The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes – Video Lecture

At the Intensive Dietary Management Clinic we treat many people with type 2 diabetes.  Patients often come to our clinic with two ‘facts’ established in their minds.  The first is that type 2 diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease.  They are often told that they will have the disease for the rest of their lives and they should get used to it.  Actually, it is not true at all.  Type 2 diabetes is an entirely curable disease.  However, taking medications will not cure the disease.  Only dietary management has a hope of reversing diabetes.

The other big lie in the treatment of type 2 diabetes is that ‘it is all about controlling blood sugar’.  Actually, it makes virtually no difference at all.  The disease of type 2 diabetes is excessive insulin resistance.  It is this insulin resistance that leads to high blood sugars.  In order to treat/ cure diabetes, you must reverse the insulin resistance.  The high blood sugar is only the symptom, not the disease.  Therefore, treating the symptom alone is useless.

Imagine that you have a life threatening infection.  The infection causes a high fever.  But instead of treating the infection with antibiotics, you treat the symptom of fever with Tylenol.  It is not useful.  You must treat the disease and not the symptom.  The same is true in type 2 diabetes.  This is a disease of too much insulin resistance resistance.  Yet we treat the symptom of high blood sugars.  Medications don’t even attempt to reverse the underlying insulin resistance.

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  1. I am on Metformin 2000mg. By doing low carb diet I just came off glipridie 1mg. If I do fasting would it be safe to do without Metformin if I carefully monitor by sugar level? Also the auto was bad at the end. If I fast when liquids can I have besides water?

    • You can drink water, tea, coffee or bone broth. No sugar or sweeteners. For medication issues, you must consult your own physician. More details can be found at

      • Hi, Dr. Fung. When you say tea and coffee is OK during fasting, but no sweeteners, what about cream or non-dairy creamer?

        I assume they break the fast where you’re concerned, or are they OK as they’re high in fat, low in carbohydrate?

        Thanks in advance.

        • I think a small amount of cream is OK, although this is technically breaking the fast, it improves compliance. I never use non-dairy creamer – it’s basically chemical.

          Breaking the fast – just be sure not to overeat when breaking the fast. You will probably feel kind of crappy. It’s generally a self-correcting problem, though.

  2. Doctor Fung

    I’m a recently diagnosed 54 YO male T2 diabetic with a fasting BG of 130 and an AC1 of 6.8. I’ve immediately adopted a low carb diet (zero refined foods, starches or added sugars). I’m also incorporating high intensity interval training and weight training. I just started supplementing with cinnamon and ALA as well as chromium and magnesium. My doctor seems suitably impressed but I’m not sure he is on the same boat as you. Do you know any top level physicians in Southern California who follow what to me seems to be obvious – treat the insulin resistance! Based on past experience I will likely shed 20 – 25 lbs in a couple months and perhaps chart a course for both me and my physician. In the meantime any people you could suggest in my area would be appreciated.

  3. I was diagnosed with type ii diabetes during/after a 10 day hospitalization for a bad case of cellulitis on my lower right leg.
    I was amazed that non of the doctors including infectious disease doctors, could tell me why I had this infection and how to prevent it. A young hospitalist, also named Jason, recommended that I do two things…. cut out the carbs and eat natural foods… and pointed me to several resources…. Dr Mark Hyman… Dr David Perlmutter…Grain Brain… Gary Taubes… Good Calories Bad Calories…ETC and so after I was prescribed statins and metformin by my diabetes doctor and after I got back on my feet (6wks out of work) I cut out all sugars/grains and dropped the meds.
    The energy came back after about a week, and I was able to exercise.
    I plateaued after losing 25lbs as I was getting back into shape. Still having a rough time with the stomach fat although I’m thinning out and bulking out everywhere else.
    Just did my blood work, and I’m awaiting the results being posted online.
    I’m convinced that low carb high fat is the way to go.
    Will the 24/36hr diet/fasting bring me down to optimal health?
    And what do you recommend normally? 5 days normal, 2 days fasting per week?

