other day, so really a combination of the 36 hour and 42 hour fasts from the Complete Guide to Fasting book.

I was fasting with normal sugars and no insulin. I then talked to the doc and asked about stopping metformin, he agreed that it was fine to try, so we gradually gut back on that, and viola! I am off diabetic meds. I then asked if I could cutout my other meds, and got rid of Prilosec (turns out metformin caused my stomach issues and was why I needed an antacid), followed by cholesterol meds, and finally BP pills.. Today I take no medications, and could not be prouder of that (and my wallet likes it too)

I started seeing rapid weight loss, some water, but some not. People at work would start saying “ have you been losing weight?” when I answered “yes” they would respond with “no really, you have lost a LOT of weight” I wish I would have but did not track exactly how much at any given time, I can say that I was 434 in July of 2016, and my most recent weigh in was 284 in April of 2017, so a total of 150lbs gone (that’s an entire person by my calculation – actually a grown man)

I appreciate people like Dr. Fung putting themselves out there and going against the direction of the government and modern medicine. It has to be challenging to go against your peers, but you are helping people like myself be around to see our kids grow. So for that I commend and thank you.

Dr. Jason Fung: Terrific results, congratulations.

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  1. Congratulations on an ongoing job well done! You are an inspiration to diabetics, giving them hope for a long and healthy life! And of course, thanks to the fantastic Dr. Fung for putting his knowledge out there for the rest of us!

  2. Jason. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Marilyn

    Awesome! What an inspiration! 🎉

  4. Thank you for sharing – your story inspires me, and many others, I have no doubt!

  5. Thumbs Up!

  6. Dr Jason Fung, you inspired and empowered humans! I got 2 of your books and I’m going to treasure it forever. Thank you so much….

  7. Great job!!! Wonderful!!

  8. DebbieC

    Wow, this is such a great story. It makes me feel that there may even be hope for me. 🙂

  9. Wonderful story! And congratulations. I noticed he could not complete a long water fast. Why was that? I am asking because today I had to break of my water fast on the 9th day. For the past 3 days I had a racing pulse, high systolic blood pressure even early in the morning, very low energy, extremely dry mouth and could hardly sleep. Generally felt horrible. Why is that? When I read other peoples diaries they seem overcome hurdles, but in my case it just got worse. I did all the right things, used an enema to remove toxins, took a bit of Celtic sea salt to prevent becoming dehydrated. So where did it go wrong? Or should I have persevere, gritted my teeth?

    • In general the doctor seems to advise that if you feel unwell then STOP the fast and eat something. I am not sure Celtic salt is enough. I think you may need other minerals such as potassium and magnesium but I am not an expert, having never gone past 5 days and that was a planned break. Also while 36 – 42 is relatively easy for me, I did not enjoy going past that and did find that the strong desire to EAT SOMETHING, ANYTHING did not abate until the 4th day and never really went away completely

      Your symptoms in my non medical opinion sound like possible dehydration. You have to drink more than you usually do not less because you need to compensate for the fluids you are not getting in your food. Same with the salt (barring some medical reason to limit salt but then you probably should only be fasting under medical supervision) since you are not getting it elsewhere.

      • I’ve done several 4.5 day fasts and one 5.5 day fast, and many 3.5 day fasts. I quit the 5.5 because my blood pressure went too low. When I do fasts of this length, I don’t do water only fasts. I find those quite difficult. I still drink coffee (with a small amount cream), tea, herbal teas, Gerolsteiner (high mineral content water), and chicken stock. I add salt, no-salt (potassium) to the stock and to tea if necessary. I will also use magnesium oil on my legs and magnesium powder, if necessary. I drink salt and no-salt daily, but add magnesium only if I get jumpy legs. I used to have to add magnesium no matter what, but I think I’ve finally built some higher magnesium levels. If I begin to get a headache, that’s a sign for me of lack of salt.

        I also find that fasting does get easier over time, but it’s never really easy. I don’t get the rush of energy, but that might be because I’m in ketosis when I’m not fasting, and therefore the high ketone levels caused by fasting don’t affect me. Hunger for me comes in waves, and the waves seem to get somewhat smaller after a few days, but never go away. Also, lifting weights causes a great hunger for me, so I usually end my fast after I lift or the day before.

        I find, too, that I have nothing but water in me after 3-5 days. Once I start digestion by eating again, all heck breaks loose for a day or so. I don’t plan long fasting sessions anywhere near vacations or other events where I need to have “normal” digestion.

        • On my ONE 5 day (so not too experienced) fast I took in some Psyllium fiber and water a couple of hours before the fast was over and again the next day. I had no GI symptoms after the fast, my problem was GI symptoms during the fast! Saw the tip about the fiber at the end otherwise would have tried it earlier.

