The Ancient Secret of Weight Loss – Fasting Part 8

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There really is no upper limit to fasting regimens. Once again, I will add a cautionary note. If you are taking medications or especially if you have diabetes, you need to discuss this with your physician before starting. The blood sugars often come down with fasting regimens, but if you are taking medications, it may come down too low. This is a potentially fatal condition called hypoglycaemia. It often manifests as shaking, sweating and sometimes seizures. Medications often need to be adjusted including blood sugar and blood pressure medications.

Also, if you feel unwell at any point during the fasting, you must stop. You may feel hungry, but you should not feel faint, or unwell or nauseated. This is not normal and you should not attempt to ‘push through’. I am not specifically recommending any fasting regimens, only trying to document various fasting regimens in widespread use.PetRock

The world record for fasting is 382 days. This was a 27 year old man in Scotland who fasted in order to lose weight. He weight 456 pounds at the start of the fasting period. During this time, he only took a multi-vitamin, and something called ‘Paladac’ which was vitamin C and yeast. Why on earth anybody decided that eating yeast was that important is really quite beyond me, but hey, this was 1973, when pet rocks and disco was popular, too, so there you go.

He was able to drink as much non-caloric fluids as he wanted. After all, you would only survive less than 3 days without fluids because of significant dehydration. At various periods, he did receive some potassium and sodium supplements, and he was monitored by a physician throughout the fasting period to see if there was any deleterious effects on his health.WorldRecFast Electrolytes

Constipation is one of the main problems we see in fasting. The reason seems simple enough. There is very little going into the gut, so little comes out the other end. This is a problem we face routinely in our IDM clinic. With this world record fast, this patient had bowel movements roughly every 37-48 days. What’s important to note is that this is a normal phenomenon and not an abnormal one. You do not need to have a daily bowel movement to feel well. Nevertheless, less than once a month seems kind of extreme.

His weight decreased from 456 to 180 pounds. Even 5 years afterward, he remained at 196 pounds. One of the most persistent concerns about fasting is the effect on electrolytes. You can see from the accompanying graph that blood sugars do go lower, but remain at the lower limit of normal.  There were no episodes of hypoglycaemia. This is, of course, to be expected, since the body will begin the process of gluconeogenesis (making of new glucose) in order to supply the brain and certain other parts that need glucose (renal medulla and red blood cells). Even the brain is mostly using ketones at this point. As previously shown, muscle is not consumed to provide glucose (gluconeogenesis). Instead, the glycerol backbone from triglycerides (fat) is recycled into glucose while the three fatty acid chains are used for fuel by most of the body.WorldRecFast Magnesium

Calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood vary over the fasting duration but generally remain within the normal limits and are virtually unchanged by the end of the fast. The same goes for plasma urea and creatinine, which are widely used measures of kidney function. Sodium, potassium, chloride and bicarbonate were all unchanged and in the normal range. In this study, uric acid remains stable although other studies have shown some increased uric acid.

Serum magnesium levels did decrease in this study. This is consistent with what we see clinically in our clinic as well. It seems to be especially prevalent in diabetics. It is important to realize that 99% of the body’s magnesium is intracellular and not measured by blood levels. In this study, researchers took the next step to measure the magnesium content within the cells and the erythrocyte Mg levels remained firmly in the normal range. Nevertheless, we often supplement with magnesium to be on the safe side.

The rate of weight loss was 0.72 pounds per day averaged over the entire 382 days. Other studies of fasting over 200 days had shown similar rates of weight loss (from 0.41 to 0.67 pounds per day) for periods of 210, 236, 249 and 256 days. This average of 0.565 ((0.41 + 0.72)/2) is actually quite interesting.

We assume that one pound of fat is 3500 calories. This is a widely quoted figure, but not especially accurate. If we assume that one eats 2000 calories per day, then we would expect 2000/3500 = 0.57 pounds weight loss per day, which is fairly close to that number actually seen. So, for a patient with 100 pounds of fat to lose, you might expect that it would take roughly 200 days to lose it all. 200 days! I don’t generally subscribe to calorie theory for the reason the Caloric Reduction results in reduced Caloric Expenditure. In other words, decreasing Calories In decreases Calories Out resulting in a plateau of weight loss efforts.

However, in the case of straight-on fasting, the caloric theory holds as promised, resulting in a weight loss very close to that predicted if Caloric Expenditure stays stable. In other words – metabolism does not decrease in fasting. A prolonged caloric reduction, on the other hand, is shown to decrease metabolism.

The Ancient Secret

I’ve sometimes called Intermittent Fasting the ‘Ancient Secret’ of weight loss. Why do I resort to such Dr. Oz-like hyperbole? Well, because it’s true. It is an ancient technique of weight loss – dating at to the time of the ancient Greeks over 2. So, if you want to talk about time-tested practices, nothing beats fasting. Consider that LowCarb diets such as endorsed by William Banting also have a long history but only dating from the mid 1800’s. Obesity was quite rare in the time of Jesus Christ, so fasting was used as a method of preserving good health and improving mental clarity.Eating-opportunities

But why is fasting a ‘secret’? Well, because the nutritional authorities have spent the last 30 years convincing us that we need to eat more to lose weight. We’ve all heard these lies.

You must always eat breakfast within one minute of getting out of bed.


You must eat snacks constantly, all day long or else you’ll be consumed by hunger and stuff your face with Krispy Kreme donuts.


You should eat 6-7 meals a day or else you’ll be consumed by hunger and stuff your face with Krispy Kreme donuts.


You should eat a bedtime snack or else you’ll be hungry while asleep and then stuff your face with Krispy Kreme donuts when you wake up.



You must never, ever miss a meal, otherwise you’ll be consumed by hunger and stuff your face with Krispy Kreme donut.


If you miss a single meal, you’ll develop eating disorders like anorexia.

This last one must be one of the most idiotic myths out there. Fasting is not, like, exactly fun. It’s a hell of a long way from morbid obesity to anorexia. Furthermore, anorexia is a psychologic disorder of body image. Fasting does not lead to anorexia any more than washing your hands leads to obsessive compulsive disorder. But these lies persist.BeatAnorexia

Nevertheless, because of all the worries, you can rest assured that there are studies that show that intermittent fasting does not lead to eating disorders.

Sadly, the public at large has bought into these lies. You can see that from 1977, the vast majority of people ate 3 times a day. By 2003, most people were eating 5-6 times per day. This weight loss advice was as useful as a third nostril.

Much of this increase in eating opportunity is likely to have been funded by Big Food. They want to sell more food. It’s easier to sell more food if people are eating more frequently. So, in order to do that, they needed to make sure that you didn’t ever miss a single meal.

So here’s the bottom line.

Can you fast? Yes – literally millions of people around the world for thousands of years have done it.

Is it unhealthy? No. In fact, it has enormous health benefits, that we have not even touched upon yet.

Will you lose weight? Here is the crazy thing. People have been convinced that fasting will make them gain weight (the bogeyman – starvation mode). OK, Einstein – if you don’t eat anything for 2 weeks, do you think you will lose weight? Of course.

Is it difficult? Not really. Millions of people do it. But it’s not exactly fun, either.

So fasting is effective, simple (one main rule – don’t eat), flexible (lots of different regimens), practical (saves time and money), and virtually guaranteed to work. So why don’t people support it? Because nobody makes money off you when you fast. Only when you buy crazy things like meal replacement shakes. Nobody wants to you to find out the Ancient Secret of Weight Loss.

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  1. Jane Rubin

    Thanks so much for your posts, Dr. Fung. They’re always helpful and illuminating. I noticed that, on your website, one fasting regimen you recommend is 24 hours every other day. Is there any harm in doing 24 hours every day–i.e., eating one meal a day at roughly the same time every day? I find that it’s easier for me to do the same thing every day than to change things up. Thanks. Jane

    Dr. Jason Fung: That is a style similar to the ‘Warrior’ diet. If it works for you, that’s great. For some, they notice a plateau quickly and do better with a more intermittent diet, such as longer fasts less frequently

    • Hi Dr Fung,
      Will a daily 24 hour fast slow the metabolism? Its much easier for me to do a daily 24 hour fast than only few days in a week. But I definitely do not want to slow my metabolism.
      However, I’m still unable to fast beyond 24 hrs and I start to get headaches or tiredness or dizziness after 22-23 hours. And hence I begin eating again. I’m not on any kind of medication.

      • Hello Sarah!.

        No it wont. On the contrary it will increase your metabolism due to a hormone called Noradrenaline.

  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this post!!!!
    I have had so much grief slung at me from so many people over the years about how “unhealthy” fasting is, and worries over starvation and food disorders like anorexia. Your series on fasting has been so encouraging, confirming what I have come to believe about how healthful fasting has been for me.

  3. Thanks for another encouraging post. I think I pretty well know what to do now to ensure that my type 2 diabetes stays reversed, but I need constant reminders to keep me focused and to ignore the wilful ignorance of all the doctors who insist that carbohydrate is essential because guidelines say it is.

    I recently abandoned my usual low carb / high fat intermittent fasting during a three week holiday. This is the standard advice from my doctors over many years

    “Just relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t obsess about diet and exercise. You can put things right when you return home.”

    I took this advice, as usual, because I enjoy eating in pubs and restaurants. I ate (and drank) much less than in previous years and consumed a reasonably balanced mixture of carbohydrate.

    And what happened? My weight increased by 23 pounds in eleven days. My waist expanded by three inches. Towards the end of the holiday I was feeling bloated and tired. I was eating out of habit rather than necessity.

    Will I ever learn? I agree that some temporary relaxation of diet does no lasting harm, but I was surprised how easily I slipped back into bad habits.

    Obviously what suits me best may not be appropriate for others and my current diet may not be the only one that will work for me. I am not qualified to offer medical or dietary advice.

    On future holidays I will try to stick closer to my preferred diet and to limit the occasional treats.

    • Walter Bushell

      Yes, it does look like you are proof against anorexia. The fear of anorexia from fasting is disable for people with a fat accumulation problem. I just left a 96+ hour fast, I’m sure the desire to eat was mainly psychological vice physiological.

      In a subsequent article Dr. Fung shows that keytones appear after 2 days, so fasting is a fast way to ketosis.

  4. deb griffith

    I started doing 5:2, then 4:3 now do 16:8 every day. I still had cravings. I recently started reading “Good Calories, Bad Calories”, by Gary Taubes, and thought I would try the all meat plan. So I eat “breakfast” at 10 am (hard boiled eggs and meat), then at 4, I eat dinner (meat again, and maybe an apple for a little carb/natural sugar). That’s it. No more cravings. I think the theory is the fat and protein in the meat satiate you better than carbs. Sure worked for me!
    I do have one free day, where I eat whatever I want, which is a lot less than I used to!
    Thank you, Dr. Fung , for all the great info!

    • Deb,
      I eat strictly fresh, unprocessed, uncured meat and eggs, and I do 6:18 IF daily. Once a week I do 1:23. I’ve been eating nothing but meat for 10 straight months. It cured my sugar addiction. Anything that is not meat doesn’t even look like “food” to me anymore and has absolutely no appeal. Best way of eating ever! And I didn’t adopt this way of eating or the IF for weight loss.

  5. You keep saying that no muscle mass is sacrified during a fast. That is simply false. Triglycerides do not provide enough glycerol to cover all the glucose needs, despite ketosis. The figure that keeps coming up in human fasting experiments is 50 grams of protein lost per day. This information is not even hard to find. I don’t understand why you pretend not to know.

    Also, yes, caloric expenditure does decrease during a prolonged fast. That is also well documented. Now, as to wether there is a larger decrease than what simple body weight reduction would predict (in other words, starvation mode), I do not know. Do you have any data showing that energy expenditure is less affected by prolonged fasting than with slower weight loss?

    • Valerie, do you have any links to the studies you quote? The only one I could find (that’s quoted in all the “you lose muscle when fasting” articles) for the 50g is a 1976 trial with 6 (!) subjects. In that study they didn’t actually measure body composition; instead they use the “energy-nitrogen balance method”. Even if that method was accurate (is it, Dr. Fung?), it doesn’t actually say that 50g muscle was lost, as not all the protein in the body is muscle (there are a lot of leftovers proteins the connective tissue).
      The evolutionary implausibility still remains; the 380 day fast guy would have lost 19kg of muscle at 50g/d…

      • There is the Yang study from 1976 (I believe that is the one you found).

