Patient Profile – Hansraj

Dr Chhajed and myself

This month, I wanted to profile a patient that shows what is possible through the power of the internet and intelligent collaboration between professionals.

Hansraj is a 38 year old man who presented to Dr Prakash Chhajed in Indore, India in March of 2015. He had multiple problems and was already on multiple medications despite his young age. He had Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) for 10 years and was on a combination of voglibose, metformin and gliperide for this. He had high cholesterol and high triglycerides, taking rosuvastatin and fenofibrate for this condition. He had high blood pressure, taking olmasartan and amlodipine. He had also previously had a mastectomy for cosmetic reasons and psoriasis on methotrexate.Hansraj Before

He was significantly overweight with a height of 180cm and a weight of 104 kg. This gives him a BMI of 32.1, well within the ‘obese’ category. Further testing also revealed the presence on ultrasound of fatty liver as well as elevated liver enzymes, which indicates that there is chronic damage being done from the excessive fat stored there. This is also know as Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH). While it sounds pretty benign (hey- what’s wrong with a little fat in the liver?), that is a dangerous misconception. NASH will very soon be the leading cause of liver cirrhosis in North America. Even though the amount of damage done is very slight, it often persists over decades. So a little damage done over a very long period of time still ends up causing cirrhosis.

Blood tests also revealed a high homocysteine level. This is an amino acid. The reason we worry about it is because high levels of homocysteine are associated with heart attacks, strokes and blood clots. They do not cause these problems (except in the rare genetic cases) but high levels are good markers of risk. High levels will identify patients that are at very high risk of cardiovascular events.

The diagnosis here was quite classic – metabolic syndrome, sometimes called syndrome X. This is a cluster of diseases that tend to all occur together – including, in this case,

  1. Obesity
  2. Fatty Liver
  3. Type 2 Diabetes
  4. High Cholesterol
  5. High Blood Pressure
  6. High Homocysteine levels

There are millions of these types of patients seen every single day in medical clinics throughout the world. And I would wager that 99% of those patients would be counselled to continue or increase their medications. My guess is that 99% of these metabolic syndrome patients are never counselled as to the proper cause of this disease and the proper dietary treatment of it. And these patients will continue to get worse over time. He was already taking 7 medications and he’s only 38 years old. Jeez. His HgbA1C was 8% despite all those medications. He’s in the express lane to Diabetes World, where blindness, amputation, kidney failure, heart disease and stroke are free with admission. Not exactly the happiest place on Earth.

But Hansraj is a lucky man. He is friends with Dr. Chhajed, who immediately recognized that metabolic syndrome is really a cluster of disease all caused by hyperinsulinemia. The treatment, therefore, is not medications to treat the symptoms of high BP, high sugars, fatty liver etc., but to instead treat the root cause of the disease – hyperinsulinemia. So, he contacted me through my website for some advice regarding this patient. We designed a program that included a Low Carb, High Fat, grain-free diet, Intermittent Fasting, and High Intensity Interval Training.Hansraj After

What happened?

  1. Weight Loss – He dropped 20 kg over 5 months and now weighs only 84kg. This gives him a BMI of 25.9 – within spitting distance of being normal!
  2. Fatty Liver – repeat ultrasound showed resolution of fatty changes. Bloodwork reveals that there is no further damage to his liver. NASH cured!
  3. T2D – Almost completely reversed. He has been off all his medications and now has a HgbA1C of 6.1%. Fasting blood sugar is 92 mg/dl
  4. High Cholesterol – He has stopped both medications for high cholesterol and high triglycerides.
  5. High Blood Pressure – He has stopped both medications for blood pressure and latest BP is normal.
  6. Homocysteine levels dropped almost in half from 14.34 to 7.5.

There were other side benefits, as well. His energy levels, which had previously been extremely low, had improved tremendously. Best of all, we were able to effect all of these changes without the need for medications or surgery. Only the application of knowledge is required here. Dr. Chhajed was literally able to save this man’s life with nothing more than the knowledge he acquired. That and the courage to challenge conventional ‘wisdom’. So Hansraj has gone from 7 medications for various manifestations of the metabolic syndrome to zero in only 3 months! Terrific. Can somebody remind me why we keep prescribing drugs for a dietary disease?Hansraj Labs

What I really love about this case is the fact that Dr. Chhajed was able to reach out over half the world to me in chilly Canada for an opinion. Even if he did not have the knowledge himself for parts of the treatment, he was able to acquire this knowledge, almost in real time, via email from a doctor that he had never met. We exchanged emails, and discussed his case and formulated a well defined plan that he was able to implement for this patient.