          I did not experience extra clarity or energy either but I was in ketosis for several weeks before the fast. I would like to do another 5 day one but am sort of dreading it too. May limit it to 3 days instead although days 4 and 5 were relatively easy, 2 and 3 were hard.

          I started to fast in March and would eat whatever I wanted in between 24-36 hour fasts (one meal moderate carbs no wheat). I found it pretty easy to do the 36 fasts in between those meals. However started LCHF in mid April and since then have found fasting a little harder. I thought being in ketosis should make fasting easier but it is the opposite

      • Thank you for trying to help me think this out. I forgot to say, I did take a multivitamin every day, plus magnesium salt bath every other (I do normally anyway) and on and off potassium.

    • Stephen T

      Inge, a nine-day fast is astonishing to me. Is that length of fast really necessary or helpful?

      I’m coming from the opposite end of the spectrum. My standard ‘fast’ is 16 hours and my longest is 20 hours. To those people fasting for days, this is probably nothing, but I don’t need to lose weight and I’m not diabetic.

      Even though my fasts are modest, they still shock nutritionists. I actually spoke to one this morning who didn’t advocate a low-fat diet and who understood that fat and cholesterol aren’t bad. A hopeful sign, although she doesn’t work for the NHS, which is still locked into telling diabetics to eat glucose and then amputating their limbs at a rate of 138 a week.

      • I’ve done up to 20 days. For me shorter fasts have very little effect it seems.

      • Check out “theprogamerjay” on YouTube. He did a 28 day water fast. Results were amazing.

    • sten bjorsell

      Maybe bone broth is missing during your fast. And an electrolytic imbalance may develop easier the longer a fast last. Try to get or cook some good organic chicken bone broth before fasting or during the first few days and start drinking it instead of water on day 3. I would not go more than 5 days without medical supervision. That your problems started on day 6 indicates 5 to be a good number of days. I did 5 days in a row in 3 consecutive weeks. The only problem was refeeding the first fasting week. Following 2 weeks I added broth late day 4 and more and on day 5. The salt I add to bone broth is Potassium Chloride mixed with (unrefined grey) sea salt 50/50 to provide trace minerals and replace Sodium with Potassium.
      And don’t forget that feeding after a fast is a treat for the body that then can start rebuild whatever poor functional proteins that were sacrificed during the fast, for instance, new white blood cells. During a fast the body is not only cleaned out, also dormant stem cells are being reactivated, enabling the rebuilding to start at refeeding. Check Valter Longo fasting stem cells for more about this most interesting aspect of fasting that I cannot recall Dr Jason has touched on, yet.

      • Thanks Sten, I will. I did not know about Valter Longo.

      • In my fast I did the opposite, I drank bone broth during the first 3 days and then limited myself to coffee with as little cream as I could stand (addicted to coffee and black upsets my stomach) in the morning of days 4 and 5. The reason was that I say a comment from the doctor someplace (a few years back obviously) where someone asked whether bone broth stopped autophage and I got the sense from his response that it could. I cannot locate the quote now of course!

        Here is something he wrote on Diet Doctor that

        What turns off autophagy? Eating. Glucose, insulin (or decreased glucagon) and proteins all turn off this self-cleaning process. And it doesn’t take much. Even a small amount of amino acid (leucine) could stop autophagy cold…

        I get the sense that the most active autophagy starts later in the fast so I wanted to support that and avoid bone broth. Took minerals and salt straight, no food. This is only my non medical amateur opinion, would be happy to learn more

    • Inge, your body was probably starting to flush “bad stuff” out and you were going through what the old fasting doctors called a “healing crisis”. This is part of the reason why they say long fasts should only be done under the supervision of a doctor. Some, not all go through this later in the fast which could indicate a larger medical issue or just more junk to flush out. But as doctors these days would have no clue regarding fasting for healing that is rather pointless. Also why Dr Fung just says to stop if you feel bad.

      Fasting for healing goes way back but gained fame and derision in the late 1890’s to early 1900’s in the U.S. You can read up and get books by Dr Edward Dewey “The No Breakfast Plan and the Fasting Cure”, Shelton “Rational Fasting”, Bragg “The Miracle of Fasting” just to name a few. Some interesting stuff with good success. However, hard to make money as a doctor or pharmacist when the treatment is drink water and rest.