        There is also the large body of work on human starvation from Cahill (1970s). Cahill reports 75 grams of protein loss at the beginning of a fast, and as low as 20 grams per day for very, very obese people after a few weeks of fasting have already elapsed. All human studies I can find (I am googling them, just like you) show protein loss. All rodents studies too, for that matter.

        You are right about the protein not all coming from muscle. Organs (liver, kidneys, etc.) are also reported to lose mass during prolonged fasting. I guess connective tissue would also contribute, as you suggested. I am not sure which one is worse for future health and well being, though.

        I don’t understand what you find implausible about the super faster losing 19kg of protein. He lost a whole lot more than that in fat! And as someone else commented below, he was very heavy at the start, so he may have had quite a bit of muscle mass to start with (and connective tissues, and maybe enlarged organs). Also, for super mega long fasts in super mega obese people, the protein loss is not as much.

    • Bernard P.

      Dr. Fung, I am certain you could post an interesting reply to these statements from Valerie…

    • deb griffith

      ” From the studies reviewed here, it would appear as though a lower proportion of lean mass is lost in response to intermittent CR (90% weight lost as fat, 10% weight loss as fat free mass) (21–23) when compared to daily CR (75% weight lost as fat, 25% weight loss as fat free mass”

      • deb, none of the daily CR studies in your link were fasting (i.e. 100% CR). Also, it’s not very clear (or maybe I overlooked it), but “fat-free mass” seems to refer to everthing that isn’t fat, i.e. including water…

        • Raymund Edwards

          After deep adaptation and when serum ketones ( BHB ) rise above serum glucose ( both in mmol/L )
          ( So for many in the second week )

          “” Later, in total starvation, after the gluconeogenic phase and the saline diuresis, weight loss falls to
          what one would calculate, 100-200 g of lean tissue and 150-200 g of fat,
          for a total of approximately 500 g per day. ”

          20grams of protein is still needed and not just for glucose making this = 100 to 200 grams of actual wet muscle

          You will find all this in this classic paper and explanation why

          • Raymund Edwards

            This is a very good study too

            ” These results confirm that energy demands, which are generated
            mostly in the citric acid cycle of mitochondria, are relatively
            constant in the resting state and have precedence over all other
            body requirements (53). Furthermore, they clearly show that
            even in the resting state the body must have a continuous supply
            of amino acids or glucose for oxidation to accompany fatty acid
            oxidation to maintain functional activity of the citric acid cycle.
            Summarily, the data suggest that morbidly obese persons subjected
            to prolonged periods of starvation can die from protein
            depletion because there is constitutive amino acid oxidation for
            energy production, which can lead to depletion of vital proteins
            before the huge fat stores are consumed. ”

            Protein, fat, and carbohydrate requirements during starvation:
            anaplerosis and cataplerosis1–3
            Oliver E Owen, Karl J Smalley, David A D’Alessio, Maria A Mozzoli, and Elizabeth K Dawson

      • webgrrrrl

        Deb & Valerie are correct – you can even find this in Taubes. Just get over it guys, correct the small error, and move on. It’s not a huge deal. It’s hardly the worst of Fung’s science flubs. 😀 Best wishes to all.

    • 50 grams of protein per day is really nothing. If you’re losing fat mass, you need less muscle to carry that fat, so you’re likely just losing unneeded muscle mass. This book:

      Indicates the amount of protein lost is not great until body fat stores become depleted. I searched through the book on my Kindle, but there are many references to “protein”. I couldn’t immediately find an amount of protein lost.

      • By the way, starvation mode in fasting does not occur for a very long time (according to Vlad’s book anyway), when fat stores are basically depleted.

        As for this, “Do you have any data showing that energy expenditure is less affected by prolonged fasting than with slower weight loss?”, Dr. Fung has posts related to this.

      • I agree 50 grams is not a deal breaker for most of us, but it is far from zero! Why lying about it?

        And as you said, protein loss can speed up dramatically if fat stores are low. That would be important for lean diabetics.

        Dr. Jason Fung: Valerie, I appreciate your discussion and comments. However, accusations about lying, and from your previous post that I am knowingly spreading false knowledge is unacceptable. I may make mistakes at times, and if that is the case, will gladly look at any references you provide.

        At all times, comments must be respectful to myself and others. You do not need to agree with my posts, and you are certainly entitled to question them, but not in an accusatory and aggressive manner. Until then, your comments will be removed.

        • surely you have come across STARVATION IN MAN, from Cahill, numerous times through your readings.

          Dr. Jason Fung: Again, Valerie, your hostile tone is not appropriate for this forum. I provide this information in my own time, free of charge, yet you insist on belittling and insulting me. I have removed the parts of your post that are inappropriate.

      • > 50 grams of protein per day is really nothing.

        50 grams = 0.11 lbs. So 30 days a month * 4 months of fasting = 13 lbs of muscle mass lost? That’s far from nothing! I just did a 4 month daily intermittent fast, and lost 30 lbs of weight. I sure hope 13 lbs of that were not lean muscle mass (I don’t think so, but who knows?).

    • Dr Fung has already mentioned that one of the main reasons for fasting is Autophagy.
      Which is a prioritized breakdown of damaged cells allowing unneeded proteins to be broken down and the amino acids salvaged for the synthesis of new protein. The failure of autophagy is thought to be one of the main reasons for the accumulation of cell damage and aging. I don’t know how they measure the protein loss but I guess that this recycling process does not recoup 100% of the damaged cells it breaks down.

  6. More and more I look forward to Dr. Fungs posts. I began Dr. Fungs intermittent fast program in mid January 2015. I knew my doctor would not be so on-board with it, but I sent her the link to Dr. Fungs website in hopes she would want to actually help me with the program. But instead she actually got mad at me saying “why won’t you take a pill that will save your life?” Another doctor scolding me for wanting to attempt to heal from diabetes; the forth one. Following Dr. Fungs program since mid January is actually saving my life, and I know it now. Since starting this method of prolonging eating periods (which sounds better than “fasting”) slowly things have been getting better all over such as reduced inflamation internally, less joint pain, sleeping better, long stamina, happier because my clothes are all getting too big and folks are noticing now.
    My doctor required I attend Diabeties Education (DE) Classes before I am refered to an endocrinologist that most likely will also not want to help monitor me while I prolong my meals even farther in my effort to heal my own body. Reluctantly I did attent the first DE class where the educator play a board game where all of us go around the “roadmap-game-board” where plastic, fake food samples where displayed at various locations around the large table. This was the second time I had taken these classes, but I was unable to control myself when the educator read the “Myth or Fact” card that asked: Does insulin make you fat? Everyone around the table took the cue from the instructor when they saw her head slightly nodding no motion with her head so everyone agreed with her by saying no too, except me. I fully extended my arm into the air and could barely contain my disagreement. “Insulin makes you fat!” I declared. And when you take more insulin you drive up the resistance to insulin, thereby requiring more insulin. The lady across the table from me blurted out, “that’s what happened to me”! I looked at the instructor and I could see her jaw muscle flex a little and she said to all of us, “I guess we will agree to disagree then” and quickly moved on. I could tell I was the fly in the ointment for her so I stayed after class to discuss the matter with her.
    I told her about my prolonged feeding method by Dr. Fung and that I understood that it was against medical advise, but was working for me anyway. I haven’t felt this good in years and I cannot UN-know what is happening with my body because of this plan. I shared with her that I disagreed with American Diabetes Association’s method of DE being taught like a fluffy game where folks come away with no clue what to actually DO about their diabetes. I so understand why the first time around with DE classes, I could not understand how to manage my diabetes other than keep eating refined flours and sugars and taking medication because your a diabetic! It is never taught that a person can UN-do diabetes and that its free. The DE educator vertually taught the class that once a person is diabetic they will never again be un-diabetic and that medications are the only way to “treat” diabetes forever and ever. All I could do was shake my head.
    Dr. Fung you F*nging ROCK. Thank you so much for your on-going encouragement to all of us reading your words and watching your lectures and learning from you about this complex, horrible disease called diabetes. You truly are saving so many lives and I am so grateful.

    Dr. Jason Fung: Thanks. It is time for people to take back their health and break free of the Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes.

  7. Hi Dr. Fung,

    I was wondering if the 27 year old man in Scotland who fasted in order to lose weight was actually using “nutritional yeast”. Nutritional yeast is often recommended by alternative practitioners for its amazing health benefits.

    My sister rescued a street cat that was quite sickly. My sister and I didn’t know a thing about cats, and a lady I met highly recommended a book called “The Natural Cat” by Anitra Frazier.

    We followed the instructions in the book and the cat is doing very well now and for the past five years we have been able to keep her out of the vet office. Anyway, part of the program we put together for the cat included nutritional yeast. The cat loves it so much that she won’t eat her regular food without the nutritional yeast. In fact, when we just go to grab the bottle of nutritional yeast the cat gets her tail straight up and starts purring and rubbing against our legs. If we are too slow for her liking, she starts meowing.

    …so I figure that if cats like nutritional yeast, it has to be good for you! 🙂

    • Hi Dr. Fung,

      I got quite excited when I was thinking about this article that you posted and the possibility that the man was taking “nutritional yeast.”

      The medical report read: “During the 382 days of his fast, vitamin supplements were given daily as ‘Multivite’ (BDH), vitamin C and yeast for the first 10 months and as ‘Paladac’ (Parke Davis), for the last 3 months.”

      I went back and read the article again, and it seems that they were using the yeast for its nutritional value, since it read “vitamin supplements were giving daily as ‘Multivite’ (BDH), vitamin C and yeast…”. It would appear to me that the yeast is being mentioned as part of the vitamin regimen. I was wondering if the yeast was added for extra “B” vitamins from a natural source.

      I did do a search on the other vitamins mentioned in the article and found the following.

      I came across another message board and they were having a discussion about this very article that you posted. If you scroll down the page you will see comments from “Nyrin.” I was fascinated by his comment about the nutritional yeast being used for protein intake. (I never would have even thought of that!)

      At any rate, it would appear that the doctors who were conducting this study were wanting to ensure optimal nutrition for their young patient while he was doing his fast.

      …I’m going out to get myself some nutritional yeast! 😉

  8. When not fasting I am on a VLCHFK diet. Most of the advice I read regarding breaking fasts recommends eating fruit. I am loath to eat anything sweet or with carbs due to a serious problem with carb addiction. What do you suggest for a no-carb (or extremely low carb) refeeding?

    Also, why is “refeeding syndrome” not a concern?

    Dr. Jason Fung: We often recommend breaking a fast with a small meal – a small salad or a handful of nuts. Many people overeat when breaking a fast which will often cause stomachaches. This tends to be a self limiting problem.

    Refeeding syndrome is a concern in fasts of 5 days or more, but is usually found amongst those with severe malnutrition – prisoners of war, concentration camp survivors, etc. Amongst over-nourished people, I have not yet seen a case.

  9. Hi Dr Fung, your posts are so encouraging and motivational thank you the time you take to help us desperadoes lose weight and regain health
    Can you tell me what form/type/brand of magnesium your patients take.

  10. Dr Fung, thank you for all you share with us, you are the first person to actually explain the reason for the obesity etc. and how to correct the problem where it began – high insulin levels.
    Love your witty and informative posts, delivered with humor along with explanations I can understand and principles I can easily follow.


    Victoria, your story above was excellent, glad you spoke out, funny how anyone that challenges the main stream is quickly shut down and the ‘ expert ‘ moves on.. quickly.

  11. Melisa Zachrich

    Dr. Fung –
    It is with tears in my eyes that I thank you for your work in this area. It took me a long time to put the puzzle together and realize I had become insulin resistant (high BP, high BG, high triglycerides, rapid weight gain, low HDL, family history of diabetes). I went to several doctors over the course of two years. They all offered me separate medications for each “symptom”, but no explanation or solution to the root problem. I eventually self-diagnosed my insulin resistance and in April, went on a high fat low carb diet. I am strict – no cheating, no “refeeding”, 20-25 grams of carbs a day. Still, I could not get my blood glucose down. I watched your YouTube videos on fasting and started 3 weeks ago. This morning my fasting glucose was 90 (down from 135 just three weeks ago).

    Being fat adapted makes fasting so easy. In fact, I actually look forward to my fasting days. I love the control I have over my body now. I don’t obsess about food, I don’t have to eat every 3 hours or risk an episode of hypoglycemia and I have the energy of a 4 year old! I was recently on an overnight trip with several “sugar burners” and they were obsessed with eating constantly. In my head I was thinking, “I could eat today, I could eat tomorrow. I’m flexible.” 😉 I should add I’ve lost 15 pounds since April.

    Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! At 49, I feel like I have a new start and the spark is back. You are my hero!!! Please continue to speak up and swim upstream against the tide of misinformation and bad advice.


  12. Dr. Fung did you say before that eating low calorie over fasting will make you more hungry and slow metabolism? Why would eating very low calorie in a day make you more hungry than not eating anything at all for a period of time? When I try to eat a LC diet I tend to limit my food intake naturally because I hate meat unless it’s processed and I get very hungry all the time to the point where I cry because the hunger won’t stop no matter how much or little I eat.

    • Hi Wendy, I know its weird. But not eating anything at all is much easier than eating a little bit of food. For some reason, eating a little bit of food makes you hungrier than not eating anything at all. I suspect its because of the insulin which is needed to digest the little bit of food that you ate. I was amazed when I tried the 24 hour fast and found it much easier to do than eating little bits of food every now and then.

      • Deb Griffith

        Right on, Sarah. I call it the Lay’ s effect:you can’t eat just one. Once I start, that’s it. Since I went high protein, fasting is even easier.

  13. Thanks Dr Fung, I’ve finally got the hang of fasting. I didn’t think I could ever do it, but reading and re-reading your posts have helped me to persevere. I have trained myself to tolerate black coffee which I have very strong in the morning. I don’t eat after from dinner the night before until the next day. I break the fast at 2.00pm with a white coffee or two, then I have my LCHF dinner. I’m feeling leaner already. I’ve also found John Kiefer on youtube very helpful as well. I can’t do his Carbnite once a week, I’m too scared as I’m better off abstaining from problematic foods, but his comments on being a fat-burner in the morning have helped me keep going all day until I break the fast. Thanks again.

    • Hi JW,

      I hope you are including homemade bone broth on your fasting (and even on your non-fasting) days. Sorry if I keep harping on this. It is just that I have had a noticeable increase in my energy level and both my husband and I think it is due to having one cup of bone broth every day. (I have had to give up the LCHF diet due to incredible problems with diahrrhea that lasted over a week. But I am thankful to have been on LCHF diet, because it taught me not to be afraid of fat–which I will continue to use in moderation.)

      Anyway, Megan Christie did an amazing job writing on the nutritional value of homemade meat broth. If you aren’t using homemade meat broth be sure to check out her article, so you can learn why you should be including it in your fast and in your diet.

      I will check out John Kiefer on YouTube, as I have never heard of him before. Thanks for sharing this.

      • I would revisit low carb. What you’re describing could and likely is transitory. Your gut flora are probably set to carbs and they need to be reset to meat, fat, and vegetables.

        I follow a LCHF diet, and have increased my fat intake due to the realization that protein causes insulin to spike. I’ve also started intermittent fasting, first skipping breakfast two days per week, then skipping breakfast and lunch two days per week, then one longer period of fasting and skipping breakfast and lunch one day per week. I’ve made it 39 hours so far, as my longest fast. I’m currently trying a fast now for several days, but I’m only on the first day. We’ll see how long it goes.

        I use homemade bone broth when fasting all day long. I usually add some salt and potassium chloride (aka “no-salt” where I live) to it. I drink one cup of coffee and one cup of tea per day (regardless of fasting or not). I use cream in my coffee but nothing in my tea.

        I have had some diarrhea with fasting. Additionally, I can get cold, which is odd, as I always run hot. Perhaps it’s the lower blood pressure caused by fasting? I also can get a slight headache at times. That seems to go away.

        I’m about to go on vacation to Europe from the US. When in Europe, I’ll probably use a 16:8 system (only eat 8 hours a day), as it might be tough to skip meals for a day or more. I may also eat three meals per day some days, depending on what’s happening.

  14. Also wanted to add nutritional yeast flakes are quite nice 🙂 Chocful of B vitamins and high in protein they have a savoury/parmesan cheese type flavour so I sprinkle them over meat dishes, stir frys, veggies, salads.

  15. In the graph the blood glucose starts at 50 mg/100 ml and goes down to 30 ml/100 ml. In the accompanying text you say “You can see from the accompanying graph that blood sugars do go lower, but remain at the lower limit of normal. There were no episodes of hypoglycaemia.” Since when is 30 or even 50 mg/100ml normal? I thought 72 was about the lowest normal and below that normal people – healthy but on a normal high carb diet – start pumping epinephrine and all that goes with that. Below 60 and the doctor panics. Below 40 and the patient is in danger of going into a hypoglycemic coma. These are the normals that I have heard of so I don’t understand how you can call 30 “at the lower end of normal”?

    Dr. Jason Fung: Normal is not measured in numbers. This man had a sugar in the 30s and functioned completely normally and had no health problems whatsoever. That means that blood sugar is normal. His blood sugar requirements, obviously, are much much lower than yours or mine, because his body has now adapted to burning fat and ketones and only uses glucose for red blood cells, a bit of the renal medulla and a small proportion of his brain.

    The same argument holds for a person who is 7 feet tall. Is he normal? By numbers, no. The way blood tests are defined, the top 2-5% of ‘normal’ are considered abnormal. However, these people live completely normal lives except for height. We treat patients, not numbers. That is why a blood sugar in the 30s can be considered normal in this situation.

    • Egad! A doctor who treats patients, not numbers. That’s unusual. For my last physical (July 2014), I was concerned that I had a fasting blood sugar above 100, so I asked the doctor to do a hemoglobin A1c test. She refused, saying that “we test too much” and a high blood sugar level is “common with Western diets”. (Yet, she wanted to put me on a statin for life!) Now, I knew that I had been eating a low carb diet for 6+ months at that point and should not have had a blood sugar that high. In fact, that test is what got me thinking about insulin resistance and what to do about it, which led me to this site.

      I was on low carb, eating 4-5 meals a day for over a year before starting fasting. I did lose around 20 pounds, but I stalled there. Since beginning fasting (first breakfast two days per week, then breakfast and lunch two days, then not eating at all one day and skipping breakfast and lunch one day, and finally culminating in three days without food), I’ve lost almost 20 pounds, and it’s taken me around 4 months to do so. I plan on continuing fasting for a long time.

  16. Did you write about orcas you comment on ketone salts and ketone esters to increase blood ketones and reduce BOTH blood glucose and insulin?

    Fasting 36 to 40 hours and then a 24 hour fast along with low carb keeps my BS in the 60 to 80 mg/dl range BUT what I have read about ketone salts and esters is of interest and may help those trying to smoothly enter and maintain the benefits of nutritional ketosis and intermittent fasting.

  17. Hi BobM,

    I honestly don’t think I can do the LCHF diet again. The diarrhea that I experienced was so severe that I just can’t go through that again. The reason I didn’t stop earlier was because at first I thought it was my medicine. I know that Metformin can cause diarrhea. Then my husband thought that it might be the rotisserie chicken that he picked up from the deli. But the diarrhea didn’t stop. It was only when the doctor had posted on Dr. Fung’s last article “LCHF for Type 1 Diabetics”, where he mentioned “microbiome effects in some people in LCHF” that I first clued in that the diarrhea might be caused by the LCHF diet. I then did a Google search on LCHF and diarrhea and was so surprised to read that there were others who were experiencing what I was experiencing. One girl said it had been going on for a year. There is no way I could do that. Perhaps her diarrhea was not as severe as mine. At any rate, that led me to doing more research. I found the following link very helpful, in that I had actually been doing most of what was suggested to try to combat the diarrhea (with the exception of hydrolic acids and testing for allergies, as I have tried both of these years ago). So now I am taking his #8 suggestion of trying a different approach.

    It is interesting that after this severe diarrhea episode, my body is now ceasing up on me. I don’t know if these two situations are related. But I’m now having trouble walking and sitting down. I am really hoping that this is just a temporary setback, as the pain in my back, hips and buttocks is excruciating. (It did seem to be better this morning, after using extra strength Rub-A535, Aleve, using a back brace and laying on a heating pad with a vibrator all night. However, after going out for a short walk this afternoon, I started to cease up again. Perhaps I need to just lay low for a few days. Anyway, I will have to keep working on this.)

    Yes, in Dr. Fung’s video (sorry I can’t remember which one) he did say that protein (and not just carbs) would also cause insulin spikes. But I was able to bring my double digit blood sugar numbers down to single digits by cutting out sugar and carbs, while still eating protein. That was why I tried so hard to stay on the LCHF diet.

    Okay, it is not like I am going to go back to eating sugar or a lot of carbs. All I am doing is adding one “Renal Friendly Bran Muffin” to my diet every morning, to stop the diarrhea. (Recipe on page 36 of pdf file.)
    (When my husband makes these up he uses 1/2 cup of wheat bran and 1/2 cup of oat bran. He thinks it is better to use two different types of bran.)

    I have been doing a lot of research on sugar and prepared food. I have been listening to lectures by Dr. Robert Lustig. He seems to be a man with a mission. He is exposing what sugar does with respect to disease. (I realize most of the readers of this website have probably heard of him before, but he is new to me.) At first I just listened to him because I found him interesting. I don’t drink much pop, so I didn’t think what he was saying really applied to me. However, in my research I came across a documentary by the Fifth Estate on how sugar is found in prepared foods, and I finally understood how I got my fatty liver.

    So now it is very important to me that I try to prepare all of my own food, so I can control the sugar, salt and fat.

    I did listen to a John Kiefer interview and found it interesting that they mention how diseases can be caused by carbohydrates.

    Personally, I am more inclined to agree with Dr. Fung that we need to cut out both the sugar and the carbs (especially since I learned that prepared carbs usually have a lot of sugar in them). (He said this in one of his videos. I remember him saying that our grandmothers knew this. Sorry, I can’t remember which video it was in.)

    Anyway, I am writing a novel here, so I will stop for now.

    BobM, thank you so much for your kind concern. It really means a lot to me, as I continue to research and play medical detective trying to improve my own health.

  18. Hi Marie, the other thing you could do is try to add fermented foods to your diet. I’ve added some yoghurt periodically and also sauerkraut. However, I’ve been on low carb many times and never experienced what you experienced.

    Cutting down on sugar and carbs is good, however you achieve this.

    • Hi BobM,

      Yes, Yogurt (plain, with no sugar added) , raw unpasteurized Sauerkraut and unpasteurized Kimchi have been a part of my diet for a long time now. A herbalist who I saw recommended this. I do buy my Yogurt, Sauerkraut and Kimchi from our local organic grocery store, as I have been too ill to make it myself. My herbalist had recommended this solution for me. She made these recommendations for the pro-biotic benefits.

      A general practitioner I saw once recommended daily Yogurt for calcium. She didn’t want me to get my calcium from supplements, but rather through food sources.

      Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has wonderful information at her website on making your own homemade fermented foods.

      I, too, have been on many different diets previously (including low carb) and I have never had this experience with any other diets I have tried. I did notice that some other people were experiencing problems with constipation. But these GI problems just seem to affect a subset of individuals. It seems that a lot of people do very well on the LCHF diet. And I am so happy for these folks, because I don’t want anyone to get diabetes!

      • I too have had stomach problems and headaches during the initial days of low carb diet. And also after my cheating days. Yes, the diarrhea is severe and so are the headaches, they are mostly migraine-like with visual disturbances and nausea. But it usually lasts only 3-4 days. After I’m settled into LCHF, it gets better. I make sure to eat 2-3 spoons of homemade yoghurt as well as a drink of apple cider vinegar with warm water, a pinch or turmeric and a pinch of pepper daily to ease my headaches and digestive problems.

        • I forgot to mention that the 24 hr fast helped to reduce my symptoms tremendously. Though I need to keep up my salt intake and drink a lot of water. I also drink 2 cups of coffee with whole milk (no sugar) and apple cider vinegar drink when on a 24 hr fast

        • I’m not the best person to comment on this, then, as I never had these symptoms and have been low carbing consistently for 1.5 years. Before that, I would go into and out of a low carb diet and never had these symptoms. I did feel like garbage with first two weeks or so, but it was more of withdrawal symptoms than anything else.

          Personally, I find I have more side effects from fasting than from low carb. I can get cold, have the runs, slight head aches, and also muscle cramps. I’ve been taking magnesium and try to take potassium and salt. I’m three days into a three day fast (to end tomorrow).

          Personally, I have many more side effect if I go off low carb. Pizza and tortillas can be an occasional treat, and both of these cause havoc with my intestinal system, cause me to have acid reflux, and increase my allergies. They taste good, though, and I keep them to maybe once per month.