Dr. Chhajed spent some time with me recently in Toronto in the Intensive Dietary Management program and my hope is that he is able to spread the knowledge to his part of the world. Someday, perhaps, we will be able to cure all these patients with nothing more than the simple application of knowledge we already have.

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  1. Absolutely amazing! Keep up the good fight Dr. Fung! One question. Is his maintenance program going to be much different than the plan that caused all these changes?

  2. How can one get a designed program that included a Low Carb, High Fat, grain-free diet, Intermittent Fasting, and High Intensity Interval Training. Can you direct me to a site where I could possibly design this type of diet? Also, can you be a bit more specific about he fasting …. as an old school Roman Catholic, I remember fasting on Fridays in my youth … but I am certain there is a certain way to do it, could you either tell me or send a link where I could learn for myself?
    Vytas Keblys

    Dr. Jason Fung:A link, like perhaps to my 14 part series on fasting on this very website?

  3. Inspiring story. Thank you.

  4. Can u give Dr.chhajed mail id, so that I can contact him for T2D treatment..coz I am from india

  5. So awesome there are more open minded doctors like you !! Keep spreading the word.

  6. That’s awesome! Wonderful to see doctors implementing this in the country where I live. Most doctors I have met here just give the usual advice of medication and low fat diets πŸ™ Hope Dr Chhajed can help spread the word amongst his colleagues and other doctors here.

  7. Simon Thompson

    Did his “Love Life” improve? I am only asking, as impotence is a strong driver for managing diabetes correctly.

  8. [email protected]

    Sir I am suffering from same problem and I am taking same medicine above as hanraj .my age is 43 and weight is 92 and want your appointment I am from surat

  9. Wenchypoo

    Is NASH the same as NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease)? NAFLD is the term used in America.

  10. Can we have contact of dr chhajed for all of us in india pls

  11. I think these stories are most effective for convincing a doubting public and doctors what is possible with diet. Please keep them coming.

  12. Dr. Alister Frayne MD

    Great story. Here’s another – Canadian patient seen yesterday in my family practice for follow up – Weight in Jan 2015 = 97kg, 5’8″ tall = BMI in the morbidly obese range. IFG, elevated LFT’s, lipids and BP.
    After 9 months of real eating (= minimal carbs) weight = 76kg, BP normal, microalbuminuria resolved, lipids normal, and liver enzymes normal.
    Traditional treatment? …”5 small spaced meals, multigrain this, low fat that…blah blah” = 10 years of failure
    “Remove the stimulus to insulin treatment” per Dr. Fung? …9 months to cure…
    Go figure.

  13. Dr.S. Vijayaraghavan

    Dear Dr Jason
    I a primary care physician in the city of Chennai.India, have been following you since a year and a half. Your 6 part talk on Aetiology of Obesity and Reversal of diabetes simply captivated me!!
    I am metabolically stable, however I tweaked my diet (LCHF) and lost eight kilos in a jiffy.
    I work out 10 mts twice wkly (HIIT).
    I, with absolute conviction prepared a ppt, invited a group my patients and over a two hr period on a Sunday explained the true science behind obesity and diabetes.
    The response was overwhelming, and since then have conducted 25 such programs.
    The results are amazing!!!
    To date I have 14 chronic diabetics who have completely reversed( quite a few were on high doses of insulin and a bunch of OHAs.
    One such is Mrs Nalini from Delhi, a 47 yr old, a diabetic since 2007 was on Apidra 20 units thrice and Lantus 20 units twice!! daily and a host of OHAs . Her fasting sugar ,on the 14th Dec 2014 318 mgs,and weighed 135 kgs.
    She started the program the next day, was off all insulin on 13 th Feb 2015 and OHAs and since a month her sugars are absolutely normal ( fasting between 90 and 100 and ppbs between 100 and 110)
    Proof of the pudding!!!!
    As for the newly detected diabetics, no issues , they reverse within 2 to 4 weeks.
    Thanks very much Doc, you have made my life meaningful, and brought joy in place agony to my patients and I shall continue my newly discovered passion of Reversal of lifestyle diseases.
    Your blog addict.
    Dr Viji

    Dr. Jason Fung: Your story truly warms my heart. I understand completely your feelings. As I started patients on proper dietary therapy for T2D and saw them improve, I remembered how great it felt to really heal somebody. To be able to make a difference to somebody’s life. It made my work meaningful and that passion often shows through my presentations.

