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I’ve been hard at work on a book that covers much of the material here in this blog. It’s taken quite a bit of time, but I’m proud of the result and it’s finally available for pre-order. The release date is scheduled for March 2016.Cover

All of this material is available free in this blog as well as other places online, since information is meant to be shared. However, many people have written to me asking for a more easy-to-understand format, rather than digging through years of blog posts.

In The Obesity Code, the information is better organized into a single volume with a logical flow. I worked with a professional editor to make sure everything is explained and easy to understand. I think the result is a book that discusses all the main issues of weight gain and loss in a new light that can help understand why we have not been able to lose weight to date.

I discuss the reason why the Calories In, Calories Out paradigm is fatally flawed and how it has led to treatments such as the Eat Less, Move More strategy that simply do not work.

I then discuss the role of exercise and how obesity is properly viewed as a hormonal imbalance rather than a caloric one. By understanding the aetiology (underlying cause) of obesity, it leads naturally to solutions that have a real chance of reversing obesity. I discuss the proper diet structure and the important questions of ‘What to Eat’ and ‘When to Eat’. We introduce a time-tested strategy of weight loss that can be added to any diet with great effect.

Reading this book will give you an up-to-date, in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms of weight gain and how you can use this knowledge to lose weight and improve type 2 diabetes. Not bad for $20 or so.

The book is now available on here, as well as in Canada. It is also available from Chapters online.

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  1. Can’t wait to get my copy……….. we appreciate all you do to help people lower their insulin, blood sugar and weight.

  2. Excited for its release .

  3. Will it be available as ebook? Can’t wait…all the awesome info from the site in a more easily digestible format.

    Dr. Jason Fung: It will likely be available in March when the print version comes out, but my publisher has not given me the specifics of the ebook yet.

  4. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy some time ago on Amazon.

    Just wondering Dr. Fung….will the book contain any info on the subject of fasting, but if not, do you think you’ll ever write a book on fasting some day?

    Dr. Jason Fung: Yes, this book contains a large section on fasting.

  5. Wonderful news! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and providing such valuable information.

  6. Any plans for a Kindle version?

    Dr. Jason Fung: All e-formats, except Audible will be available in March 2016. E-books typically are not available for pre-order until 4 weeks or so prior.

  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed your lectures down in Sourh Africa and I look forward to the book. Has the publisher considered releasing the book through Audio books are my preferred method of consumption.

    Dr. Jason Fung: March 2016 is the release date for the print version. An audio version may be available at a later date, but I’d need to check with my publisher.

  8. Devialini De Souza

    I’d be interested in a copy if its available in a Kindle version. It’s only available in a paperback version at the moment.

  9. Is there a French translation foreseen?

  10. awaiting for the ebook (pdf, epub, azw, whatever)

  11. Pre-order…done and DONE!

  12. Bjørn Rabben

    Will it come out in foreign languages too? (Norwegian) ?

  13. Congratulations, Dr. Fung. I’ve learned alot from you and enjoy your teaching style.

  14. I will also buy a copy.

    Well, I tried a 7 day fast and made it to 5 days. Had to quit on the sixth day, as my blood pressure went too low (less than 100 systolic). Since I had to have blood tests done for certain reasons anyway, I had blood tests done after fasting for four days (tests done on the morning of the fifth day). My fasting blood sugar level? 62! I felt no ill effects, whatsoever, from that blood sugar level. (The blood tests may have contributed to the low blood pressure.)

    I worked out twice during the five days. I had a difficult time. I was much hungrier than I anticipated and the rush of energy people describe never materialized. I did lift weights for about 1 hour 15 minutes, and that seemed to make me very hungry. I did not notice a lack of energy while lifting weights though. I didn’t get nearly as hungry after aerobics, but that’s always the way it is.

    • Just got another blood test back. My fasting insulin level was unmeasurable, too low (<3.0 uIU/mL). That's after fasting for four days.

      I preordered the book today.

      By the way, I meant above that if I'm eating "normally" (which means primarily 16:8 fasting, eating during an 8 hour window), I get much hungrier lifting weights than I do when doing aerobics/jogging.

  15. Hope there is a Kindle version out soon.

    Dr. Jason Fung: The Kindle verson will be out at the same time as dead tree (paper) version – March 2016.

  16. I’m not sure the title captures the essence of your work somehow. I would have gone with “Leanness Code” instead, and mentioned health rather than just weight loss. But what do I know? Just my preferences.

    Nonetheless, your work is great, and I’ll be buying my copy on Kindle.

  17. Congratulations, Dr. Fung !!!

  18. Pre-ordered my copy yesterday?

  19. I pre-ordered my copy on August 23. 🙂 I love this blog but also love a good dead-tree book as reference material. I keep hoping I’ll find a way to lose weight and lower my BG numbers. Currently still stalled at the same weight I always stall at when I try to lose weight (which is well over 100 more than I ought to weigh!) Been stalled at this weight for 6 years this time around. LCHF does not get any more weight off. I’m hoping IF will help but been doing alternate day IF for over two months now with no weight lost. BG has dropped a tiny bit but certainly not significantly or dramatically. But I keep on keeping on. Maybe I’m so damaged that healing takes a long time. Can’t wait to read the book.