          How do you take apple cider vinegar? Some added to water? Do you drink it as a drink or as a “shot” that’s taken all at once?

          • I mix 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with a cup of slightly warm water. And I also add to it a pinch of turmeric powder and black pepper powder and sometimes a little salt esp if I am beginning to have the headaches.

      • Hi Sarah,

        You say you take a pinch of pepper. What kind of pepper? How much?

        When you say a pinch of turmeric, how are you taking that (i.e. powder or tincture form)?

        Hi BobM,

        You have mentioned that you get cold when you fast. I know that coldness can be a sign of underlying illness. I know you can have coldness with hypothyroidism, adrenal insuffiency, kidney disease. I’m not medically trained, but I’m sure it can be a sign or symptom for other illnesses, as well. Have you had a complete physical and a complete blood chemistry done of lately just to rule out any underlying disease process? (It may just be due to fasting, I really don’t know.)

        This diarrhea that I experienced was so violent that my husband wanted me to go to the ER. I just shook my head and rolled my eyes, since I knew that they would just lecture me and tell me to go on the diabetic diet. I had been taking electrolytes every day (mineral water, blue monkey pure coconut water, Electrolyte Gastro, oral rehydration therapy) while I was going through this. So, I didn’t think this was really an emergency situation.

        But what was so troubling for me was that I was having to take five Imodium Advanced pills each night before the diarrhea would stop. I have never taken that many Imodium pills before to stop diarrhea. It has always been one or two–maximum. I was very concerned that I might be causing more liver damage, from taking five Imodium pills. However, I had to stop the diarrhea.

        I have added this one bran muffin in the morning and my bowel function has returned to normal now. I continue to eat LCHF for my other meals. Although, after listening to Dr. Lustig videos I am wondering if I should add more fiber to my diet. I am still researching this. But I am pleased that my blood sugar numbers have not gone up and continue to be stable.

        • Hi Marie,
          Sorry for not being specific. I use turmeric in the powdered form and by pepper I mean powdered black pepper. I use about 1/8 of a tsp for both.

        • Hi Sarah,

          Thanks so much. I’ve never heard of anyone using black pepper for digestive problems. In fact, I had been told by a naturopathic doctor not to use black pepper for my digestive problems. (I never could give it up, because I love black pepper, just as much as I love salt! 😉 …maybe it was okay to keep it in my diet after all, since you have such good results with it.)

          I’m really starting to believe that I have to deal with gut issues, before I will make any progress with my diabetes.

          When I went to my grocery store tonight, I came across a book entitled, “Clean Gut” by Alejandro Junger, MD. As I was flipping through it I discovered that back pain is connected with gut dysfunction. It made total sense to me in how I had progressed from diarrhea to back pain. He said that most medical professionals wouldn’t even consider the connection. ….so good thing I stayed home, and didn’t go to the ER. …needless to say, I picked up the book! 🙂

          • Hi Marie,
            I use the turmeric (which contains curcumin) in combination with the black pepper for reducing any kind of inflammation in the body. The body is able to effectively use the curcumin in the turmeric only if there is black pepper too. The apple cider vinegar, however has probiotics esp if it is with the mother of vinegar and this is what helps the gut.

          • Hi Sarah,

            Thanks for your explanation. It is very helpful. I see you have your gut issues all sorted out! 🙂

            I was told by a specialist that I had sky high inflammation in my body. She didn’t know what was causing it. I guess it really doesn’t matter–inflammation is inflammation. I will have to try what you suggest to reduce it.

            I have some Turmeric Force (New Chapter) capsules on hand. It does say right on the box “Full-spectrum Turmeric used as an anti-inflammatory to help relieve joint pain, also used as a liver protectant.” So, it looks like I should get back on it right away.

            I guess I’ll just take the black pepper separately, since I don’t have a powdered form of turmeric available right now.

            …and, yes, I do have the “mother” on hand in my kitchen cabinet.

            Thanks, so much, for this tip, Sarah!

          • Jennifer

            Hi Marie,

            Have you checked your omega3 and 6 balance? A high omega 6 ratio leads to high inflammation risk in the body (if you consume alot of sunflower oil, peanuts etc).

  19. Hi Jennifer,

    Oh, Wow! …no, my doctors haven’t checked my omega3 and 6 balance. I do eat peanuts (I wouldn’t say a lot, but I do eat them). A doctor did tell me to go on Omega 3, but that was to lower my cholesterol. And I have been taking Omega 3.6.9 (Flaxseed, Borage and fish oil blend) to try to help my diabetic neuropathy. Golly, I had no idea that an imbalance could lead to inflammation. I will have to look into this further. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hi Sarah,

    I went to the health food store and was so surprised that they are now selling the Turmeric with pepper in supplement form. (Thanks to you, my dear Ayurveda friend, I knew about the importance of this combination before the sales clerk told me about it!) 🙂

    On the box it says, “Curries, soups and rice dishes become resplendent with turmeric, a golden rhizome from the ginger family. Considered in Ayurveda as the best medicine, turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory said to heal the whole person.”

    I was thinking of taking the Apple Cider Vinegar, turmeric and pepper three times a day. Do you think that would be too much?

    • For me, apple cider vinegar initially caused diarrhea. It has prebiotics (which is the stuff that feeds the probiotics, which are the bacteria in your digestive system). I would go slowly with it. When I started intermittent fasting, I stopped apple cider vinegar, as I was afraid to take it on an empty stomach. I’m now restarting taking it, but I’m going to start slow.

  21. Hi BobM,

    I have never heard that Apple Cider Vinegar was a prebiotic before, so I checked this out. I really can’t say for sure since there are articles claiming one or the other.

    Here in this article “the mother” in apple cider vinegar is called a probiotic.

    Here apple cider vinegar is called a prebiotic.

    So, who knows? Is it prebiotic or probiotic? Or is it both?

    In this article, Mercola tells of a medical study where patients were taking two tablespoons before two meals each day. Apparently, it helps to lower blood sugar levels. (I had tried this quite a while ago, but it really didn’t help my blood sugar levels. This time I am wanting to use it with the turmeric and black pepper to fight inflammation.)

    Nonetheless, I will heed your warning, as I have had terrible problems previously with inulin (which is a prebiotic). Although, it seems that if inulin is in small enough doses, I do fine with it. A number of months ago, I was so sick that I went to our local Popeye’s (where they sell supplements to body builders). Among other things, the young fellow recommended this product called “Daily Cleanse.” Along with other ingredients, it has inulin (fibre from chicory root). I haven’t had any problems with this product. In fact, I take it just before I go to bed, and I have noticed that I haven’t had any hypoglycemic episodes since I had started it. It really seemed to keep my blood sugar level through the night. I am so thankful for this, because I found the diabetic lows very scary. (I should mention that I have no interest, financial or otherwise, in this product.)

    Thanks for letting me know about your experience with this. I will make sure not to overdo it.

    • There was one more thing I wanted to mention. I had read somewhere that when you take Apple Cider Vinegar on a regular basis, you should always rinse your mouth out with water after you take it. Apparently Apple Cider Vinegar can corrode the enamel on your teeth.

      • That’s absolutely true. Acid is bad for teeth. That’s why I’m thinking of taking my vinegar all at once instead of drinking in water.

        I think it’s prebiotic, not probiotic:

        Anyway, let us know how it goes. I’ve just started taking apple cider vinegar again. I’ve adding a little to water, although I think I’m going to take a “shot” of it to reduce the chance I get much on my teeth.

      • Hi BobM,

        On the second page of the WebMD link it said, “That blob is known as “the mother,” and it’s full of probiotics and other beneficial bacteria.”


        (I think the WebMD link is fairly reliable for the probiotic information. Additionally, the link I sent previously on prebiotics was from The University of North Dakota, which I also think is fairly reliable.)

        BobM, please read this link above, as there is a warning not to drink your apple cider vinegar straight up. There are also other warnings for diabetics.

        Anyway, it will take some time to see how it goes. I’ve already started and so far so good. Additionally, I have never had problems with Apple Cider Vinegar in the past. Of course, things can always change in a flash!

        Best wishes to you and your wife for your continued success with your fasting.

        • I hate to say this, Marie, but I believe WebMD is the worst possible source for any information. Case in point: WebMD’s recommend technique for losing weight is to eat less and exercise more:

          Another one of their pearls of wisdom: “Don’t skip meals.” As a person who just fasted for about 40 hours, and has fasted for as much as three days, this just shows you how ludicrous WebMD is. I can’t believe them for any information.

          Personally, I don’t see how Apple Cider Vinegar can have probiotics, as it doesn’t have live cultures. Regardless, we’ll agree to disagree, since it doesn’t really matter whether they are prebiotics or probiotics (or both).

          I’ve started to reuse Apple Cider Vinegar. I’ve been putting a teaspoon in some water (a few ounces) and quickly drinking the whole thing. Previously, I was putting a teaspoon in a glass of water and drinking that, but I’m not sure that’s great to do from a tooth perspective. I’ll see what happens.

        • Hi BobM,

          Sorry for my delay in getting back to you. I have been away for the past week and without Internet connection. (…yes! I survived!) 🙂 LOL

          Anyway, according to the Bragg Live Foods Products website, Apple Cider Vinegar is both probiotic and prebiotic. Go down under the comments section of #3 and #4. They wrote, “Apple Cider Vine­gar can be con­sid­ered both a pro-biotic and a pre-biotic. As a fer­mented food, it is a pro­bi­otic prod­uct and has all of the asso­ci­ated health ben­e­fits. Due to the con­tent of the sol­u­ble apple pectin fibers in ACV, it is also a prebiotic!”


          I don’t know if this helps. I simply pass it along for your consideration.

      • Hi BobM,

        I just thought of something. What about taking your warm water with Apple Cider Vinegar through a straw? I’m trying it right now. You will still get some on your teeth, so you would have to still rinse your mouth with water after you drink the Apple Cider Vinegar, but it might help to minimize any potential damage to your teeth.

      • Thanks Marie… I’ve always had poor dental health. So I do oil-pulling with coconut oil and brush my teeth every morning after drinking ACV. In the nights, I just brush my teeth after drinking ACV. I just drink the ACV in about 4-5 big sips. Its a little too sour for me to drink in one go….

        • Dentists recommend waiting 30 minutes after eating or drinking acidic things before you brush your teeth (but DO rinse your teeth right after the acidic drink/meal). The reason is that the acid opens the pores in your teeth/bones and makes them softer and easiest to erode by brushing in those first 30 minutes. I’ve noticed I have less tooth sensitivity when I rinse my teeth with water and wait 30+ minutes before brushing.

          • That’s something I didnt know.. thanks Deidra… will try that from tonight…

      • Hi Deirdra,

        I didn’t know this. I’ve never had a dentist tell me this before, so thank you for sharing this with us.

        So, what you are saying is rinse your mouth with water immediately after taking the Apple Cider Vinegar. Then wait 1/2 hour before you brush your teeth.

        My sister has so many problems with teeth sensitivity. She had been taking Sensodyne (as recommended by her dentist). But she told me she believes that after years of use, the Sensodyne has affected her taste buds. …that seems like a high price to pay!

  22. Hi Sarah,

    Oh, I hear you… I drink the apple cider vinegar (ACV) as quickly as possible, myself. (Although, I must say, I really enjoy the taste of the turmeric and pepper. I did try the turmeric and pepper in warm water last night (without the ACV) and quite enjoyed it. I was thinking it was like drinking a nice herbal tea.

    Yes, coconut oil is great for teeth. If I remember correctly, it has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

    I have a different regimen for my teeth. I have used a natural tooth paste that has cinnamon (sometimes I use peppermint or spearmint) in it. Then I add one drop each of oregano oil and tea tree oil onto my toothpaste. My dentist was surprised that I had been able to turn around gum disease. (I must confess, I have been away from this for awhile, but I think I should get back on to it, again. Thanks for the gentle nudge, Sarah!)

    Anyway, I’ve been doing research on inflammation and am so surprised that the doctor I saw couldn’t put it together with my diabetes, as it is a big deal in the medical literature. (Of course, inflammation is also involved in a lot of other diseases, as well.)

    …so I’m now going to add ginger tea (just made from real ginger root) to my daily regimen, as I understand it also reduces inflammation. Ginger is also very helpful for digestion. …double benefit!