    I, too, have found that newly diagnosed diabetics reverse very easily within 2-4 weeks. It has gotten to the point where I no longer prescribe any medications to newly diagnosed diabetics, as I fully expect them to reverse.
    Thank You.

    • Nalini Rajeev

      Dear Dr,

      This definitely worked for me. I am the patient that Dr. Vijayraghavan has mentioned. The doctor introduced me to this program In December 2014. I was on high doses of insulin( 60 units of Apidra and 48 units of Lantus) along with pills. The doctor sent me aa ppt file and explained to me a program that seemed to go against everything that I was ever told about Diabetes. I started this program and was amazed to see my body respond slowly but surely to the treatment. The sugars stabilize, the insulin and pills stopped . Today I am medicine free , insulin free, more energetic and active – my weight reduced dramatically. Thank you Doctor . I would definitely recommend this to all the diabetic patients….. Do not lose hope, help is within reach.

      With gratitude,

    • Ramakanth

      Hi Dr.S. Vijayaraghavan,

      My father resides in Hyderabad, India and is diabetic. He is taking 4 pills a day – one for diabetes, one for High BP, one for Cholesterol and one for something else. I would like to propose him LCHF diet but not sure what a South Indian can eat without rice (his question was also same). Could you please let me know what diet (especially that a south Indian can follow) you recommend for your patients? My email Id is [email protected]. I would be ever grateful if you could help me with this and my father gets free of diabetes. Thanks in advance and hope I get some reply from you.


    • Ramakanth

      Dr. Vijayaraghavan,

      Forgot to mention that my father is vegetarian and meat is not an option to get saturated fat πŸ™‚ Just wanted to mention that before you recommend diet for him.


    • That is wonderful to hear, Dr Vijayaraghavan. I have quite some friends who have problems with high cholesterol and diabetes.. I can only suggest to them that there is such a way but they don’t believe it till a doctor tells them. Are you aware of any doctor in Bangalore that follows this method of treatment?

      • Hi Sarah,

        I’m from Bangalore and I followed this approach, on my own, and was able to completely cure my T2D. If you need any help, I’m there in Bangalore for any of your friends.

        • Thanks Ravi. its hard to convince my friends as they are skeptical about this approach when it comes from me or from a website on the internet because whatever I tell them is contrary to their doctor’s advice πŸ™

        • Ravi, I am also from bangalore and keen on LCHF diet please share contacts lets meet up some time or talk ?

          • I have been following LCHF diet since Feb’15 and IF (fasting) since Jul’15. I was diagnosed of pre-diabetic (HbA1c at 5.9) in Jan’15, had high LDL and total Cholesterol (230), Thyroid problem and high triglycerides (197). Now all these problems disappeared. I live in Bangalore.
            I had strong reaction and opposition from friends and family to follow LCHF diet. Everybody was worried after seeing me eating so much of fat. After my blood tests showed vast improvement, they left me in continuing with LCHF and IF.
            Reach me on my mail shanmugavelu at gmail.

    • Dear Dr. S. Vijayaraghavan and Dr. Jason
      I am diabetic for the last 11 years.

      Met Dr.S.Vijayaraghavan last Nov and he gave some pointers and suggestions – one of the pointers was your youtube videos.

      I followed a LCHF (with a little bit tweaking) with IF and from day 1 I stopped my pills. I have data points 3-4 times a day and was monitoring it continuously. I am happy to say that my HBA1C is around < 6 now and I have completely reversed.

      Would like to thank Dr.S.Vijayaraghavan and Dr.Jason – cant forgot the help you have provided.

    • Dr. Vijayaraghavan,

      How can i contact you…

  14. Thanks for providing real life stories. Inspires me to keep it up – pretty much the same program this patient is on with the similar results…

  15. Hello,
    I am one of Dr. Vijayaraghavan’s patients. I was a diabetic (not now!) for about 8 years on 30 units insulin and a host of tablets per day including drugs for hypertension. I was greatly inspired by this treatment and am on the LCHF diet for the past six months. Today, I am completely free of diabetes and BP. With the doctor’s support, I am free from drugs. I continue to feel elated. Thank you so much Dr. Jason and Dr. Vijayaraghavan. You have really helped me lead a healthy, inspired life.