  10. Hi Inge, I have just come out of an 8 day fast. After my first meal which was pretty small. A few cos lettuce leaves, a few thin sticks of celery, ditto cucumber, a few small slices of avocado about 6 blue berries and two strawberries. It took me an hour to eat this. Later on my heart started racing, I got bile reflux, passed gas, had tummy cramps. I like you felt awful. Blood pressure went up. I had a second meal 12 hours later. Similar portions. Racing heart subsided, but reflux and gas were abundant. Once I tried to vomit by it produced nothing. Felt awful. 6 hours later ate some steamed cauliflower, grilled zucchini,
    A few nuts and again small portion of berries. Slowly my symptoms improved.
    This is my first fast and because I have no will power I did it in a clinic under supervision. My therapist warned me that re-feeding can be tricky. They also gave me some warm water with a squeeze of lemon with each meal. Much better now. Feel great. BP, BS all good. Lost 10kgs. I can advise you. I can only share my experience and hope that helps.

    • Thanks Paddy. But my trouble was with the fasting, not the refeeding, that is going fine. Although I still have this constricted throat feeling, but I sure that will pass. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.

  11. Sorry Inge, what I meant to say is I can’t advise you only share with you my experience.

    Jason what an incredible achievement. You inspire us all.

  12. Congrats awesome for you and I also say thanks Dr. Fung for cluing us in on this. I have to totally agree with this story 45 grams of carbs per meal??? I was told I could do 60 gram per meal by my diabetic dietitian but was “restricted” to 15 grams of carbs per snack but of course I allowed up to 3 snacks a day. I guess someone works for the betterment of Big Pharma when you get that type of advise. Jason keep going and great job by your wife also for believing and give it a go with you. I wish mine would support me but she can’t seem to understand. But I forge ahead any ways.

  13. Peggy McNeal

    Very motivational. Congratulations. Thank you for sharing

  14. Well done Jason and Jason!!!!!!!

  15. Srinath

    Awesome story. I too went from 238 to 140 or so, and no am in the 160’s. I want to make it a permanent weight loss. Still working on that, but trying to get information on how to do that.

    • Charlene

      Srinath–I have lost about 130 lbs with Calorie In, Calorie Out. It was brutal and just as Dr Fung says–the loss was not sustainable with CICO–my body gained no matter how much I cut calories or how many miles I walked. A friend told me about Dr Fung’s book-The Obesity Code. I cut all grains and added sweeteners. At first I did not worry about my carb total; my goal was no grains & no added sugars. After 2 weeks, I stayed under 50 carbs. Week 3 I started a daily 16 hour fast. By week 6 I had lost 15 lbs–(putting me 15 lbs under goal weight) and I am ecstatic. These days I eat between 20- 35 carbs/day and fast daily for 16 hours: it is all I need to maintain my weight. I have been maintaining with ease since I started LCHF in September 2016. I have not been “perfect” with LCHF–I have my feast times, which, Dr Fung says is natural, (holidays & family celebrations) but once the event is over I go right back to my routine. I have also cut way back on exercise–I walk the dog 4 miles/day–compared to my CICO days of walking 8-14 miles per day.
      You can do it–you just need to tweak a formula that works for you.

  16. Well done, Jason! I’d love to read your wife’s story here one day, too!

  17. Stephen T

    Well done, Jason. No wonder pharma doesn’t like low carb and fasting.

  18. Thomas Hillman

    Hi my name is Thomas Hillman. Jason friend is person I met through another friend. I can truly testify that when I first met him I knew he was a rather large man. We have drank and ate together on occasion and none of the choices were healthy. I’ve always enjoyed my time with Jason and his wife Stephanie. Our time together although it may be limited has allowed us to be friends and to occasionally communicate on Facebook. My wife informed me that he was making life decisions in regards to changing his eating habits. She has always encouraged me to better my own health as I do am a type 2 diabetic. I only weigh 218 pounds but I struggle with diabetes. I have secretly followed Jason’s Story and had doubts about this type diet information and its effects in regards to health. I have applauded his efforts and continuing dedication of both him and his wife in secret with my wife but still had lingering doubts. She just texted me today from her hair appointment and asked me to read his story and shared his story to our Facebook page. It is because of his success and his wife’s that I am going to give this a honest try. Congratulations Jason and Stephanie I am truly inspired by your story and your success and I am on similar medications metformin twice a day 1000 milligrams. Astrovattin Lisinopril and a daily baby aspirin. I struggle with low willpower poor food choices and alcohol. I am a very still person that does not exercise I have a fatty liver high cholesterol and a borderline blood pressure. I am also a cigarette smoker of over 30 plus years. I will buy the book or go to this doctor’s website and give this a try. Jason and Stephanie your story and success has motivated me to get off my butt and do something about my health. Thank you for being the man and woman you both are and congratulations you both are truly an inspiration. Your friend Thomas and Amy Hillman.