    I used to take turmeric supplement as part of a larger program for my diabetic neuropathy. Unfortunately, I seem to do things for awhile and then stop and try something else. This past while, my diet took over my life and other things fell to the wayside.

    Anyway, here are the links for diabetic neuropathy that I found most helpful. (I include these as they might be of interest to someone else.)

    Thanks, Sarah, for telling me about turmeric and black pepper. I am excited to make this apart of my daily lifestyle now.

    • Hi Marie,
      Thanks for the tips.. Will try them for my teeth… Thanks for for links too… Turmeric and pepper was a revelation to me a couple of years back. My older son always used to fall sick every 2 weeks. And medicines were not working.. Then someone suggested giving him a pinch of turmeric and pepper daily. It has done wonders for his health. And for mine too… Everytime I deviate from my daily routines, I tend to fall sick with sinusitis, migraines, weight gain, gastric problems, etc… And low carb just aggravates these esp in the beginning.. unless i do a few days of fasting… So I need to guard my daily habits as well as add fasting to the weekly routine…

    • Try reading Wheat Belly if you want to try to eliminate the joint inflammation and pain. The toxic substances in grains worsen arthritis etc. When I completely avoid anything made with grain/flours my hip,leg neck, shoulder,wrist ,hand and back pain disappear very quickly and return even quicker if I touch grain products.

  23. hi all, new guy here.
    fascinated by all this. so glad i came across dr fung, and his videos, and now his site. i am awaiting in intake consult in about 2 weeks, for the long distance program – but of course, could not keep from “messing around” with some fasting. 😉

    i am 44, and have had T2DM for about 10 years, and been a pretty lousy patient, not managing it at all, walking around with an A1c in the 9’s for most of that time.

    now finally serious, i recently learned more about nutritional ketosis (have previously thrived under Atkins, Protein power, paleo… all, BUT ONLY TEMPORARILY. so i started out on a NK/LCHF venture for about 1 week, but i wasn’t yet turning the little ketone strips purple (high insulin resistance??)
    that’s when i saw Jason’s video on diet doctor, (and then the rest of his videos).

    i started a fast immediately. with no preparation, went 44 hours on my first try (just water), and felt AWESOME. had a SINGLE meal (LCHF) and did a 42 hours fast. had a LCHF meal, and did a 2ish hour fast. in all, i ate 7 times in one full week, saturday evening to saturday evening.
    no snacks, nearly no naps (a big thing as i was always so tired after work, first thing i’d want to do was lay down, once i got home.

    i am wondering if the fact i had already been kinda kept-adapted from the LCHF intro, is what made my transition to I.F. SO PAINLESS and easy???? (no headaches, NOTHING!!)
    we were at the beach this week, and i planned to mostly (strictly water) fast, but ate more than i planned . . . kinda 16:8-ish. towards the end, i broke down and had some refined carbs ( cookies) a quesadilla, a TINY little bowl of ice cream (the size of my 9 year-olds fist) last night, we had fajitas so, about 6-7 flour tortillas (skipped the beans and rice). i rationalized it as an early father’s day feast, since i was gonna start another 48+ hour fast last night after dinner, and NOT eat at all on father’s day.

    so i started this whole adventure at around 255 lbs, on June 1st. and was down to 239 lbs by June 13th, when we left for the beach. this a.m., i am up to 241 lbs. 🙁 (glad it isn’t worse)
    i am sure my glycogen stores have been partially (if not fully) repleted from my NON-Lchf indiscretions. and hence, most (if not all) of that weight gain is water.

    so my questions is, now starting a fast again last night, should i anticipate a rougher ride with this first one, since i am coming from a relatively carb-loaded starting point?

    i am making this up as i go along, piecing things together, from the blog, y’alls comments and experiences, reading eat stop eat, and half of michael motley’s 5:2 the fast diet.

    ready to get back on the LONG i.f. wagon, and maybe go a week.
    also, no more processed carb forays, till i am under 200 lbs, at which point i will treat myself to a pizza (or part of one, anyways)

    thanks for the posts, and blog.
    and many thanks to dr fung,
    i am finally motivated, and encouraged, about curing my diabetes, and weight los that will be permanent
    i have los the same 30 lbs, probably a dozen times in the last 8 years.

    • i started a fast immediately. with no preparation, went 44 hours on my first try (just water), and felt AWESOME. had a SINGLE meal (LCHF) and did a 42 hours fast. had a LCHF meal, and did a 2ish hour fast. in all, i ate 7 times in one full week, saturday evening to saturday evening.

      that should have read : “a 24-ish hours fast”, following the 42 hour, and there were two meals between the first and second fast

  24. Dr. Fung…on day six of extended fast…planning on minimum 14 days but perhaps 30 ? Not a single issue…you rock ! Please can you explain again or direct me to your or others work on ‘resetting’ the bodies set weight ?

  25. Hi Dr. Fung,

    I agree that one of the posters above was very rude in her tone!

    But I’m just wondering, in your nice reply to her, are you suggesting that perhaps muscle is sometimes used?

    So in the article you wrote:

    > As previously shown,
    > muscle is not consumed
    > to provide glucose (gluconeogenesis).
    > Instead, the glycerol backbone from
    > triglycerides (fat) is recycled into
    > glucose while the three fatty acid
    > chains are used for fuel by most of the body.

    But in your reply to her, are you saying that in some cases, based on those studies, at least 50g of protein is generated by the body, so that means some muscle is consumed?

    Thanks for any clarification!

  26. I’ve been drinking tea with cream while fasting. So i may as well not have bothered right?

    I have done it wrong.

    Dr. Jason Fung: Not at all. A small amount of cream is acceptable on fasting days in our program. While it is technically not a fast, it is a small enough difference to not matter. It improves compliance so we allow cream with coffee and tea during fast days

    • That is good to know, I felt like I’d been wasting my time and was worried that it would be actually detrimental.


  27. I have done several long (10-30day) fasts, and always have felt great, worked, did my daily walks, just adding a dash or two of salt to my water in the evening and taking potassium & magnesium if cramps began. Normally I lost about a pound a day. I have tremendous belief in the healing power of water-only fasts, but one important point is that when I stopped the fasts my hunger went through the roof even while staying low carb. I think if I ever do another longer fast I would ease off with 32-36 hour IF meals to re-adjust. I’ve seen similar reports from other fasters, and anyone returning to a SAD way of eating will almost certainly regain all the lost weight plus some.

  28. Hi Dr Jason Fung,

    I chanced upon your blog and Youtube’s videos 19 days ago. I was extremely appalled by the two big lies of type 2 diabetes. It’s definitely a wake up call for me as I’m a type 2 diabetic for coming to 18 years now.

    I have entrusted my doctor for giving me advices on regards to my health all these years without really understand in-depth knowledge of the cause of diabetes myself. Inherited was the reason I was told. Every three months I will have to check HBA1C and everyday I have to prick my fingers to record my daily blood glucose. By the end of every three months, this record book will be submitted to my doctor for review. The knowledge that I gained from my doctor was “diabetes = blood glucose”. I have been really “careful” on my diet after the diagnosed of diabetes 18 years ago, no sweet stuffs, no cake, no ice cream, no carbonate drinks. As I’m an Asian, I eat rice (Basmati Rice) on every meals. I love soyabean since young, all sort of beans including beancurds, anything that made out from beans would be my dishes in my everyday meals without failed. Low fat diet, whole grain bread, cereal, oats were my breakfasts. These food are commonly known to the public as “healthy” food. I abided all these rules, cutting out high fats stuffs without taking a good notice on carbohydrates intake. I was initially on Glucophage for several years, then Diamicron slowly came into picture, so that I was on these two pills for another several years. As I thought that these two should work out well for controlling my blood glucose, but instead my blood glucose level went haywire in August last year. My doctor then completely switched me to insulin (Novomix). My initial dosage was 36units/day. By the end of May this year, my dosage was 68units/day. Significant weight gained could be seen after I switched to insulin. Just 9 months of insulin, I have gained 6kg. Not only this, at the beginning of June this year, I realized I had persistent achne on my face, I suddenly developed plantar fasciitis on my left heel, trigger finger on my right 3rd finger, my tongue was always tingling and numb, so are all my finger tips. I started to search online for information and found similar side effects of insulin I was taking everyday on high dosage. This really freaked me out. I kept on looking for more information, then I stumbled on your YouTube videos and blog 19 days ago. Thank goodness, what you have demonstrated in the video really gave me in-depth knowledge of what causes diabetes. Through your blog, I got to learn about LCHF and IF, this linked to me to search further on more information. Without delay, I started on LCHF and IF 19 days ago.

    I’m a careful patient whom my doctor always describe me. She adviced me to monitor my insulin intake base on the amount of food intake by adjusting +2 or -2 units. On the 1st day of LCHF meal, I have reduced 2 units. The next morning fasting blood glucose went to 3.6. I continued monitor insulin intake and finally on the 4th day, I’m totally OFF from insulin! 5th day onwards, I started IF and LCHF. Till now, 19th day, I’m completely without Insulin injection, yes drugs free! My blood glucose maintain at 4.5 – 5.7 mmol/L two hours after meal; 4.7- 6.0 mmol/L during fasting. Weight loss: 7 kg. I’m really happy with the result! I have never been this condition for the past 18 years!! I will continue LCHF and IF as I know the “sugar reservoir” in my liver is still full (just a little bit more carbohydrate rice, there goes the overflow). Thanks, Dr Jason Fung. You’re great! A real good doctor giving the right advices and knowledge!

    Ps: yes, I realized about bowel movement has slowed down. Passing motion about 3-4 days interval.

    • Oh, after Instarted LCHF and IF, my tongue returns to normal, no longer have the tingling or numb feeling. Acne all cleared. Plantar fasciitis on left heel fully healed. Now left with trigger finger on right 3rd finger to go…I soak it in like warm water with Epsom salt every night, feeling better. Will continue to do so.

  29. In the post Dr. Fung states “metabolism does not decrease in fasting. A prolonged caloric reduction, on the other hand, is shown to decrease metabolism.” In parts six & seven, Dr. Fung speaks about 12, 16 and 24 hour fasts where people eat once or twice a day. My question: why is eating once a day (24 hour fast) considered “fasting” and not prolonged caloric reduction? I am concerned, as Sarah above, that eating once per day will slow my metabolism.

    • I think it is just because eating anything calorific increases insulin levels, even if it is low calories or even if it is protein or fat instead of carbs. When you don’t eat at all then I guess it is a kind of fasting mode and the insulin levels go lower. When insulin is low enough for you to access fat reserves for energy then you have bags of energy and your metabolism isn’t slowed. Hence after 38 hours no food I can’t get to sleep at night and want to exercise or have sex to try and get sleepy. LOL I think you must know if your metabolism is slow because you feel cold and no energy, right? Also when I was low calorie i would obses all day about food and recipes. Now I forget food and forget the fact I haven’t eaten for ages.

  30. You don not die after going 3 days without fluid unless you are in the middle of the desert. Dr. Sergei Filinov of Russia has written a fascinating book called Dry Medical Fasting and he regularly supervises dry fasts of up to 11 days in length. I did one on my own for 10 days. It was a profound experience. I certainly would never recommend any do a dry fast without first reading his book. But it is absolute possible and has many health benefits.

  31. “After all, you would only survive less than 3 days without fluids because of significant dehydration.”

    I disagree with this comment. From personal experience I went through 5 days with no water or food (Dry Fasting) and felt fantastic! Plus I know of people who Dry Fasted for up to 11 days.

    Dr. Jason Fung: I stand corrected. However, I would absolutely NOT advise Dry Fasting. That, of course, is my own opinion.

  32. Hi Guys, Just checking in. I am in the UK, mid thirties, female. I have been obese all my life and my mother was 30 stone for most of her life so I always figured it is genetic. I have been HFLC for 7 years (moderate fat Atkins style for 4 years and more high fat to try and achieve nutritional ketosis these last 3 years) but remain obese despite initial 18 pound weight loss and resulting low blood sugars. The only indication I am pre-diabetic is the occasional 5.8-6.2 morning effect blood glucose reading but sometimes it is normal. I have tended to eat caveman style (only once or twice a day) these last 3 years and never cheat, never eat bread and never carb up and never felt insanely hungry. I tried hardcore keto at less than 50gms protein a day and felt better but was worried it was too low protein for my large frame so have been hovering between leaner protein/higher fat these last couple of months and my weight remained the same, still obese.