  16. Dr.S. Vijayaraghavan

    Dear Mr Ramakanth
    Some of the diabetics of mine who have reversed are vegetarians. However if you are a diabetic you are insulin resistant and carbohydrate intolerant, so rice may be off the menu until he reverses.
    My email id is dr.s.vijayaraghavan@
    Please be free to get in touch with me and will only too glad to help you.
    Dr Viji

    • Hi Dr. Vijayaraghavan,

      I am extremely sorry for the delayed response. I thought I will get an email from this website automatically as soon as you reply to my query (as it happens with facebook comments and other blogs that I follow). I never thought that this website might not have that feature. Sorry once again.

      I will send you an email right away. Thanks a lot for providing your contact information. I immensely appreciate it!


  17. Dr.S. Vijayaraghavan

    Dear Sarah
    I am not aware of any doctor at Bangalore. However I have given my email id to Mr Ramakanth, so you could always correspond and would be available to help you.
    Dr Viji

  18. Shuba Raj

    Dear Dr. Fung,

    I am one of Dr. Vijayaraghavan’s newest patients; he is guiding me on the LCHF-IF approach, which I am trying to follow with enthusiasm and diligence. I am eager to join the group of his patients who have reversed their diabetes and who are off insulin and healthier than ever. When I get there, I would like to devote much of my time encouraging and motivating other diabetics to make this journey. Thank you Dr. Fung and Dr. Vijayaraghavan.


  19. Dear Dr Vijayaraghavan – I cannot tell you how happy I am to get your email address. My wife is diabetic, her fasting glucose runs 140 mg to over 200 mg, and I hope to send her to you. Being a witness to my excellent health – I am 66 and still playing basketball – she has tried LCHF several times with mixed results. A year ago she dropped her triglycerides from 160 to 90 and raised HDL-C from 37 to 47 in just 8 days of LCHF. But during that time she had what we thought was angina. St John’s, Bangalore, spent a weekend testing her and said, whatever it is, it’s not the heart. It turned out to be “frozen shoulder” but it took us 9 months to sort that out. More recently she even fasted for 48 hours followed by almost a month of LCHF but her fasting glucose remained stubbornly at 230 mg. And she added an arthritic knee to the frozen shoulder. And a kidney stone in between! Dr Fung, is it possible for the strengthened immune system attained with LCHF and/or IF to trigger rheumatoid arthritis?

    BTW, there is a facebook group called “Tamil Paleo” administrated by one Neander Selvan. Members are Tamils all over the world including some in Bangalore where I am.

    Sarah, I am not a doctor but have been LCHF since April, 2011, ketogenic since December, 2012, and practicing Dr JF’s Intermittent Fasting since earlier this year. I read a great deal on nutrition and metabolism. My email is [email protected]. I would like to meet more people interested in LCHF/IF in South India, particularly in Bangalore.

    Dr Vijayaraghavan, it’s such a break-through to find a doctor in India that’s comfortable treating with LCHF and IF!

    Tim H

  20. Joe Dawes

    Terrific testimony! Congratulations to all of you.
    What has even touched me more, Dr Fung, is your indefatigable energy to reach across cultures and the world to be concerned enough to share your knowledge. Amazing! Diabetes is a heinous condition. I had it for 5 years since I was 45years old. Then I stumbled into Gary Taubes’ presentations on YouTube and later read his books. Everything changed. And now, learning about insulin and fasting from you, I know I am getting further blessed out my socks. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I am already an evangelist for your message to people at church and others. I am not a doctor. But I am grateful.

  21. simply awesome

  22. Devialini De Souza

    Wow, Dr. Fung, Reading the responses on this blog and am simply amazed. You really are moving mountains, one stone at a time. It just takes good knowledge, genuine good will, motivation to make a difference and the internet.

  23. It is indeed so amazing to see the valuable change Dr.Jason bringing in so many lives.Isn’t he God sent? I found his 12 minute interview by chance in Internet and read all his blogs the same night. I could convince my Aunt Anu,
    who was diabetic for past 3 years with prescribed medicine metaformin 500mg to start fast/ ,LCHF diet, Yoga. It is so difficult though to convince her to consume eggs being a vegetarian and she didn’t.Within two weeks of time, her HgbA1c is 5.6. She lost 10 kgs of weight.
    Her Endocrinologist never listened and his one liner always is, ” I can’t take the risk”.
    To cut the long story short, we took the risk with inspiration from Dr.Jason and applied the knowledge and cured diabetes.