    • 06/30/2014 HA1C 7.4 % Diabetic
      12/31/2014 HA1C 5.4 % CURED


      • Salomon Ramirez

        Scott how did you accomplish this?

        • He said in his comment that he went on a low-carb, high-fat diet, and ate natural foods, by which I assume means he cut out processed foods.

          So a diet like at

          Now I’m not personally convinced this is the optimal diet and I’m eating a plant-based diet and have lost about three pant sizes despite only so/so compliance with it, whereas I struggled to lose weight on LCHF because it would always come back as I found it increasingly distasteful and would therefore eat carbs, usually processed junk and/or mixed with lots of fat.

          Now I can eat carbs at will in the form of grains and legumes and fruit and so on, and I’ve lost weight pretty easily.

          However, whether that is good for blood sugar is another question, and I don’t know. The advocates say it can be.

          So there is more than one approach that can work for weight loss, and I suspect fasting is beneficial for all. However that, Scott said he got his results with a LCHF approach.

  4. Im newly T2 and am in need of some guidence please. …

    • You can find more information under the “Patients” tab. If you wish more individualized advice, check the “Join” tab.

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  6. mohancanand

    how can i go on your fasting program

  7. christopher

    dear sir
    i went through a preventive open heart quintuple surgery and after 6 months found my self with type2 diabettes and my doctor prescribed metformin 500X2 a day….i would love to fast …due to my medicines of asprin/and cholepedogrel …how do i fast….i am 55 years old asian weighing 78 kgs and a very active person mentally and physically….please advice

    • I only advise fasting in this situation under strict medical supervision. Your physician will need to provide guidance on how to take the medications and adjust the fasting.


        I am 63 years old Asian man 20 years tipe2 diabetes, doctor gave me janumet no good resalt, now I am fasting no proper instruction but I am fasting my self 12hours( Flowing a E book) Eat only 11 AM try to do 36 hours but Iike get your proper advise
        Thank you.

  8. christopher

    thank you so much

  9. I am recently diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. My doctor wants to put me on metformin but I want to do everything I can with diet and exercise as aggressively as possible before taking medications. I notice you mention fasting however I do not see any mention as how, how long, whats involved, etc in regards to fasting.


  10. Dear sir
    I am recently diagnosed with Diabetes via HbA1c Test which is 11.4 % . My doctor wants to put me on glimepiride 1mg & metformin 500 mg drug before breakfast .As my BP & thyroid is in normal condition although I am taking medication. I had seen your video and I would like opt your natural diabetes reversal theraphy of fasting and maintaining diet. so could you please provide me instructions how to start this process along with other medications.I humbly Appreciates you work for the mankind.
    Thank you So much


  11. Dr. Fung: Thank you for your very inspiring lecture on the 2 big lies of type II Diabetes. I have been struggling with the disease for over 6 years. I am on 2000 mg of Metformin; glipizide; and most recently VICTOZA. I am 5’8″ 49 years of age and have the dreaded “tire in the middle” that all Type II patients have.

    My doctor keeps chasing the glucose numbers and I am on the exact path that you have describe. My Dr. now states that I need to go on Insulin. I have said no and that is my line in the sand; I have said over and over again that I understand that I am insulin resistant, so it makes no sense to pour more insulin into the mix ! !! Thank you for your information that my gut told me was the answer before I found this site. Also- Warn people about the evils of VICTOZA. It made very very ill. I have just recently had to have an endascope procedure to look at why I had bouts of vomiting and felt sick to my stomach all the time; Three months of feeling like I wish I could die; gas production that after standing upright would release in awful belches that smelled like rotten eggs; immediately after going off VICTOZA these symptoms have diminished. But, I nervously await biopsy of my stomach to see what is going on. A little research on VICTOZA shows that there is serious risk of pancreatic cancer and stomach cancer and list of other issues. My brother is a practicing physician of over 30 years and is also a type II diabetic for over 15 years. He tried it and had a violent reaction and came off of it after 2 weeks. He is on insulin and is urging me the same. I have just made up my donkey mind that is not going to happen.