    I tried fasting more than 16hrs for the first time 8 days ago after seeing Dr Yung on Diet Doctor. I did a 46hrs fast the first time. In 8 days I have eaten 2 meals (each meal was a long drawn out affair of 4 small courses of LCHF gormet cooking over 2.5 hours, one meal had 1/2 bottle of red wine). I am currently 48hrs fasted and never felt better. I am planning to eat in 24hrs (family visit) so 72hrs will be my record (unless I feel bad in which case I will have something before hand). When fasting I have had green tea, fizzy water with 2 slices of lime, black coffee (never like it before – always had tons of cream in it for keto coffee – I guess my tastes have changed), magnesium supplements, and 2 small cups of thick homemade broth with lo salt for potassium. I am 6ft tall UK size 20, waist 38.5 inches. 8 days ago I was 19 stone 7 pounds (I don’t eat carbs so no idea if any was glycogen) and I weighed (same scales/clothing) 18 stone 8 pounds this morning, 8 days later! I could not believe my eyes! I got on the scales 6 times and even moved it round the room, but it is true! The only problems I have had so far is that I can’t get to sleep easily after fasting all day (mind racing, tons of energy) and also I had a headache both times I ate the meals that came on about 2 hours after eating and didn’t go away until I went to sleep and awoke the next morning. I decided next time I eat I will power through it and take 2 paracetamol if the headache comes back. I am guessing the headache has something to do with the insulin coming back high again, right? Not sure if it will improve of maybe I should try longer fasting since I have 4 stone to loose to look good in my eye (probably even more if we are talking BMI although I am a heavy build being 6ft tall with large shoulders). Best of luck to everyone and don’t listen to family/friends as our culture is against fasting, thinking it is harsh. It’s not harsh. I am thinking right now it is the best thing I’ve ever done and although low carb is clearly the way forward for diabetics, for healthy people the basal insulin hypothesis explains why thin people can eat carbs galore and not get visibly fat (who knows if they are a bit TOFU though, right?). HFLC community thinks carbs are evil. Carbs aren’t evil. Eating too often is evil. Even protein raises insulin levels. Boom. That’s me. 7 years low carbing and still obese!

    • Danielle

      I did as I set out to and so it turned into a 72hr fast last week which I broke on Fri night with family (they had no idea as energy levels were amazing after a 3 day fast and if anything I was slightly hyper-manic and giggly). No headache this time when I ate. I then stuck to an HFLC 16/8 for a 3 day weekend away (I’d already made a load of HFLC food to take with me as it was family bring and share idea and they all know I have been HFLC for years so I am expected to eat no carbs really). My husband was disappointed no one said I looked like I’d lost weight, as he sees it. I don’t really but the scales keep moving so I am sticking with it. Now back home and 18st 6lbs this morning, having fasted since yesterday lunch time. I must find some plans to break the fast in style so I have something to aim for as that has worked for me over these last couple of weeks.

      • Danielle

        OK so I continued not eating anything at all apart from fizzy water with a little lime and lo salt sprinkled in it, a single small cup of broth and a little black coffee. Felt fine, felt fantastic. Weight down to 18st 1 this morning and waist is now 38.2 inches. That is my true waist (a few inches above belly button) which was always smaller than my hips so I think it is OK even though it seems little change compared to weight. I don’t look much different but if I suck it in (like breath in deeply) there doesn’t seem much fat there any more in the middle which is kind of freaking me out after being obese all my life…. So here’s the thing. I was going to come back and give an update anyway, just in case any one is following, but I just had a bit of experience I hope someone can shed some light on. So I have not eaten for over 80hours. Weight loss has been steady. I was hungry at first but after 48hrs all hunger was non-existent. So I woke up as normal, bright and early (I was always slothful in the morning), bounded downstairs, had tea and and a small black coffee, got dressed, pottered about the house, put some boots on, hurried outside the to post box 50yrds away to post a letter (it is snowing heavily), came back in and I was just bending to unzip my boots and I felt weird. Not light headed (I had that dizzy thing ages ago before I started low carb 7 years ago). All I can describe it is like a whoosh coming from my chest, no pain but felt a little faint then heart was pounding a little and I shreaked a little I don’t know why but I felt panicy, so I used my last energy to dive towards some prunes and eat one. I was shaking and within 5 mins I felt OK again but now I am wondering wtf it was? The closest I have felt like it was on a roller coaster as a child but it wasn’t as thrilling and was scary and panicy. I trust the data and the thinking behind fasting so I am just wondering could it have been low blood pressure or low blood sugar? Should I have eaten the prune? Should I have done something else? Am I short on minerals? Any suggestions would be welcome. I tried googling but no one is fasting for 80hrs+so I really am at a loss and with no information it is rather frustrating. I guess you guys at the clinic must have seen hundreds of fasters at 80hrs+ and so such feelings have been reported? I saw the video with the lady who fasted 21 days so I think you must know what effect this is and what can prevent it/stop it when it is happening. I have fasted for 48-72hrs over the last 3 weeks but this 80hrs+ is now the longest I’ve ever done. Thank you

        • Danielle

          I was heating a cup of stock and felt fuzzy again as soon as I sipped it. It was weird. Very weird. My heart was pounding a little. I ate another prune, gathered my strength tested blood glucose (5.9, not surprising after the prunes) and 4.0 blood ketones (a little high). I tested my blood pressure also. Pulse was 109 and BP was 148/99 so not sure if this is after the stress hormones kicked in… Within 5 mins of the episode I had a little lunch (thought it best even though not hungry at all). I kept it HFLC, buttered cheese, a few nuts, homemade chocolate mousse and didn’t manage all of the stock I had prepared (large mug). Feel fine now a couple of hours later but it was a little scary. I would be grateful if anyone knows why or what it is – even just to know if anyone else experienced it? Thanks

          • Danielle

            Update: So after that fairly scary episode yesterday lunch time it has now happened 3 times, getting better each time. It is obviously nothing to do with the long fast itself. What I mean is after eating lunch I then had some food later yesterday evening but still had episodes while I was preparing that food last night (minor, just sat on the floor for a few mins then felt better) and again in the shower today (very minor,I stopped moving and the feeling dissipated but my heart started pounding). It seems to be associated with bending down (I was melting the cheese under a low grill and in the shower I was reaching for shower gel on the floor of the shower). I had a large amount of calories last night (mini homemade pizzas with tomato puree, cheese, tuna and butter, black olives on homemade mini pizza bases made with eggs, cream and a little whey protein fried in coconut oil). I figured it was best to break the fast properly by eating more food and treating it as a re-feeding day so I had A LOT of food and it was still sitting on my stomach this morning. So it seems it can’t be lack of food which is causing the episodes as eating prunes and eating lunch did not stop it. So, with the lack of knowledge about this, I have tried my best to research and came to the conclusion it could be lowered blood pressure. I have had slightly high blood pressure for ages (first noticed in my 20s that’s why I have a monitor and now I am 33). The monitor never shows low blood pressure so I don’t think it is dangerous, but I have tended to check after the episodes and it is always slightly high so I am guessing a re-bound over corrective effect makes it higher than it was. I read that when patients with high blood pressure start medication (mine was never high enough to need medication) it can take 3-4 weeks to get used to, so patients mayfeel light headed or even faint EVEN THOUGH THEIR BLOOD PRESSURE IS NOT DANGEROUSLY LOW, IT IS JUST LOWER THAN THEIR BODY WAS USED TO. So I think this is a similar affect in me since my blood pressure has been slightly high all my life and I guess now it has lowered a little. When I am calm without a pounding fast pulse I will check and see. I know my resting pulse has come down from over 100 to 75 as I tested that when I was 2 days+ fasted and tested it several times over different days and it was consistently 75. I don’t know if this is a permanent effect as I have not tested on re-feeding days (there have not been so many re-feeding days and I am usually busy with family and friends and rarely eat at home now). So I have concluded the fasting, the state of low insulin, has caused this lowering of blood pressure but I don’t think it is too low to be dangerous. (I think my insulin must be lower because of the higher ketones, I am guessing blood ketones is the best proxy I have for insulin level, right?). So I have some licorice pellets (they are 0.5cm very tiny and ingredients is pure licorice, no sugar, we call them imps) and decided I should have one a few times a day, at least for the next few weeks and treat it like the breaking in the blood pressure medication scenario (just to be clear, I am not on any medication at all). So I will wait until I feel calm later today and check my blood pressure. If the blood pressure is lower than my normal blood pressure I will take the licorice. I am planning to fast today and haven’t eaten so far. If I feel OK I will fast until tomorrow lunch time as Sunday lunch we have family coming. But I don’t want to feel faint at church so I will keep the licorice pellets handy…. Blah blah blah. Keep fasting people! It seems to lead to extraordinary effects!

  33. Sorry, it was a typo. I know your name is Dr Fung!!! We met last week; I watched all of your obesity videos!

  34. Danielle

    I was fine at church. I took 2 tiny pellets of pure licorice during the service but I think that was for my own paranoia than anything else. So I broke a 38hr fast on Sunday afternoon (a lot of food, HFLC 5 course meal over 4+ hours) with no more reported episodes and now it is Monday and I am now 14hrs fasted and settling in for the long haul with my limes and fizzy water. Peace out.

  35. Danielle

    Now 72hrs fasted. No more episodes. Felt a bit weird once today and had a 0.5cm pure licorice pellet and some salted water. I was looking at the AHS 2014 vids on youtube 2 nights ago and the blood pressure one said Potassium is very and immediately effective at lowering blood pressure. I have stopped taking Lo Salt (my potassium sorce) in my fizzy water and today had sea salt instead. I was drinking black coffee but wondered if the caffeine could be responsibility for my weird feelings so didn’t bother with that today. I also took a magnesium pill today. So I haven’t eaten since Sunday. Weight this morning = 17 stone 13lbs aka 251lbs. This really is a miracle. My husband and I were remembering my dieting efforts these last few years and decided I managed to get down to 18st 4lbs in Nov 2008 on a low cal diet and exercise regime. It only lasted a few weeks and then I gained more weight. Been bigger ever since. I went up to 21st and then lost weight when I went low carb 7 years ago and I have been maintaining 19-20st on low carb. I was around 15st in 2003 (although I didn’t measure my weight much back then). That was the lowest weight in my life as I had always been huge as a child. Because I am so big framed I was quite normal-weight looking at that weight and I am wondering if I can make it again.

    • Danielle

      LOL Read “lowest weight in my [ADULT] life”. LOL I know my mother had a difficult birth but I was tiny once.

  36. I fasted for 7 days Sunday – Sunday. I felt fine and had now problem at all. By Sunday morning I was full of energy and didn’t feel like I hadn’t eaten in days. I broke the fast on Sunday for lunch and wish I hadn’t eaten really.

    • Numbers for 9.30am Sunday morning (6.5 days fasted). 4.5 and 4.2. Hmmm I here you say, they are great blood sugars/blood ketones. Actually it is 4.5 which is the blood ketones and the 4.2 is the fasting blood sugar!!!!!!!!!!!! Diabetes be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Being only 42hrs fasted currently, I can’t spell hear. Sorry about that. Give it a few more hours and I will be my usual sharp, no doubt.

  37. So I ate Sunday, fasted Monday. I felt slightly nauseous Monday morning and then terrible headache last night right at the front of the forehead. Kept up the fast and drinking salted liquid. Took 2 paracetamol and went to sleep. Awoke this morning feeling more like myself of late. I definitely feel better fasted. It makes me wonder about just fasting right through to skinny but I need to eat when I see family or they will (needlessly) worry. Tues morning: 18st 8lbs.

    • Any comments on fasting during menstruation? Isn’t it supposed to be tough? And doesn’t it make us bloated and retain water so can’t lose weight?

    • My goodness. I forget how much weight I’ve already lost!!!!!! I really need a few hours fasting time: actual weight Tues morning: 17st 8lbs! Oops.

  38. I have a family thing on Fri night so I am planning to not eat until then. I think it works if you plan like that. It gives a goal.