    • Jason Friend

      Thanks Tom and Amy!!! Tom, I am happy that you are giving this a shot, I can say that out of my whole life of struggling with this, that this is the first time that I can truly say, that I feel like the choices have resulted in a healthier us on so many levels. Please let me know how I can help you, and I definitely encourage the reading of both of Dr. Fung’s books, they were life changing to say the least.

  19. Jason you are truly inspiring. I can’t wait to read Stephanie’s story too.

  20. Vanessa

    CONGRATULATIONS! Keep going! Following intermittent fasting and long term fastings I have lost 110 lbs in 14 months. I need to lose another 200 lbs. Everyone around me thinks I am going to die eating so little but I feel better than I ever have. I have more clarity of mind and know that my fat stores are supplying my needs. I do wonder often about my supplements. Could I be hindering my weight loss by taking too many? The fat stores should provide many nutrients. I have lab work every 30 days and the consensus is always the same. I am doing great. Nothing negative to report. Which should I alter first in attempting to speed the weight loss by removing some unnecessary supplements. Thank You for any input!

  21. The last sentence really expresses it so well. We all want to be around when our kids and may be even our grand kids grow up and do well! This is a most amazing story. Best wishes to stay lean and off all medicines! At the very least it will inspire me to crack the 40hr limit on fasting!

  22. Charlene

    Standing O to you Jason! Bravo! Bravo!
    You are a true inspiration and proof positive that T2D is reversible!
    All my best to you and your wife to live long and healthy lives.

    My appetite is whet with anticipation to hear Stephanie’s story.

  23. Fabulous results! Yeah we eat too much and we get fat! I wonder how long it will be before they start making fun of the normal weight kids in school, we’re headed there 🙂 Another person saved from meds, prescription medication not only does not treat disease, it causes and worsens disease, especially diabetes! I would put it as I wouldn’t recommend anyone get off this stuff, unless of course they were looking to save themselves :p

  24. Roger Bird

    Jason, I love your pictures at the beginning of each article.

  25. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Being female, I would greatly appreciate reading your wife’s story. I am just gearing up to really starting this way of eating having made numerous attempts over the past few years. Dr Jason Fung is very inspiring with his easy to understand logic backed up with scientific proof that this way of eating is supreme. Thank you for your encouraging testimony to that.

  26. Tyson Ng

    Dr. Fung ,

    Would you share with me your opinion on old age and diabetes, which is not related to hyperinsulinemia.

  27. Thank you so much for sharing. I received a text four days ago from a dear friend who had been avoiding me for a while. She was in the hospital having just been diagnosed with T2D. It was a cry for help. She had been slowly deteriorating – but was so ashamed for “letting her self go” even though she was trying to eat right – low fat, fruits and vegetables, juicing etc. trying to undo years of bad nutrition. She finally broke and contacted me for help. I am pretty knowledgeable and am learning as much as I can. After I reassured her that we would find a way to make things right, I cried for an hour! Knowing exactly why this happened – that current thinking got her there, the lies Dr. Fung speaks so directly about got my friend here! I saw your story and I knew there was hope for my friend because I see you and know you now have a brilliant future to look forward to with your family – so much joy for you. I want that for my dear friend. Thank you, thank you thank you. And a special Thank You to you Dr. Fung – no words to express my gratitude for the work you are doing. Lives will be saved.

  28. Ashish Sampeti

    Hey, Dr. Fung, my name is Sam and I’m currently taking 26 units of insulin in the morning before breakfast and one 5oo mg of metformin after breakfast and then 22units of Insulin before dinner and after dinner, I take one 500mg metformin. I’m currently feeling very weak and always tired when working. I am not overweight but I see the effects of diabetes. My eyesight is getting worse because of diabetes. Is there any way you can help me out. I want to change my life around and not be dependent on insulin or any pills. I live in Scarborough, Ontario close to Scarborough Town Centre. How can I get in contact with you? I really need your help. I have read a lot of testimonies on your blog and I’m impressed and I want to try your system. If your system can heal me then I would really appreciate it and I will spread the word to all my friends and families. You can contact me at my email. thanks and I will be waiting for your reply.

  29. Am encouraged and very grateful for this revelation. I will be back to share my testimony. Thank you so much Dr.the world is a better place for all of us because of you.thanks once again

  30. You look much slimmer than your weight indicates!!

  31. Caroline

    Well done!!!! That’s an amazing story!!!

  32. You have done an amazing job! You look great and congratulations to your wife too.
    How long have you been diabetic? I was diagnosed about 9 years ago and really want to kick this disease.
    I’ve been doing OMAD but now am doing IF because my blood sugars are coming down quicker.

    Thank you

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