    I want to start this fast and will let you know how things go. Thank you for your information and thank you so very much for being brave enough to admit in your video of patients that you have treated for years with the conventional methods of the more drug more drug method but have recently reversed their diabetes with this fasting and dietary method. If you could please get the attention of the United States FDA; unfortunately they have sold out to big pharma long ago and we can no longer trust them. I trusted them with my life and I am so frustrated.

  12. An idiot devoted a full blog post to “debunk” the science which he does not understand:

    He even goes ahead and notes: “I waited to post negatively about Fung, hoping others with MD, PhD or other credentials would do so… they have not.”
    I wonder why it did not occur to him that there was a reason?

    • I mean devoted to debunking…

    • Haters got to hate, hate hate. I don’t really mind disagreement, or debating since we all learn that way. He, however, degenerates quickly into name calling. No place for that.

  13. Vince De Mello

    I was recently diagnosed type 2 in February 2015. I can certainly confirm that the NHS in England are completely behind on current research. My GP immediately put me on Metformin then started a plan to increase the dosage then said my diabetes will get worse and to prepare for different drugs then finally insulin. All they did was give general advice about avoiding sugar and bad carbs. I also went on an NHS course called DESMOND (Diabetes Education and Self-Managment for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed). This made me even more depressed as they stressed the same old stuff about diabetes being progressive and did not given any advice on treating the causes of diabetes.

    Anyway I had since done my researce and found out about Prof Roy Taylor and ofcourse your excellent videos. I decided to go on an intense 700cal a day diet on April 6th. Since then I lost over 6Kg and my blood sugars are almost within the non diabetic target range. Yesterday I decided to stop taking my 2 Metformin tablets a day and this did not spike my BG readings at all. In fact my first non Metformin fasting reading was less than the last Metformin reading.

    This really does work. I must say that in my case I went for calorie control but only went for foods with a low Glycemic Load. This way I knew exactly what portion sizes to take. I exercise reasonably and tend to use an exercise bike for a short 5min burst 2 hours after every meal. So that’s 15mins a day which is easily manageable.

    I have noted everything I have eaten and all my readings and exercise in a spreadsheet. I would love to share this with you if you want as I think you will find it very useful. I even generated graphs for this.

  14. What a breath of fresh air you are, Jason Fung! You have put into words all the anxieties I have had over the past 10 years, in terms of how I have been treated for Diabetes Type II. I’m currently on the max dose of Metformin extended release, and am on 88 units of basal insulin a day, as well as a rapid acting for those carby times. I tend not to use that so much now I have gone low carb High fat (well, moderate fat… I get to feeling a big sick if I have too much). However… I want to get off insulin, I could never quite see the point of it and its only 2 years down the track since I began. I love the idea of fasting, and am still smarting over having been so stupid to believe what the dieticians told me at diagnosis… that I MUST eat x carbs a day and I MUST have 6 small meals a day (I havent done that for ages, but I’m still having breakfast). what a nightmare it has been. I’m going back to my old way of eating, which was once a day at teatime. Its going to take some time but I know I can do it. I dont think I can do fasting for a week at a time but I know I can do 36 hours (had to, prior to a colonoscopy, and it was fairly easy… *and* the BGLs came down and stayed down for the whole week). I’m going to be reading all parts of the blog, only came today via, and am delighted to make your bloggy acquaintance! Onward and downward (with the insulin)… at 65, I’m sure looking forward to some significant change 🙂

  15. Hello,
    Dr. Wong, what do you think about connection between fatty pancreas (which you mention) and migraine?
    There seems to be a connection between overactive pancreas with too much insulin resulting in hypoglycemia, the body responds with release of adrenalin which give migraine. This theory is based on Rudolpho Low. He means that migraine actually is a kind of reversed diabetes.
    Keeping a steady bloodsugar with small snacks every second hour helps to keep the hypoglycemia away and no migraines appear.
    Can this overactive pancreas be the result of fatty liver and pancreas? Would fasting help?