    • I will be 5 days fasted on Fri night so that should be easy since I already did 7 days last week. Peace out peeps. Catch you next week perhaps… 😉

  39. Fri morning 17st 5lbs. Went on weekend away. Continued fasting until I ate Fri night (high fat low carb meal with family). Fasted all day then ate Sat night (high fat low carb meal with family). Sunday I fasted all day and ate out in the evening with family meat and fries (burger with no bun). No desert, no bread, no refined carbs and kept fat high with olives, molten butter and pork rinds. Monday we were travelling back home. I fasted until lunch time and then had meat and fries, out at a pub. Again no refined carbs and kept fat high with olives and butter. I ate again Sunday night just a few no-sugar pickles and olives. Weigh myself Tues morning I am 18st 7lbs. Wtf? How can I put on over a stone eating basically low carb high and generally only once a day?! This is a con? I have done all this fasting for 3-7 days and hardly lost any fat? Or I put a lot of fat back on in the space of 3 days? I don’t get it. I feel very disheartened. Surely water weight can’t be over a stone?

    • 18st 5lbs today. Still like a stone over where I was on Friday. Crazy. Must surely be water weight. So I am drinking black coffee and am currently 36hrs fasted now. Surely it must go soon. This seems absurd.

      • I was reading around the subject and it seems that water weight can dissipate after a meal sometimes and also that sometimes 2-3 day fasts instead of longer fasts are a good idea. Maybe I am short on phosphorous? I don’t know what to think… So I broke the 46hr fast with (keto) fried cabbage, sausage meat, liver and extra egg yolks. I added lo salt for Potassium and took kelp and magnesium supplements. Will try fasting again tomorrow and see how it goes.

        • 18st 3lbs this morning, after last night’s meal. Just feel bloated and huge and slightly tingly now and again. I am not hungry so am listening to my body and drinking dandelion coffee and fizzy water with lime and lo salt (potassium source). I also took another magnesium malate. I heard malic acid is good for liver flushes but I don’t know whether a liver flush is just a load of nonsense. Anyway I don’t feel worse after eating a load of keto grease last night so I will carry on as if I wasn’t blown up like a balloon.

          • Danielle

            18st 1lb this morning. Still feel huge and bloated. I ate a little eggs and high fat cheese last night as I was so hungry. I have a low level headache. I feel mega hungry but am trying to fast as much as possible to get rid of this visible water on my body. I don’t have swollen feet but my belly (where all the fat was huge before I started in Feb) is just like a big icky wobbly jelly so I am convinced it is water weight. Blood sugar at 9.30am this morning 5.2, blood ketones 3.3. I am guessing my insulin will lower during fasting and that the water weight will go then (and the headache as I experienced that when first eating after fasting initially). But who knows. I looked up re-feeding edema (seems to happen to recovering anorexics) and it said the edema can take up to a month to go away.

          • Danielle

            17st 11lb this morning. Edema is going. Still visible jelly water-effect around belly but calfs and knees seem smaller. Yesterday was the worst ever day since i started fasting last month. I had headache constantly throughout the day and I took 2 paracetamol twice (4 hours apart) and tried lying down in the dark for a while and eventually by evening it had gone and I felt better. I maintained the fast drinking tea and fizzy water. I felt better today and am currently 46hrs fasted. I am thinking I get headache when the insulin level is dropping. I don’t know if it is right but I am thinking because I have been insulin resistant and obese all my life (30yrs+) then it is taking me 2-3 days to get very low insulin levels. I think it is taking me 2-3 days whereas a normal person might only need 1 day. It is Easter tomorrow and I am planning an HFLC family meal. Lets hope the edema won’t get worse after I eat and I won’t get headache. I am planning to eat a lot of food but very low carb and high fat and then not eat for 2-3 days afterwards so we will see how it goes. Hope I am not bothering anyone posting here. All the best to anyone trying fasting. I am convinced about this insulin hypothesis of obesity as it seems to fit with my experience. This morning I tried a little slow burn exercise and afterwards my blood ketones were lower at only 1.8 and the blood sugar was higher at 5.5. Strange as I thought ketones were supposed to go higher after exercise but I am so waterlogged and jellified that maybe that is why. Slow burn must be good for you so I will try and keep it up.

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    • Danielle

      Sounds like you doing fine. I’ve been diabetic for 2 years now and just getting a grip on it.. Keep going, your body will thank you later..

      John M

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  42. 17st 7lbs this morning. I last ate on Sunday. Today is Tuesday. Not sure whether to eat a meal tonight or not. Can’t believe I am still not down to the weight I was 12 days ago. But I am pressing on.

  43. HI Danielle, I was just reading the beginning of your post (like Mar 22). I do not understand why do you consider burger and fries being a LCHF. Fries are very high in carbs and are prompting an instant insulin response – that says to your body to store all the fat you are eating. I am using KetoDiet App to track carbs and on the computer you can use FatSecret webpage to calculate carb content of your foods. Also be aware that carbs are different with the processing of the food too (boiled potatoes are different then baked potatoes and fried potatoes)

    • Danielle

      I was out with family??? What else can you buy in a pub??? I had no bread, no desert and the only carb I had was fries. Please read my post carefully. I don’t expect eating evry 24hrs with only one meal with fries to put weight on. It must have caused a surge in my insulin levels and created re-feeding edema. I have been fasting for 2-3 days back to back and breaking it with keto. That was the only potato I have eaten in 8 weeks. Surprising but the water went eventually and my weight ended up lower so I was obviously still fat burning even with the edema. This is what insulin causes. I believe in taking salt to taste when fasting. It has never got rid of a headache. I believe that in me the headaches are related to drop in insulin level. I have not eaten any more potato and have kept on the insulin diet (high fat keto) when breaking the fasts. I have never had 2 meals in 24hrs since I did that before because it was clear that eating every 24hrs kept my insulin levels high.

  44. HI Danielle, for the headaches I drink some water with Himalayan salt and a sprinkle of lemon. Hope it helps. Cuts the appetite too for 1-2 hours (to push a little bit more).

  45. Danielle

    16st 9lbs on 6th April. Waist down to 37 inches. Still doing back to back fasts seprated by 2 or 3 days. Feel fab. Blood ketones always btw 2 and 5. Fasting works for insulin resistant people like me. I have got my mother eating this way now.

    • Danielle

      And crucially, no more headaches after that initial insulin drop after the edema. I am fat burning. Slightly frantic, loads of energy, jumping up and down. Weird.

  46. Well I am 16st 11lbs and never got down to 16st 9lbs again despite doing 2-4 day fasts. Not sure why or what is happening but I am sticking with the fasting.

    • This morning ketones 4.1, blood sugar 4.4, currently 68hrs fasted.

  47. Danielle

    Quick update as I have been very busy with work and have also been away for a long while….. I have been on vacation for 6 weeks and dropped my fasting regimen to back to back fasts eating 1 large meal every 2 days. Meals were fairly high fat and fairly low carb, usually with a lot of meat as the restaurants specialised in a la brasa. No refined carbs but usually had a small amount of potato and a lot of butter and salad with vinegar and oil with each meal. So now I am back home and working hard. I have been strict with the fasting period always being 40-46hrs fasted each time I ate. Alcohol was consumed after each meal (sometimes a shot of some sugary liqueur) and a little dry alcohol (red wine or cava) was sometimes consumed on the evening of a fast day but never any food or cream or milk in coffee. During fasts on vacation I typically had black coffee, black tea, or water. I aimed to only have sweeteners (diet cola, diet lemonade) on eating days but a few times I did have diet tonic (with sweeteners) on a fast day so I could have Gin and tonic when out at a bar….. All in all I think I did well and my husband ate once every day while we were away so that worked out fine as we usually went to restaurants every other day. (He is slim but feels better on a 20:4 protocol, he has found). My clothes seemed to get (if anything) a little loser throughout the vacation. I could still fit into my small jeans by the end which was surprising after consuming alcohol and potatoes (but I was on vacation after all!). I ate a large home-cooked keto meal yesterday and am planning to go several days fasting now. My waist is the lowest it has been at 36 inches and my weight is 17st exactly after eating yesterday. I feel stronger in my arms but my belly doesn’t feel quite as firm as when I am 4-6 days fasted so I wonder if I have water weight there, despite my smaller waist. After I posted on April 13th I did get down to 16st 7lbs before I went away by eating just twice a week. (Same scales in the same place as I weighed 17st this morning). I don’t know if this extra 7lbs is water, glycogen, fat or muscle or maybe just food. But I know I feel fine. And I would recommend if you CAN do it and it doesn’t feel too much of a drag, to eat every 2 days when on vacation and don’t feel guilty about the milk in your coffee after the meal or a shot of liqueur after a meal and a little alcohol. You can still employ the low-insulin principles when away and when eating out. Start with water with extra lemon squeezed into it. Ask if they have pickles to start (many European places have gherkins, kraut and olives available). Look for the best starters with plenty of vegetable fibre (padron peppers are deep fried green pepper and are very keto, garlic mushrooms sometimes have no breading and are just mushrooms fried with garlic, a single portion of fried cheese shared is quite keto too if you have plenty of padron peppers/mushrooms to go with it, avoid the meat starters if having meat as your main meal). Ignore the bread and give it back to them if possible. Have vinegar and oil on salad as a starter for every meal or with the meal, order extra random salad if you eat it all. Stick to high fat meat (belly pork,ribs). If your meat is too lean (steak,fillet,chicken) order extra butter, just put on extra oil/butter on meat and cheese. Order potatoes instead of fries (they can absorb more butter) and plan which restaurant you are visiting based on their vegetable starters and whether or not the restaurant has butter available. LOL I felt fine throughout vacation. I only had headache once similar to the ones I had previously which came on a couple of hours after starting to eat in the evening. I took some paracetamol and went to sleep and felt fine the morning after. I didn’t have any dizzy or weird episodes. Both times I flew on a plane on a fasting day and sat there with no problem while people ate around me. So now I have to catch up with work and I thought it would be a good time to fast for a few days. I feel hungry already and I am only 16hrs fasted. I will get out the fizzy water and see how it goes.
    I feel like a new woman by the way! I started fasting on 16th Feb 2016 and never looked back. I was so energetic on vacation. I never walked so far for so long in the sun with no trouble. I was walking miles along the coast and leaping on walls at the beach like a teenager and dashing around all the time. I am in my thirties and been obese all my life! Thank you Dr Fung. Your knowledge has change my weight, my waistline, my wardrobe and seemingly the way I live my life.

  48. Danielle

    16st 11lbs.

  49. Danielle

    Seems the 48hr fasting is a bit ingrained by now. I felt I had to eat last night. I wasn’t faint or light headed or anything, just ravenously hungry, feeling empty to my bones! So I raided the freezer for a keto meal last night and was full fairly quickly so didn’t eat that much compared to previous feasts. Started with a bowl of soup (homemade with bone stock) with cream and butter added. Then a little fatty lamb/heart/liver tomato-based stew with a touch of cheese on and some miracle noodles. Then tons of vanilla whipped cream with a fresh berries, a small piece of keto chocolate peanut butter pudding (left over from my previous meal on Sunday – tasted like a muffin cold so might use the same recipe to make muffins in future) and a satsuma (fruit is now a treat for me!). Was going to eat eggs but didn’t fancy them. Was kind of fancying pate at first but didn’t want it after the stew. Wondering whether I needed a bit of an iron fix as I have cooked chicken in the fridge but didn’t want it. I finished the evening with half a bottle of dry cava. Now I am back fasting today. Feel fine. My weight this morning was 16st 9lbs.

    • Danielle

      ketones last night (june 15th) only 1.4 but felt fine, no headache and no light headedness so I pressed on and fasted all day and night yesterday.

  50. Danielle

    36hrs fasted. 16st 5lbs.

  51. Danielle

    16st 1lb

  52. Danielle

    16st 5lb. Not sure why it is going up and down a bit as I am having a minimum 48hrs fasted before each time I eat. Don’t know if it will go down more overall but I am trying.

  53. Danielle

    Down to 15st 13lbs this morning an then back up to 16st 4lbs after meal.

    • Danielle, greetings from Australia.This is my first post on DietDoctor but I felt compelled to thank you for continuing to share your experience. I am gaining great insight into the fasting experience from you.

  54. oops just realised it isn’t the DietDoctor site 🙂

    • Danielle

      Hi Natalie. Thank you. I found it is difficult to find info on women fasting. I seem to have such massive fluctuations in water weight which previously would have discouraged me. The monthly hormones may also contribute to the fluid retention. Increasing salt intake and potassium intake has reduced but not removed cramps if I re-feed on carbs during eating days so I mostly avoid carbs. Universally, at some poit at around the 3-4 day mark during a fast I am lighter and feel slimmer than ever. I guess it is about slow improvements to train the body not to have such massive swings in insulin when eating to avoid all this water. Only 5 months in so I am still optimistic. I feel good though and no more odd episodes or headaches. I am getting used to being smaller but feel I am still significantly over weight. I really hope it works. I am considering doing some of Sara Solomon’s work outs but may have to be 2+ days fasted to feel I have the energy. Happy fasting.