    • Hi Debbie, your post was almost a year ago so I don’t know if you’ll see this. My story is exactly like yours. I’ve been doing alternate fast days for 24 hours, haven’t lost anything. I did a keto diet forv3 months, didn’t lose either. I just heard about Dr. Fung’so book & ordered it. I was wondering if it worked for you? So frustrating!

  20. pre-ordered!!

  21. Will definitely be ordering! Thanks for doing this!

  22. Hello Dr Fung,

    I spent 5 hours of my life several weeks ago going through each of your blog posts.. It was very educational… So thank you for that.

    Two questions on the book.
    Can you ask that it’s posted in Amazon UK
    Can you briefly confirm what’s been updated since your blog posts/expanded sections

    Either way, I’m going to buy it to support you for your life changing work… It surprises me that (it appears to me) other LCHF advocates don’t feel its the IR that is the devil in disguise, based on your evidence it seems to be clear cut to me (I’m not a doctor)

    Dr. Jason Fung: I found the link to Amazon UK here

    Almost all the blog posts were collected, edited for clarification, with some minor additions. Hundreds of hours were spent on editing and I think the book is far more readable and clear than the blog posts.

  23. ordering book, excited. quick question: since virtually all MDs condemn fasting, I’m wondering if the book includes content on fasting with minor health issues, namely mild adrenal fatigue. I fasted a few years ago for 3 weeks, felt great, lost 15lbs (bringing my weight down to 130lbs). then ate lchf and was in a near constant state of Ketosis for a year and a half or so. but weight crept on and now have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I’m hoping that fasting will help HEAL these issues, but can’t find an MD that will help me with fasting and can’t find useful info on these two issues. will your book help?

  24. Woo Hoo, Dr Fung, I have pre-ordered your book, and am looking forward to it’s arrival next March. I consume your blog posts and videos regularly, LOL, and still wish to have a copy in my hands with it all together in one neat spot.

    Thank you for your work, I regularly tell others about your site and I know it has been the key for me after spending months doing low carb ketogenic yet still having high (7-8) fasting blood sugars (I consider them high). Having had gestational diabietes twice (undiagnosed the first time with a nearly 10 pound baby boy) and diagnosed the 2nd time, on insulin, had a 6 pound baby girl. Consequently, my research led me to your work via Livin La Vida Low Carb, as I have zero intention of having diabietes again!

    I regularly IF now, usually mixing up the protocols, which suits me well, and having lovely fasting blood sugars of 4-5.

    Soon, I will go back to my Dr and have my fasting insulin checked again, which was a horrifying 13 when I asked to have it done a while ago, especially as I had been low carb for quite a long time at that point, but hadn’t known about the role of insulin in the way you have explained it, which has been the key for myself.

    Interestingly, several nurses I know have NEVER heard of the fasting insulin test, I know I had to specifically request it.

    Anyhoo, good luck with the launch of your book!

    Charndra in Australia.

  25. Hi Dr Fung,

    I have read some of your blog posts and watched most of your videos.
    Will there be a “diet plan” or “sample diet” or “recipes” section?

    Dr. Jason Fung: There are great recipes available at

  26. Dylana jenson

    Do you use water fasting only ? Juice fasting?

  27. You had me with your aetiology of obesity lectures! I’m pre-ordering. In 2012 I read Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes. Since reading it I went from 325 pounds (on high blood pressure meds, diagnosed pre-diabetic, had chronic back pain, PCOS, low HDL, high LDL and triglyceride level above 150) to 185 lbs. and with awesome health numbers. I always thought it was just carbs and sugar. Thanks to your site, I know realize it’s about GL and not all carbs are evil. It really is about eating real food! Keep up the awesome work you are doing.

  28. Hi, looking forward to this. Do you have any plans for an audiobook version or does it not translate well to audio?

    Dr. Jason Fung: I don’t know yet. That is up to the publisher.

  29. Just ordered your book. It’s my way of saying thank you for putting me on the right path. In less than 2 months I have lost 17 lbs. I am off the 4 medications and only have to take the BP medication once in a while. I have limited my meals to only 2 and have cut down on the carbs drastically. Intermittent snacking is a thing of the past. I also walk about 9 miles most of the days. Next step is to try fasting. Thanks you Dr. Jason once again.

  30. Congratulations on your book’s upcoming release, Dr. Fung!

  31. Please have a printed version for those of us who love “real” books.

  32. I can not wait to get started Tuesday

  33. Thanks Dr. Fung, if the book is anything like your videos I’m going to love it !

  34. Dr. Fung, I am classed as obese, and read in the Toronto Star article that you can ask your family physician to refer to your office. I would like to be a part of your 1000 participants currently on your plan. Do you have to be a diabetic in order to be referred?

    Dr. Jason Fung: Anybody can be referred.

