The Diet Soda Delusion – The Epiphenomenon of Obesity V

Replacing a regular sugared drink with diet sodas seems like a good way to lose weight.  Diet drinks have zero calories and no sugar.  Since this will lower sugar intake, it seems like a good idea.  Both the American Diabetes … Continued

The Pima, Sumo and Canine Diets – The Epiphenomenon of Obesity IV

The Pima Indians of the American SouthWest have the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in North America.  An estimated 50% of adult Pima are obese and of those, 95% have diabetes.  How did this occur?  There are many hypotheses.  The … Continued

Time Dependence of Obesity – Hormonal Obesity XIV

Weight gain has a clear and obvious time dependence.  People tend to gain weight slowly, over years or even decades.  Many people start off as a skinny teenager (age 20), but gradually gain 1-2 pounds per year.  This isn’t so … Continued

Prevention of Resistance – Hormonal Obesity XII

One of the keys to high insulin levels lies in insulin resistance.  To start the Hormonal Obesity series – click here. Insulin resistance leads to high insulin levels.  It also appears that high levels of insulin also leads to insulin … Continued

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