  55. Danielle

    16st 3lbs. Still doing 48hr-72hr back to back fasts. Strange I am not seeing much downward movement on weight and I seem to be incredibly hungry so I am eating to satiety when I do eat and considering doing a longer fast to kickstart more weight loss. I am wondering what happens to Dr Fung’s patients who are still over weight after years on the plan. Do they keep losing? There is no long term data out there. I am wondering if it is possible for me to lose more. I am still overweight and would like to see another 3st lost. I am doing a little resistance training, and feel I should up it.

  56. Alexandra

    Hi Danielle,
    Just saying hi, and sending some encouraging words and congratulations, and to let you know that I too crave info on women and fasting since we do have other factors at play in our bodies. I kept away from it for a long while after a flurry of ‘information’ on the web about how it wasn’t good for women, but happily found Dr. Fung’s protocol (including the understanding that he’s had TONS of women in his practice do just fine) so have followed it for about 2 months, and feel fabulous. Don’t weigh myself very often (just once a month at my dr, at the most) but feel wonderful in my body, fewer aches and pains, and the radically changing sizes of my clothes tell me i’m losing weight. Mostly i feel strong and alert and engaged in life in a way i haven’t in so many years.


  57. Danielle

    Hi Alexandra. 🙂 I agree with the feelings of alertness and engagement. I am more active without realising and have more hobbies now and spend more time reading than I did. It seemed before all I did was slump in front of the tv every evening when i was eating hflc once a day. Now I eat one large keto meal every 48-72hrs I am alert later into the evening and up earlier in the morning and just feel more engaged generally.
    But the lack of long term data on Dr Fung’s patients is worrying. Paranoia sets it when the scales don’t go down. My weight fluctuates btw 15st 13lbs and 16st 5lbs. I try not to worry, realising it is water weight but I was always seeing my lowest weight creep downwards over this last few months but it now does seem my lowest weight is stable at 15st 13lbs and I only get there if 70hrs+ fasted it seems. I am still obese and still have a little edema around the middle. I figure I still have another 3st to lose at least. With the Biggest Losers gaining all the weight back and more I am worried it can happen to me now this weight loss seems to have stalled. But I saw Dr Fung’s devastating take on the recent study (that they gained it back because their metabolic rate was slower even 6yrs later because the metabolic rate slows with dieting but maintains/increases with fasting). I feel like my faith is in those graphs about metabolic rate and insulin dropping through fasting and ADF. I am determined not to see my eating as “too much”. Sometimes it is a total feast fest if I am feeling hungry but sometimes it isn’t. I eat to satiety. I feel that most of the time I am not eating as much as I did when I first starting fasting but sometimes I am. I think the signals are in the fat not the calories. I don’t believe a calorie is a unit that the body recognises but I believe it recognises fat and therefore the metabolic rate will not slow and may even increase if you eat fat. Therefore I try to keep my meals keto for low insulin reasons but also because of fat signalling plenty. Because of the fibre/vinegar reducing insulin response I always start my meal with pickles and eat a lot of vegetables with fatty meat/cheese. I will keep monitoring my waist measurement also. Lowest it gets to after 3 days fasting is about 34 inches. It is 35 inches the morning after eating. I don’t measure/weight immediately after eating as I am trying not to be neurotic. Difficult as it is. Dr Fung is right about keeping fasting to yourself/just a select few as people who have found out think I am crazy.

  58. I have been continuing with fasts mainly of 2-3 days between eating. On 2 ocassions I did eat with only a 24hr window but it wasn’t a lot of food and was very keto. I have found it difficult to fast for 2 days and thought I would benefit and kickstart weight loss with a longer fast so here goes… Last ate Sunday 31st July and will continue as long as I can, hoping to get to 7 days but may opt for a 5 depending on how I feel. Stats at 60hrs fasted: BG 4.6,BK 1.4 Weight 15st 8lbs, Waist 34.75inches. I see I have a new weight low and looking back since my posting on July 3rd I have achieved a 5lb weight loss in a month (which may really be a 3lb weight loss correcting for me being less fasted as I was then). However my waist measurement is up. I am hoping it is just water as I still have jelly belly, so hopefully it will continue to go lower as I fast and if I reach 33 inches again I can take my weight there as my lowest water weight I think. Any way. It seems loss is still slow but still going. I am keeping it keto when I eat and generally only have one meal between fasts. I have been watching a lot of stuff on youtube and greatly appreciated this interview with Dr Fung because it explains insulin resistance in the clearest way!

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    • Not sure what you are asking. Your ketone levels will be specific to you and will depend on whether the one meal is ketogenic or not.

  62. Just checking in. I got down to 15st 5lbs and 34 inch waist after fasting for 5 days. That was last week. This week I have eaten every 1-3 days and it went up to 16st 3lbs which I guess was all water. I also guess I had too much protein since I had chicken and steak for the first time in ages and also eating meals only 24hrs apart seems to increase weight. I am hypothesising thisis because it takes my insulin level so long to fall. I fasted for 3 days on black tea and dry red wine, went back down to 15st 10lbs, ate keto fatty pork and sour cream (tons of veggies) yesterday and only climbed to 15st 13lbs and my ketonix has been flashing red all day.

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  66. […] The Ancient Secret of Weight Loss – Fasting Part 8 – A look at longer fasting regimens extending past several days and why I call it the Ancient Secret of weight loss. […]

  67. […] The Ancient Secret of Weight Loss – Fasting Part 8 – A look at longer fasting regimens extending past several days and why I call it the Ancient Secret of weight loss. […]

  68. […] The Ancient Secret of Weight Loss – Fasting Part 8 – A look at longer fasting regimens extending past several days and why I call it the Ancient Secret of weight loss. […]

  69. Hi guys, just checking in. I have been eating mostly every 1-3 days, trying to keep it keto and always HFLC. Can’t seems to stop the swings in water weight. Gone as high as 16st 5lbs after leaving it only 24hrs after eating previously, and as low as 15st 5lbs after a 5 day fast. Currently 16st 2lbs 40hrs fasted. I still think longer term fasts can ratchet the fat loss down but I think lbs of fat are only lost for me (severely insulin resistant) after 3 days. Wondering whether to try smaller meals on the eating days to try and keep insulin as low as possible and maintain the water loss and whether this is even possible. Or wondering whether to ratchett the fat loss down by doing 7 days fasting. When the water goes on after eating my waist is growing up to 2 inches so I don’t feel as lean and small as I do after 5 days fasted. It is alarming but I know it is just water and not permanent fat gain so I am just trying to carry on with life, fitting in 1-3 day fasts inbetween social stuff. I also get incredibly hungry 24hrs after eating. It is the worst. I was carving burgers all night last night but today not hungry. Moderate ketones this morning (flashing 4 green on ketonix)

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  73. […] The Ancient Secret of Weight Loss – Fasting Part 8 – A look at longer fasting regimens extending past several days and why I call it the Ancient Secret of weight loss. […]

  74. […] The Ancient Secret of Weight Loss – Fasting Part 8 – A look at longer fasting regimens extending past several days and why I call it the Ancient Secret of weight loss. […]

  75. […] The Ancient Secret of Weight Loss – Fasting Part 8 – A look at longer fasting regimens extending past several days and why I call it the Ancient Secret of weight loss. […]

  76. […] The Ancient Secret of Weight Loss – Fasting Part 8 – A look at longer fasting regimens extending past several days and why I call it the Ancient Secret of weight loss. […]

  77. Not sure if my weight will go lower but am still sticking with the fasting, eating every 2-3 days. 15st 10lbs on Saturday, ate HFLC Sunday, 16st 0 lbs Sun night, 15st 11lbs today Mon morning. Wondering if I can get some control over the wild swings in water weight by using apple cider vinegar. Used vinegar/lemon before but saw program on UK TV Trust Me I’m a Doctor which suggested that other vinegars are not as effective at sensitizing insulin as apple cider vinegar taken before a meal. I am wondering if it is the malic acid which is effecting insulin sensitivity, rather than the acetic acid?

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  80. […] The Ancient Secret of Weight Loss – Fasting Part 8 – A look at longer fasting regimens extending past several days and why I call it the Ancient Secret of weight loss. […]

  81. […] The Ancient Secret of Weight Loss – Fasting Part 8 – A look at longer fasting regimens extending past several days and why I call it the Ancient Secret of weight loss. […]

  82. […] The Ancient Secret of Weight Loss – Fasting Part 8 – A look at longer fasting regimens extending past several days and why I call it the Ancient Secret of weight loss. […]

  83. For prolonged fasting without food is it recommended to do enema’s or colonics? Say you’re doing liquids like juice, broth, water, teas, etc and your body is detoxing. How will it expel the waste without a bowel movement? That’s why i’m wondering about enemas and such. Thanks.

  84. Dr. Fung, I am on Intermittent fasting for almost 5 months this January. I eat one meal a day. I open my window at 1:00pm.
    In the morning, I drink lemon water and salt water (from Himalayan sole water). I plan also to add apple cider vinegar too. But I drink these on my fasting hours. Doctor said I am insulin resistant and had fatty liver. I am not sure if lemon water, salt water from sole water and apple cider vinegar spikes insulin or stimulates insulin on my fasting hours. If so, what would you advise on when I should drink them? Do we really need supplements everyday? I hope to get a reply from you because I need these drinks but I do not want to spike insulin. I am confused. I appreciate your reply soon. Thank you.

  85. So, an update. I have been eating sometimes every day, but still always keto. I noticed my appetite has really changed and I just don’t need as much food. I could not manage a multiple course meal like I used to eat. So I eat a little more often now than I used to, the most often is once a day but I am still doing some 2-3 day fasts, usually once a week. I also recently did do another 7 day fast (2nd time ever I have done a fast that long). My weight got down to the lowest ever at 14st 12lbs which I measured after 6 days fasted (I was away on day 7 so didn’t weigh). This week my weight has been between 15st 4lbs and 15st 7lbs. I have decided I will do another 5+ day fast soon and I think it is best to aim to do a 7 day fast at least once a month. My waist measurement is just above 32 inches and my clothes are a little loser around my bottom half. My bust hasn’t changed much and everything else is smaller. I have always been heavier on my bottom half so this is new to me being busty and clothes that fit my bust are loose on my waist. You can compare with above my weight/waist and see I am the smallest ever. I don’t have much loose skin, just a little around my upper arms and tummy (which still have a lot of fat left there but are much smaller). I will continue my regimen of OMAD keto while throwing in longer fasts every now and then and will come back to this page and update you accordingly.

  86. Dr Fung,
    Thank you so much for all that you do and being a leader amongst other physicians who are misinformed but probably not for any fault of thier own. Do you feel it would be reasonable to cut my metformin in 1/2 on my fast days? I currently take 1000 mg BID and thought I should continue it during the fast day only because when I get used to it I don’t have diarrhea as much and do feel that I should cut back on it. My doctor has no clue about what to recommend since he still thinks I am overweight because I eat too many calories and accuses me of closet overeating! My 3hour GTT showed an insulin level of 230 at the 3 hour mark….. severe insulin resistance. I know you can’t give specific medical advice…. but just wondered what your thoughts were with metformin…. Thank you so much! I really, really appreciate you.

  87. MachineGhost

    > Why on earth anybody decided that eating yeast was that important is really quite beyond me, but hey, this was 1973,
    > when pet rocks and disco was popular, too, so there you go.

    [Nutritional] yeast contains relatively concentrated B vitamins. (Also, neurotoxic MSG too, but that’s another topic.)

    Both disco and Pet Rocks were only popular during the mid to late 70’s.

  88. Ground yeast are an amino acid supplement, just FYI. They gave him yeast basically so that he wouldn’t suffer the ill effects of essential amino acid deficiency.

  89. Vipin shah

    I am a Jain. Ours is a tiny religion, very close to Buddhism, and fasting is an essential component of the faith.
    We have the following fasting regimes:
    1. There is a period of eight days and one can fast for half a day to eight days or more.
    2.Alternate day fasting for one whole year.
    3. 30 day fast.
    My ancestors have been fasting for centuries and we have on record people who have regularly fasted live longer
    And healthier life. Fasting is taught to teenagers and people fast in even in their eighties.
    Never in our lives we have questioned the rigor of fasting, or any adverse effects of fasting. To many of us it comes

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