Nutritionism’s Great Blunder

Dr. Ancel Keys has been accused of many great nutritional crimes, but his greatest blunder was the inadvertent triumph of nutritionism.  Dr. Keys was one of the great proponents of saturated fat as one of the main determinants of the … Continued

Cardio-protective effect of Saturated Fats – Hormonal Obesity XXXIX

Saturated fats turned out to be not quite as toxic as we had believed once the trans fats were stripped out.  But many studies pointed out the fact that there is a chance that they may actually be protective against … Continued

Polyunsaturated Fats – Hormonal Obesity XXXVIII

As Dr. Keys warned Americans about the dangers of saturated fat, consumption of animal fats and butter declined.   The main component of animal fats is saturated fats.  Omega 6 fat content is vanishingly low.  Both butter as well as … Continued

Trans Fat and Coronary Disease – Hormonal Obesity XXXVI

Doesn’t dietary fat ‘clog up’ the arteries and cause coronary disease?  It would seem from popular press that this has been proven beyond a shadow of a shadow of a doubt.   Perhaps we had better take a closer look. … Continued

Fat Phobia – Hormonal Obesity XXXIV

“It is now increasingly recognized that the low-fat campaign has been based on little scientific evidence and may have caused unintended health consequences” It has been over a decade since the influential Harvard researchers Drs. Frank Hu and Walter Willett … Continued