  16. giriprasad

    recently,i have been diagnosed with DMT2. when tested for first time, FBG was 165 and PPBS 367. cholestrol 375 triglyceradess 265. the consulting doctor has advised voglitab M-03/500. i have put myself on low carb, protein rich diet. after 15 days FBG was 92 and PPBS 122. however, i am interested to reverse the DMT2 once for al. please help.

  17. Hi doctor. I am 30 years old & I was diagonised with Type 2 Diabetes in Jan 2014. Initially I was put on metmorfin medication then gradually this year Feb 2015 I was put on insulin. Now my insulin dose is 30 in the morning & 20 at night before meals. I have not been exercising quiet often but my sugar levels keep increasing after a certain while. Today as I am writing to you my sugar levels have not been below 300 at all. I dont understand where I am going wrong. I need your guidance. Will fasting help in bringing my sugar levels to normal? As many say that if the sugar levels drop so will our brain stop functioning properly. We sweat & we lose consciousness.

    • @Larissa… No one can answer your question with the lack of information provided. What is your current diet? How many calories each day? How many carbs are you consuming? You say you are not exercising very often… Why? The good doctor says to walk 4-5 days a week… how many times a day are you walking? How far? There is no silver bullet here. You gotta help in the cure… read the website… a light bulb might light up for you.

  18. dear Larissa and giriprasad,
    I am following the Distance program that Dr Fung and Megan Christie have going and fully endorse it as the way to go to get the information and support needed to cure this dreadful
    disease. It is also the very cheapest program there is for weight reduction, and is extremely effective. I would encourage you to go to the page to join, and join! Good luck to you both. You WILL be diabetes free.

  19. I have to say that that was one of if not the best videos I’ve ever seen. The theories that you outline in the video are the first things that make absolute sense to me. I’ve read many books in the low carb/anti-low fat area, and each of them has benefits and detriments. However, the theories you present in this video explain issues that are lacking in many other books. I really think you win some type of award for this research. Unfortunately, you are going against common and widely-held beliefs.

  20. By the way, in the video you say you treated one of your patients with the old “keep giving them higher values of insulin” technique. What made you change your mind and how did you determine everything you knew about treating T2D was wrong?

  21. Razman Ramedan

    hello dr fung,

    i would like to follow your IDM program. how can i get the membership? how to register?

    Dr. Jason Fung: Look under the ‘Join’ tab for more details

  22. Razman Ramedan

    i don’t see any “join tab” … i could only see “login”….

  23. Hi Dr Fung
    I am really new to all of this and very much want to be healthy with out using medications~~~ I live in Utah and not able to come to your office, is the long distance plan work the same way only with Megan?

  24. Dr. Fung. I just received a call from my doctor’s office asking me to come in to begin a Treatment plan, as I have been diagnosed with Type II DIabetest. I have since been scouring the internet for information and hope. Ihave been listening to your lectures and feel that there is hope for a better way than to go the conventional path (which my mother did–she ended up with kidney disease, neuropathy, etc) I see that you are in Canada–I am in Phoenix Arizona. I have two questions.

    1) Do you know of a knowledgeable, proven doctor in Phoenix that practices your program?

    2) How do you recommend I begin this journey? I made my appointment for Tuesday, 8/4, but in the meantime, I am working to get as much information as I can so as to look at all options.

  25. Priyanike Ratnaya

    I am wish type 2 diabetic for more than 30 years. Now I am taking Lantus 15 units twice a day, Humaloge 10 units in the morning and 8 units with lunch and dinner. I take 2500g Metformin daily. Insulin intake is reduced from 30 units to 15 units and Humaloge from 17 units (m) to 10 units and and 12 units ro 8 units with lunch and dinner. My doctor priscribe me Victoza in July. Now I do not feel hungry and lost nearly 10 lbs for 1 and half months. I would like to know it is ok to take Victoza and reduce my insulin intake more in the future.