    Anu’s fasting regime – 16 hours fasting/ 8 hours eating window
    Basically she reduced 5 meals to 2 meals ,at 10 AM and 6 PM.
    No sugars/ no carbs , no dals but switched to whole milk, butter, nuts, paneer,Cheese, veggies. ( it is possible) When and occasional socializing she went for 24 hour fast.( please check the allergies )
    She regularly does yoga especially pranayamas for half an hour
    She used to consume a spoonful of Kalonji oil ( which is Unani herbal medicine for allergies)

    Anu reduced the medicine gradually understanding her own body as she felt even a half tablet was causing her nausea and dizziness and reduced to quarter. She is off medication for two months now and feels more energetic, and completely relaxed with no symptoms of diabetes ( thirst, frequent urination, burning sensation in feet ) etc. I told two more people and they could reverse too.
    Spread the message about Dr.Jason please. I wish his name to be included in India Diabetic Association and every association.
    It is a medical break through.
    Thanks Dr.Jason for being a true Doctor.

    Dr. Jason Fung: Congratulations on your great results! You have, literally and absolutely saved your Aunt’s life. Good for you

  24. Dear All,

    I’m a 34 year old male, from Bangalore, India. I WAS extremely Obese with Type II Diabetes, and with High Cholestrol (LDL & TGL).

    I was having Type II Diabetes from the past 6 years and I was able to completely cure this in the last few months. Even though at that time I haven’t gone through this site nor Dr Fung’s videos, I was somehow believing that Fasting should help in curing this epidemic. As part of my (religious) fasting, I started having fasts, and they showed to really improve my conditions.

    One thing, I did (and I don’t recommend to many) is that, I never took medication of insulin in the last 4 years or so and was just having high sugars all the time. Luckily they didn’t effect my eyes, nor kidneys nor other parts and once I started this fasting, amazing results showed up. I started losing my weight and my insulin sensitivity started improving.

    Am a very good reader and so I started going through the tons of sites in the internet to figure out the true science behind this. Then I came across this wonderful website of Dr Fung and his videos. Thanks a million to you Dr Fung and all other doctors here, for saving people across the world. I would like to bring this awareness to more and more people across and so have started telling them, especially in my work place, about this program.

    I now lost around 32 kgs and my HbA1c came from 8 to 5.5 with my Cholestrol improving rapidly all this in just 5 months. Any one who would like to contact me can contact my email at [email protected]

    Now, I follow Intermittent Fasting (16:8 along with 5:2). I’m a vegetarian and am trying to move slowly to LCHF diet.


  25. Alethea Campbell

    Dr Fung I live in USA. I have been diabetic for 20 years. My blood sugars are getting worse. I started out on one pill metformin. Now i am on 80 units of Lantus and 40 units of humalog 1000 mg of metformin 2xdaily. Several other medications. Sugars have not gone under 325. I tried the If a month ago fast from 8 pm to 12 pm. I am 70 pounds overweight. No changes. My endo crinologist says she only wants me to take meds. Please tell me what im doing wrong. Iam doing ir trying thw lchf diet.i need help. I have tried to contact you earlier but no response. Please send me advice or how i can get on the right track. I am trying not to take insulins then my sugars are in the 500. HELP. I have not seen any thing in foods i cant eat. I do look at your videos on you tube

    Dr. Jason Fung: I replied to you on Sep 10. Click the Join tab for information on our Long Distance Program

  26. waleed mahmoud

    I started attempting to cure myself from T2DM three years ago since I got convinced that it was not an ever lasting curse. I am driven by my faith that the pancreas can always meet the insulin requirements of the body even at partial functioning. The artificial insulin brands available in the market are intentionally made twenty times larger than natural insulin. While it should take the pancreas a small spit to deal with blood glucose. It is becoming more apparent that many people are healing from T2DM with substantial weight loss. I reduced my weight from 93 kg to 64 kg today and improved my insulin to carbs ratio from 1:4 to 1:20. But so far experienced no “wake-up” of the pancreas. I am so convinced of my approach, I intend to go to as low as 57 kg which represents the lowest healthy BMI for me. I am always hungry and debilitated but so determined to finish the job.
    Thought to share my story with you, and will keep you posted.

  27. Some fields in medicine , like nutrition , etc, are so confusing.
    The old slogan, over and over again.
    Take a peek( if u want to)

    • Very very appealing, so one must resort to 6 meals a day to get slim and smart looking. Stephen please do not post the references of agents of mafias, as your getting healthier goes against their pokets.

  28. Hi,

    I am Indian and have grown up most of my time eating lot of rice, wheat chapatis and vegetables with occasional meat like Chicken and fish and eggs once in a while.

