The Great Carbohydrate Debate – How to Lose Weight VIII

In the ongoing effort to lose weight, the uncontroversial first step is to reduce added sugars.  The next step is to reduce refined carbohydrates.  There are many diets that advocate increasing carbohydrate intake instead.  And some of them do indeed … Continued

Reduce Added Sugars – How to Lose Weight IV

The first step in virtually any weight loss program is to reduce added sugars.  Sugar is particularly fattening because it increases insulin both immediately and insidiously over the long term. Sugar is comprised of equal amounts of glucose and fructose. … Continued

The Deadly Effects of Fructose – Hormonal Obesity XXXI

For years, fructose was considered a benign sweetener because of its low glycemic index.  Fructose was found naturally in fruits.  The problem, as often is the case, is a matter of scale.  Whereas natural fruit consumption contributed only small amounts … Continued

Sugar Sweetened Beverages – Hormonal Obesity XXX

The epidemiological evidence linking sugar consumption and diabetes as well as obesity is overwhelming.  Very little controversy surrounds this fact.  Another demonized food – salt, by contrast is far more controversial.  Many people argue that salt is not as bad … Continued

Good Carbohydrates, Bad Carbohydrates – Hormonal Obesity XV

There is controversy surrounding whether carbohydrates are good or bad.  The low-carb movement (the Atkins onslaught) of the late 1990s and 2000s did much to focus attention on the role of carbohydrates in obesity.  Are carbohydrates good or bad?  Opinions … Continued

Poverty and Obesity – The Epiphenomenon of Obesity III

Poverty correlates very closely with obesity as we can see in this map of obesity in the United States. The striking increase in the prevalence of obesity throughout the USA is also immediately apparent.  Despite the large contribution of genetics … Continued

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