  26. hisham mohammed

    Dear Dr.Fung I am 49 years old and I am have the 2 diabet
    Pls. Can you help me or show more detail about the way of fasting like a tables of food or the way to practical fasting or any thing else that you see it is good for me
    Thank you and god bless you
    Best regards

  27. Assia Bennouar

    HI, Dr Fung
    What you did is fabulous, one of my patient who has T2D and who is getting metformine, started your diet, doing your diet he didn’t took metformine at all for five days and he is very well, so thank you i want to ask you a diet for an other patient who had type 2 diabetes and who has high blood creatinin betwin 30 to50 he is taking insulin betwin 100 to 120 plus metformine, he is a parent and i am a general physician from Algeria so how can i reverse his diabetes? thank you so much

    Dr. Jason Fung: You can ask him to go to for details on joining the program.

  28. I am an LVN who worked in home health before I stayed home with my kids, and am now going back to school for my RN. I saw sooo many people with poorly managed diabetes, and felt so helpless doing wound care, over and over, with the best products and protocols, and seeing such poor results, and terribly slow or non existent healing.

    Your videos explaining insulin and LCHF have really helped me, personally, because I was very invested in the ADA model, and I myself was developing metabolic syndrome, PCOS and HTN, and was referred to a cardiologist. LAST time I was the weight I weighed in at today, I had trained for four months for a marathon to get to that weight! I am expecting good news with lab results to follow, but know this- you are changing lives. Your legacy in life will be that of saving limbs, and lives.

  29. Oh, and I am combining LCHF with IF 18:6 every other day.

  30. Hi Dr Fung,

    I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent video which is put simply enough for anyone to understand, and I wanted to provide some background on me for you or others. I am 45 years of age, 6 foot 1 of large frame and was a 150kg and my first diabetes diagnosed blood sugar was 25, from 19 I was diagnosed with fatty liver and again when I was around 40 but no Dr had ever made me stressed about this condition.

    I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes just 4 weeks ago when I had excessive thirst and urination after eating 3 peaches, chocolate and coke( something fat people just do?) and my reading was 25. My Dr didn’t really do much apart from handing me a script for metformin 2000mg per day and saying “test your blood before and after meals for 2 weeks and come back and see me”…..I left feeling that there was pretty much no choice and I was probably going to die early, met with a diabetic educator and they said just take the metformin and start eating sensibly but you’ve got it now so not much you can do but manage it and was told about the risks ahead which are scarey. I looked online and found your site and numerous other information online about high fat low carb diets…….I decided to not take the metformin and try to just literally starve myself.

    I started a diet that was 2 replacement shakes( optislim on water) a day and the real meal was nothing but vegetables and water for the first 3 days, experienced massive headaches but I got through it as every fat person would if you think you have been killing your body for years. From the 3rd day I started to introduce a small amount of protein to the vegetables/salad and added cinnamon and 100% cocoa to the 2 replacement shakes and as a treat had a piece of 70% dark chocolate at night, my blood glucose in that first week was down to 9 to 14’s.

    The 2nd week of the diet I started with a large serving of prawns, dressing, salad, pickles and real home made sourdough white bread and blood glucose 6.3 and 7.9 after. Within 7 days of being diagnosed my blood glucose was at the highest 8.1 and the lowest 5.4….I had lost 8 kg to this point.

    By the end of 2 weeks I had lost 20kg and my highest blood glucose has been 8.2 with a larger meal eaten but the lowest 4.3. My largest meal of 2eggs, 2 pork sausages, tomato, baked beans with home made tomato sauce, paprika and pickles saw my blood glucose go from 5.3 and after 2 hours 5.8.

