How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

An explanation of the principles behind the Intensive Dietary Management Program and how it works to naturally reverse diabetes.  This video is from our first Town Hall meeting.

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  1. Dilip Bhadasia

    your talk is very good & informative some people r lost weight in DM is it better fasting treatment ?



    • The sugar is supposed to go down. If you are on diabetic medications, then this needs to be adjusted by your physician, since the sugar can go too low and you can start shaking.

  3. I am a pharmacist and have a customer who is thin and has been type 2 for 20 years. He is a black belt in karate and remains active daily. While he isn’t on a LCHF diet, he doesn’t eat a lot of carbs. He is on 3 non-insulin meds but his sugars remain high. He says he doesn’t have fatty liver or the other microvascular complications associated with DM. What do you suggest? Thanks.

    • The skinny type 2 DM is a bit of a conundrum. I do have a few in my clinic and they seem to respond similarly to the obese patients. I am also a little puzzled by it, myself. Ultimately, what is the harm of attempting a LCHF diet or intermittent fasting. If it doesn’t work, then stop it.

      • Hi, Thanks for all your work. My puzzle is that I am a thin diabetic but do not want to loose weight on IF. So, should I do IF? I am trying LCHF but was wondering if there are any biochemical processes which will prevent me from losing too much weight on IF? I do want lower sugar numbers.

      • This isn’t an answer. Seriously, if you are going to run a blog or website, and collect the advertising income from it, then choose a subject about which you have some knowledge. “just try it and if it doesn’t work, then stop” is useless information.

        So this entire page is only about losing weight for people with blood sugar issues. It is NOT about just blood sugar issues.

        The page title should be changed to “losing weight naturally” instead of the incorrect title the page currently has.

    • Could this person have Latent adult onset diabetes or as they call it diabetes type 1.5? I’ve read some where it is an autoimmune disorder and is like type 2 but acts like type 1 by not responding to diabetic meds and needs to be treated with insulin.

      • After jumping into the LCHF and fasting community I noticed a lot of type 1 diabetics with anecdotal evidence of success with LCHF. I suggested it to an old client and bought bernsteins book and went to his doctor. After a month, his blood glucose levels have dropped significantly and thus his need for insulin. Seems like in many cases LCHF is good for both type 1 and type 2 so I see no harm if he’s monitored.

  4. Great work Jason, very courageous of you to teach these truths against the medical establishment of which you are a part. I am very grateful. One thing though, I dont agree with your definition of cured. I could cause a diabetic response in each of your “cured” patients in 24 hours just by feeding them donuts and soda. They are well managed, even reversed, but without continued intensive dietary management they will quickly return to the diseased state. I would call them cured when they have the same response to sugar, permanently, as a non diabetic. That is being able to eat chocolate and ice cream for a week and still pass a glucose tolerance test. That is what non diabetic people are able to do.

    • Vince De Mello

      “eat chocolate and ice cream for a week”, hmm. I think we need to be reasonable here.

      I would like to think that after being on a fasting diet and becoming more educated about their diet and fitness, a former diabetic is unlikely to want to resort to their old ways again so the eat chocolate and ice cream test is not reasonable.

      However I get your point about finding a clearer criteria for “cured”. Perhaps the best test would be to take a BG reading before drinking a full sugar can of coke. Then test your BG after 2 hours and if it falls below 7.8 mmol/L then your body has metabolized the sugar in the same way as a non diabetic. This would be a clearer indication of “cured”.

      It would be interesting to know if any of Dr Fung’s patients have carried out a similar test.

      • Maybe we need to be thinking of it as “in remission” rather than cured. I know if I go back to my old ways my BGL will go up. I don’t want to do that. I like the health benefits of LCHF with occasional lapses. I’m going to be adding intermittent fasting as well, because I know it works.

    • Ken Shumway

      I have the same question. A non-diabetic person doesn’t generally need to worry too much about what they eat. I would think that a cure for a diabetic would mean that he would not need to monitor their glucose levels frequently. Can any of Dr. Fung’s patients who have successfully lowered their blood glucose levels to non-diabetic levels maintain that without worrying about eating a sandwich on sliced bread or a serving or two of potatoes? If one needs to continue frequent blood glucose monitoring or more that occasional fasting, I would say that the diabetes is controlled, not cured. I’m not trying to criticize this approach. I’ve been diagnosed with type II diabetes for the past 3 years and the metformin and diet have not kept my sugars down. I don’t want to got the next level of conventional treatment. I have been experimenting with this for the past week (several 24 hour fasts) and I am elated that my blood glucose numbers are down to levels that I haven’t seen for a while. But, I’m not sure that I could maintain the type of eating and fasting that I have been doing.

  5. Do you have an Intensive Diabetes Management (IDM) Program guide publication? I am looking for specific guidance for which foods to eat, when and how to do the fasting. I am anxious to get started.

  6. Nice article, thanks for sharing!

  7. I have suspected this since I did my final nutritional study on T2D 15 years ago but I didn’t fully understand the mechanisms nor the benefit of intermittent fasting. You are my hero. We’ll done!

  8. Dr Fung,

    What I found interesting in this blog by Matt Stone is the discussion thread, within which was several mentioned of autoimmune disease being triggered by lowcarb diet. And that we should not be chasing HbA1c, low Triglycerides numbers only…What’s your views on that?

  9. Great video, I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks, i was checking continuously here and i am impressed, thanks to author for the excellent article.

    Diabetes is a complex chronic disease, but also a manageable disease, in many cases, diabetes can be well controlled by improving lifestyle (such as adopting healthy diet, regular exercise, etc), while more severe cases, Diabetes is treated with a combination of diet, exercise, medication(s) and insulin.

  10. Walter gosein

    Very impressed, if diabetes can be cured I will like to in rolled in your program.

  11. Hello. I have type two diabetes. My fasting bs in themornings are usually around 107-112. This is with taking metformin 500mg the night before. My question is this. If i do an all day fast will my bs go up? And if they do do up is it because my liver is so over loaded ? Also when i exercise my bs goes up and not down.

  12. Very interesting lecture. I am Jude from Nigeria. Just found out my A1c is 6.1
    With a family history, I want to do something and stay out of pre-diabetes. I just want to stay healthy for my two little daughters and wife (they mean the world to me). I have promised myself I will fight this for and not enter DM, that got me digging the internet, until I got to your lecture…..very inspiring.

    A quick one, for the intermittent fasting, like how many days at a stretch?

    Can you please inbox me the IDM regime on how to practice your program on my own?

  13. I am very grateful for so much quality information passed in this text.

  14. Gaby Zamora

    I have TYPE 2 DM, Rencently diagnosed, Im using metformin, I’m also Hashimoto’s, taking 100 mcg of levotiroxin with TSH normal. My question, can I do intermittent fasting more than 16 hours a day.. I can not loose weight even though I´m in a LCHF diet since 2 mo ago., I feel tired most mornings, my blood sugar around 120 to 140. I don´t know what´s wrong with me.

  15. Thanks for the information, all care really is needed.

  16. I loved the text, thank you very much for the tips

  17. How long is the period (hours) for fasting (one day?) and how often should I do it? Thanks.

  18. Victor Ramamoorthy

    Dear Dr Fung, Your videos and books are excellent. You have done a great service to curbing of the diabetes epidemics. I love your explanations and demonstrations. My question is that you say that patients who successfully recovered from diabetes are still given a pill at the end of the treatment. What is this pill and why?

    Victor Ramamoorthy

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