    Both of my parents are diabetic since almost 10-12 years. And I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in 2013 when i was expecting my baby.

    After that my glucose levels have been in the range of 70-126 most times.

    With an occasional spike to 140 etc and off-late around 190 after a 12 hr time after dinner.

    I want to lose weight and make sure I am not going into diabetes zone as well as ensure my parents can reverse their diabetes issues. My mother has undergone cardiac surgery i.e., angio-plasty around 4-5 years back. So do you have a separate LCHF diet for her i.e., cardiac patients based on Indian meal plans.

    And none of my family members are getting into the pre-diabetes or diabetes zone as well.

    If you can confirm and get me a detailed meal plan based on LCHF and that suits with Indian food habits It would be great help. I can accordingly subscribe to your website as well for detailed plans n videos and support your site in future and also suggest this to all my friends, colleagues, workers and relatives if its suits and works well.

    Awaiting your detailed and genuine response and help.

    The blog seems great and very close to what my heart believes about diet and diabetes. Appreciate all your efforts.

    Kavitha A

    • @Kavitha, it may be difficult to accept. FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar) of 140 should be considered as diabetic. I am 49. Both my parents died of diabetic complications. My FBS was increasing from 100 1 point every year since ten years ago. My PPBS (1-1/2 hours after meal) too crossed 140 last January and HbA1c of 5.8-5.9. Then I decided to control it and not become diabetic. Ever since I changed my diet to LCHF and saw dramatic improvement in blood sugar and other things like LDL, Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Thyroid. Rice and Roti are not worth as they bring the risk of diabetics. I eat only one good meal at dinner, usually of fish and sometimes meat (mutton). Some days I eat breakfast too of one multigrain Dosa (batter made with millets of Jowar, Bajra, Ragi and Urad) or 4-eggs Omelette. Dosa or Omelette is prepared with many spoons of butter or about 50gm of Cheese. With Dosa, I take side dish of Coconut chutney, again plenty of it due to its high fibre content and good quality saturated fat. Most days I drink bone broth instead of breakfast. I prepare it once and have it carry over for next 5-7 days, reheating it twice a day. Dinner is usually 12gm of brown rice (Kerala rice) with fish or mutton and plenty of fibrous vegetables both raw as salad (Radish, Capsicum, Cucumber, Chinese Cabbage) and cooked as curry (no Potato and Beet).
      IF (fasting) is much easier what many people think. Just drink club Soda (with salt) or black coffee or green tea (no sugar, no milk but 20% Amul cream is fine) when you are hungry.

  29. Thank you Dr Jason Fung for the regular blogs. I have been reading your blog for the past 6 months and benefitted by following IF. It is interesting to know another profile from India. There was one more profile covered 3 months ago.
    I am 49. Last January (2015), I too was diagnosed of fatty liver and also diagnosed of other problems – poor Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Thyroid function, HbA1c of 5.9, [email protected], [email protected], high triglycerides, low HDL, high LDL and high total cholesterol. Doctors advised me to avoid all kinds of oil. Contrary to what doctors said, I followed the LCHF dieat. Had plenty of oil and animal fat (Ghee, Butter, Cheese and Goat Lard). Last few months, I have also been following IF. Overall the results are extremely good. HbA1c 5.5 and all other parameters in normal range – LDL 136-139, HDL 41-45, Total 191-211 and Triglycerides 97-105.

  30. I am from the same city as Dr Chhajed and I run a LCHF forum for Indian diabetics. It has grown with time and huge number of diabetics are now enjoying great numbers with 70-100% reduction in drugs.

  31. Gerald Chamberlain

    Dr. Fung,
    I am yet another case of traditional treatment for T2 diabetes for the past 19 years. I am 59 years old. The weight has just stayed with me. What caused me to find you was my Dr. made the comment, “I guess I’ll have to prescribe another “pill” for your elevated BP. So I was looking for the side effects of this new medication on the internet when some how I came across one of your you tube videos! I as others write was inspired by your research and simplicity of your explanation to a very complex health issue(T2D). I am going to try and follow the IF concept to see where it takes me. I not a very good writer but I wanted to write to let you know I have new hope for my health!
    Thank-you, Gerald

  32. Hello Prople and Doctors
    Its very encouraging to read all the sucess stories posted here
    I just had a few questions
    When we move towards reversal do we see our pp readings also drop ??
    and how soon can you expect this drop ??
    Does it longer for people with long standing diabetes ??
    Do prople also not reverse even after weight loss ??

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