    4 weeks later and I’ve lost nearly 25 kg, my blood glucose is at the highest 7.4 ( eating a large serving of wholemeal pasta and tune bake) down to the lowest of 4.4.

    A gradual decrease in my blood glucose can be seen and it continues it appears despite me having the occasional meal that is larger and includes at least 50% protein.

    I am continuing this until I lose all of my excess weight as I was once thin several times, so approx. 30kg left to go. I want others to know that you can starve and you can do this if you really want to. If you have been recently diagnosed do it now and if you are finding it a little hard you can be somewhat conservative and still get good results but you have to keep going.

    Kind Regards
    Rick Nelson from Australia

  31. Cyndi Seafeldt

    Do you have dr or clinics in the area that use this method in the greater Seattle area. I am located in Auburn Wa.

    • M. Murphy

      Dr. Ted Naiman is in the Seattle area. He is of the same mind as Dr. Fung, see videos on diet

  32. Hi everyone,

    Just seeking a bit of assistance from “those in the know”. My mother was diagnosed with T2D, placed almost immediately on insulin, and was dead within 2 years. So I was of course terrified when I was diagnosed and (after 3 years), the doctors suggested I start insulin to “get my sugars down”. I complied with them for about a month or so, but for the very reasons that Dr. Jason addresses in his lecture (2 lies….), I quit and went in search of another primary care physician.

    I am now working with doctors at CCF/Center for Integrative Medicine, for my T2D. At the “Center” they stress the use of supplements, and alternative therapies (hypnotherapy, acupuncture, massage, yoga) to eventually taper the patient off of traditional medications. I want to start the LCHF program and I was curious to know what types of meal plans, exercises/exercise programs others are using.

    I am also dealing with a candidiasis infection (systemic), so have to take an anti-fungal for 2 months along with dietary changes (no grains, sugar, processed foods, etc.). I want to incorporate fasting and exercise, as they have worked well for me in the past. I tend to slip off the wagon when work stress increases.

    I am open to any and all constructive advices, suggestions, etc., from you Dr Jason and others on the site.

    Thank you…

    Stats: AA female, 54 years, diagnosed w/T2D approx., 5 years ago.
    Weight/Height- 215lbs/5′ 7″; Presently prescribed Metformin (1500 mg/daily), most recent A1C 7.5.
    Work: Police Sergeant 22.5 years

  33. surprisingly I adopted the same approach without knowing what Dr. Fung contributions, in fact before 4 years approximately June 2012 I were diagnosed with T2D and a physician put me on metaformine 500 for one month, but I was some how reluctant to get into such treatment, I read many posts indicating the side effects and previous treatments by many bloggers both patients and doctors , within one week I stopped the metaformine. I tried other things which include some local herbs in Sudan, some times I used to eat onion it worked very well, then I realized during RAMADAN which is the Muslim fasting month that my blood sugar was fine, then deliberately tried some sort of fasting with drinking enough hot water, I can’t say I am cured from Diabetes but all measures indicate that I am doing well, this post gave me a new hope for better understanding insulin resistance,
    Thanks a lot DR. Fung the brave and knowledgeable doctor , I really found your analysis pertaining to the criticism of using insulin to T2D is of scientific sense, we don’t have to concentrate on the symptoms we have to look deep into the root causes , the slide reflecting what is good as a treatment (including surgery , fasting and lower carbohydrates ) is fascinating , we learned from your presentation you gave us more hope for reversing diabetes .

  34. we strongly support Jason Fung for the useful presentation, wish him all the success

  35. Cobina

    Dear Dr Fung, I am biochemist and I have been following your post and videos on the subject. , there are people who loose weight unintentional as type 2 diabetics. recently I read somewhere that if you are able to loose 0 .6g of fat from the pancreas it will start to reproduce insulin. my question is, why is it that people who loose weight unintentionally not reverse their diabetes automatically

  36. hello

  37. […] anyway?) and that diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease ( no it isn’t – SEE HERE and HERE ) The promotion of sugar filled foods not only exacerbates the disease, but gives the […]

  38. Abhishek Agarwal

    I am 34 years old and recently found during accidentals tests that my sugar levels were 240 fasting & 325 PP. Doctor told me to start with insulin for 1 month. What shall I do? I would also like to enroll in the program. Please help!

