The MultiFactorial Nature of Obesity – How to Lose Weight II

The multifactorial nature of obesity is the crucial missing link. There is no one single cause of obesity. Do calories cause obesity? Yes, partially. Do carbohydrates cause obesity? Yes, partially. Does fiber protect us from obesity? Yes, partially. Does insulin … Continued

The Atkins Revolution – Hormonal Obesity part XIX

Short term studies of the Atkins low carbohydrate diet were very encouraging.  Not only were patients losing more weight, but their metabolic profiles were improved compared to the low fat diets of years past.  Millions of people were taking a … Continued

Poverty and Obesity – The Epiphenomenon of Obesity III

Poverty correlates very closely with obesity as we can see in this map of obesity in the United States. The striking increase in the prevalence of obesity throughout the USA is also immediately apparent.  Despite the large contribution of genetics … Continued

The Genetics of Obesity – The Epiphenomenon of Obesity II

One commonly overlooked aspect of obesity is its genetic underpinnings.  Obesity tends to run in families.  Obese parents have obese children.  Obese patients often have obese siblings.  Yet most conventional theories of obesity do not account for these genetic effects. … Continued

Insulin Causes Insulin Resistance – Hormonal Obesity X

Insulin resistance plays a large role in increasing insulin levels.  Increasing insulin levels tend to drive weight gain and obesity.  Continuing from the previous post, we continue our exploration of the hormonal obesity theory.  To start Hormonal Obesity part I, … Continued

Why Exercise is Not Effective for Weight Loss – Exercise Part II

Click here for Exercise part I.  Start the Hormonal Obesity series. In the conventional view of obesity, diet and exercise are commonly prescribed treatments for obesity as if they are equally important.  Sort of 50% diet and 50% exercise prescription. … Continued

The Myth about Exercise – Exercise Part I

We will return to more detailed discussions about hormonal obesity but you might be wondering about that other great pillar of current obesity thinking (Caloric Reduction as Primary – CRaP) – Exercise. To review the Hormonal Obesity part I, part II, … Continued

Insulin Causes Weight Gain – Hormonal Obesity IV

In our previous post, we were reviewing the link between insulin and obesity.  It appears that insulin is not merely associated with obesity but causes obesity. Click here for Hormonal Obesity Part I, Part II, and Part III. For decades … Continued

Part IV – The Fast Solution

This lecture examines how the rising consumption of carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates, have lead to dramatic increases in obesity and diabetes.  Also, we discuss how the time-honoured tradition of fasting can help reverse many of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Download Lecture Slides & Notes

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