Cardio-protective effect of Saturated Fats – Hormonal Obesity XXXIX

Saturated fats turned out to be not quite as toxic as we had believed once the trans fats were stripped out.  But many studies pointed out the fact that there is a chance that they may actually be protective against … Continued

Polyunsaturated Fats – Hormonal Obesity XXXVIII

As Dr. Keys warned Americans about the dangers of saturated fat, consumption of animal fats and butter declined.   The main component of animal fats is saturated fats.  Omega 6 fat content is vanishingly low.  Both butter as well as … Continued

The Diet-Heart Hypothesis – Hormonal Obesity XXXV

With the publication of Dr. Key’s Seven Country Study, the origins of the Diet-Heart Hypothesis were laid down.  The major problem was that this was all observational data, and as such, was subject to severe interpretation.  There is nothing more … Continued