  39. My comment is: How can you call diabetes as “cured”, when you can not eat what is normal. A non diabetic person can eat carbs and their body works at keeping there blood glucose at normal levels.
    A diabetic may get off their insulin and meds, but they have to stay on a strict diet. This is not “cured” to me. This is defeating the effects of diabetes, but the disease is still there.
    I am not saying this is a bad thing. It is certainly better than taking meds and insulin, but what is the reality of people being able to stay on this strict diet. With an actual “cure”, they could eat what they wanted.

    • Jon: a non diabetic person can’t just ‘eat what they want’ in terms of carbs without usually seeing their blood glucose levels getting worse over the years. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have such an epidemic of diabetes around the world. Diabetes is caused by constantly provoking an insulin response, etc. and it’s mainly carbs that do this. Eating ‘excess’ protein will cause the release of insulin also, but carbs are the main culprit and will eventually cause problems for many people.

  40. Hi Dr. Fung. I’ve read/listened to pretty much all of your lectures. I am a T2D for close to 10 years now. I was on 40 units of insulin and 2000 mg of metformin daily and still my sugar levels were uncontrolled and seemed to get worse over the years. I started IF in the last 6 months and I am no longer taking any insulin at all. I take about 1500 mg of metformin a day only now. My sugar levels are the same as they used to be when I was taking insulin so this is progress for me. However I have a question. when I do longer fasts – approx. 3-4 days. Complete fast – just coffee, tea, with small amounts of creamer and equal, bone broth and nothing else…I’m finding that my sugar levels are at times even higher…in the mid to high 200’s. if my glucose is depleted from my body, and my internal organs, how is it possible to still have such high sugar levels after 3-4 days of a complete fast?

    • Michelle, personally I would eliminate the creamer and the equal and see what happens…

  41. Kelly W Maynard

    I have always heard that fasting ruins your metabolism. Is that true? If you fast to lose the live fat, what do you do when you come off the fast? Do you just live a fasted lifestyle from that point on? Or can you follow a low carb diet from that point forward?

  42. I was diagnosed with diabetes 10 years ago. I am not yet on insulin however the ketogenic diet is no longer working to keep my glucose numbers down. I have read both of your books. I am ready to start fasting and was wondering if homemade Kombucha is also a liquid that can be consumed during fasting.

  43. I had an a1c of 7 in February, 2017 (never had above 6.5 before). I cut out almost all carbs (potatoes, rice, pasta, beans, peas, bread, etc.) and sweets (except a little fresh fruit). As a result, my a1c was 5.8 three months later, and lost 30 lbs (doctor visits three months apart). I take no medication for diabetes and never did; the doctor said with an a1c of 5.8, I don’t need to. I still put Stevia in my coffee, as I do need it sweetened, but that’s only usually at breakfast. I have eggs every morning instead of cereal for breakfast. A larger portion of my diet is red meat, cheese, and eggs, so my cholesterol was up somewhat at the last doctor visit. Of course, if it gets bad enough I can take 20 mg of Lipitor instead of the current 10 (or is that very bad too?). I’m also hoping to reduce the amount of blood pressure medication I’m taking, but my pressure was still too high at my last doctor visit.

    I will see the doctor again in August or September. I’m expecting an even lower a1c, based on the numbers I’m getting from self-testing.

    I really miss pasta, but I’m managing without it. I’m planning to add beans, peas, and lentils back to my diet shortly.

    Just an aside, I have severe sleep apnea and have for many years, even when I was thin. That’s under pretty good control with CPAP, so it’s not a major issue, I don’t think.

    Do you have any addtional advice to offer.


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