    • Penny Chiasson

      I saw my doctor, who confirmed that although I am obese (level 1), she feels the program is extreme, and states I don’t necessary have metabolic syndrome, and so would not refer me. Can you provide of a name of a doctor who supports your work, that might be willing to refer me? I guess if worse comes to worse, once I get to level 2 she’ll be willing to refer me (yes, that is sarcasm). On a positive note, my book arrives on March 3rd. Where can I find the details on the cost once you’re in the program?

  35. Hello dr.fung.iam Emira.
    Iam a doctor from Indonesia,thanx. very much to share your knowledge,make me more understanding inside diabete.are your book contain of how the way of fasting,how much we have took fat,or vinegar,and how many calories we have eat when we not fasting?or what kind fibre or vegetables or fruit should we eat more.? i can get your book? Thanx

  36. Thanks Doc. I will read it and I will have to find a good friend to give it as a present.

    For sometime I am already OK with my weight after loosing 50+ kilos and keeping the weight stable at least for a year, I didn’t have diabetes, high Blood pressure and all my test where always perfect, but I was overweight.

    I didn’t do any fasting, but know we do, and we introduce fasting in our daily routine and we only have our coffee in the morning and our main and only meal it is around 2 pm – 3 pm, and at night sometimes we have a full fat home made kefir ( and a nice rest and we do not buy any processed food at all, well coffee grains, butter, etc but with minimum factory process

    It is our only meal and we do this 7×7 unless we have to go out, but we manage to move everything to fit with our timetable to keep our eating routine.

    I have been reading mainly to see if I can convince a couple of friends to change what they have been doing for ages, and I have a few more than I am sure are pre-diabetic.

    It will take decades to change many concepts and habits

    Thanks and keep waiting to read the book delivered from the UK to Australia

  37. got my book yesterday……great!!! available on amazon, not a pre-order anymore.

  38. I’ve heard it all before.

    Where? From whom? – YouTube and in Jason Fung’s blog.

    Now I also have the book (pre-ordered last year and delivered ahead of schedule). This message is so important that I cannot hear it too often. I need to see it, hear it and read it. Again and again.

    Family and friends say that they think I must be highly self-disciplined to have lost weight and reversed my type two diabetes but only a fellow-sufferer could understood what a struggle that was and how much I feared regaining the weight like I had done in the past.

    Dr Fung’s video lectures and blogs gave me the explanations I needed to understand why weight loss was so good for me. Enrolling in his online Long Range Intensive Dietary Management clinic has allowed me to lose even more weight, and maintain consistently non-diabetic blood glucose levels, thanks to the continuing personalised guidance (especially introducing me gently to intermittent fasting and lower carbohydrate) from its director, Megan Ramos. Now, the book is another resource to complement the others.

    Thank you Dr Fung! Thank you Megan!

  39. Am excited to participate with the Long Distance Intensive Dietary Management.

    Thanks to Dr. Fung for his reply.

  40. Jacqueline

    Dr. Jung, I am T2 and find your videos fascinating. I have not had much luck managing my diabetes. I am currently trying your ideas but I am not sure what exactly I should be doing. I decreased my carbs to about 80 grams. Should I be lower? And I am fasting for the first time today. Do I fast once a week? Do you drink only Whewater? I purchased ketostrips. What am I watching for? Dangerous levels of acid? Or do I want the strip purple? Where can I find guidelines?

  41. I received my copy and have begun fasting. I prefer through the workweek to do the 24 hour fast, having only dinner. Is it okay to do a 24 hour fast for 5 consecutive days? One thing that I can’t seem to get my head around in the book, are extended fasts…what does that refer to? If you are doing a 1 month fast, is that one month of 24 hour daily fasts, or should it be kept to two days a week? I just can’t see getting results that way….

  42. Dr. Fung, I bought my copy at our local bookstore! I call it the book of hope. Thank you so much for sharing your information and giving hope to the ones who might not have access to your clinic. You’re giving my 20 year old diabetic prison, since my teens, a chance of freedom! I’m gonna try fasting on my own. I did LCHF for a month but was never able to adapt. My keto strips has been dark in colour, cause my blood sugar is hardly low enough to utilize the ketones. But having my body producing ketones, it did help me in staving off the hunger during fasts. Started following you and I tried 36-40 hours fasting. I am beginning in seeing some 3.6-6.5mmol around the afternoons. Just sometimes I have dawn effect to deal with. Thanks to your other article about dawn effect, it gave me more motivation in keeping on trying!

  43. Dear Dr Fung, will there be translations (esp. into German) of your book? I think my diabetic father could profit greatly from it, but his English isn’t really sufficient and he would not take “second-hand” advice (nor would I give it as a layman).

  44. I just can’t wait to read your book I am really looking forward

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  46. Do you know when audible will be available ? Very anxious to listen to it.

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  48. Hi Dr Fung

    I purchased a copy of your book and I love it. Do you have recipes for the suggested fasting days meal plans?

    Kind regards


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